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How a year of lockdown has changed dating

The Coronavirus pandemic took its toll on everyone. With numerous lockdowns in place, socialising all but banned, gyms, restaurants and pubs closed and everyone being forced to work from home, not one part of our lives remained normal. But one of the biggest groups to suffer as a result of these imposed restrictions was single people.

Living alone amplified the feeling of isolation. For the best part of a year, they waited patiently to be able to meet new people in person, to go on dates and to try and begin building new relationships.

And as we begin to come out the other side, it is clear to see that through this period of dormancy there has been a big shift in the dating landscape. From vaccination statuses on dating profiles to socially distanced date nights, lockdown has had a huge impact on the dating world over the last year and with some of these changes set to stay, single people have to find a way to navigate the dating scene once again.

Video calls have become a part of dating

Pre-lockdown only 35% of adults ever really used the video calling functionality on their mobiles, but thanks to the lockdowns that were imposed video calls became a hugely important way for people to stay in contact during the pandemic, be that friends, families, colleagues, or partners. Those who were still trying to salvage some sort of dating life during lockdown also relied on these platforms to enable virtual dates with potential new partners – most of which they had met online.

But as lockdown lifts and people can meet in person again, it looks like video calls will be much more commonplace in dating. In fact, seven out of ten adults are now making video calls at least weekly, and although this is unlikely to replace face-to-face dates it will feature in most blossoming relationships as a way to stay in touch on the days that they cannot see each other in person.

People are choosing to take it slow

Imagine speaking to someone online for months without being able to meet in person. Well, this was the reality for a lot of people during lockdown, and in many cases, it led to deeper emotional connections in the long run.

As such, it has sparked a trend of people choosing to date more slowly and placing more of an emphasis on getting to know someone more deeply before taking things to the next level, even as restrictions begin to ease.

People want to know your status

No, we don’t mean that singletons are out to uncover your dating status; rather they want to know if you’ve been vaccinated.

Although we’ve begun to get a handle on the Coronavirus, there is still no cure, and many are remaining very cautious – particularly when meeting new people outside of their social bubbles. This has seen a huge spike in people adding their vaccination status to their dating profiles in a bid to secure more dates and, most importantly, make their dates feel safer and more at ease when meeting in person.

Many have realised that they want to settle down

For all the social events, dates and cosy nights in that were missed during the lockdown, lots of single people who were once happy with their independent lifestyle have realised that they miss the intimacy and closeness that a committed relationship brings.

Throughout lockdown, we have really come to appreciate the relationships that we have with those around us, be those friendly, romantic or family connections. As a result, many single people have re-evaluated the life that they had and gained a renewed focus in the search for someone to settle down with.

People will be more open-minded when dating

Having gone months without much company, lots of single people have had the time to reassess what they are looking for in a partner and realised how trivial some of the traits and qualities that would have once put them off a person, might actually be.

Now that restrictions are easing and people are stepping back into the dating world, we’re likely to see people approaching dating with a more open mind and letting go of some of the factors that they would have once described as deal-breakers. After all, if the Coronavirus pandemic has taught us anything, it has taught us what is really important in this life and given us a renewed focus to go out and get it!

After a year of lockdown, you might be ready to get back on the dating scene. If so, our expert matchmakers can help support you through this new dating landscape. Get in touch with our team today to get your dating journey back on track this year and find that right person that you have been looking for.

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Date ideas in the capital

As the capital of England and a major global city, it is no surprise that London has a lot to offer when it comes to activities to impress your date. From decadent drinks to luxurious events and high-end parties, there is no shortage of date ideas in London and VIP moments for those wanting to indulge in a little romance and luxury. Whether you’re planning to celebrate a special occasion or simply looking to impress on that first date, here is a small selection of some of the many options for dating in London.

Immerse yourself in the sights at Aqua Shard Bar

Boasting some of the most impressive views of the London skyline, the Aqua Shard Bar is sure to set the scene with a stunning backdrop for your next date. Spanning two wings of the 31st floor of the iconic tower, this restaurant has been designed with the best of British in mind. Inspired by the strong roots of gin and tea, the restaurant’s contemporary cosmopolitan interior has distinct British touches throughout, but you’re really here to look out of the window! From sunrise to sunset, you can enjoy the stunning views of London alongside an extensive menu of classic and contemporary cocktails and innovative twists on seasonal British dishes making this one of our top date ideas in London.

Turn back time at the Gin-House Burlesque

With show-stopping performances from circus performers, glamorous dancers and Internationally renowned Burlesque showgirls, Gin-House Burlesque provides an interactive vintage cabaret experience like no other. Taking place in its residence at the Kings Head Members Club, the prohibition era inspired event evokes the wild-abandon and hedonism of the golden age of jazz. Surrounded by exquisite antique delights and immersive cabaret entertainment, the Gin-House Burlesque will allow you and your date to lose yourself in the opulence and debauchery of a world of vintage glamour and wonderment.

Sample the finest collection of spirits at Merchant House

With two decadent venues in London, Merchant House hosts a selection of high-end drinking experiences through its private bars and expert masterclasses. Featuring the world’s finest collections of gin, rum or whiskey alongside award-winning innovative cocktails, you’re sure to find something that suits both of your tastes.

Indulge in award-winning cuisine at The Gherkin

There are few spots on the London landscape that are as striking as The Gherkin. When combined with some of the finest cocktails, wines, champagnes and contemporary cooking in the business, the Helix restaurant offers you the perfect backdrop for your next date. Sat high above the city, the venue offers stunning panoramic views and an all-day dining menu featuring seasonal and local produce, making it a perfect spot for a brunch or dinner date.

Embrace the rich heritage of Britain at the London Cabaret Club

If a luxury night of pulse-racing entertainment is what you are after, then look no further than the London Cabaret Club. Set around distinctly British themes, the venue offers a sophisticated entertainment environment combining high-end dining experiences with an exciting live cabaret production from some of the finest acts in Europe.

Are you on the lookout for the best date ideas in London? At Ignite Dating, we understand that the more you know about your date, the easier it is to choose that first date venue. We take our time to get to know you and your lifestyle so we can match you with like-minded individuals who enjoy the same things as you. To find out more about how we can help with your dating journey, get in touch with our team today.

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Spring Dating in Cheshire

Whether you live in Manchester or the surrounding areas or simply fancy a change of scenery for your next date, this gorgeous county has plenty to offer for spring dating in Cheshire. Boasting a mix of quaint towns and villages, bustling cities and tranquil countryside, you’re sure to find something for everyone’s taste in Cheshire. From exploring the national parks in the day to sampling the local cuisines in the evening, there are plenty of romantic places to set the mood for your next date.

If you are looking for inspiration for that perfect date, look no further. Whether a brunch date takes your fancy, or a romantic evening is what you have in mind, here are five date ideas in Cheshire that will set the scene for romance.

A day of rest and relaxation at Mottram Hall

If a day of pampering and relaxation is your idea of a perfect date, then Mottram Hall has everything you need. With a £10 million state-of-the-art Champneys spa, Mottram Hall Spa lives up to its reputation as the most stylish destination for dating in Cheshire. If you’re looking to impress your date, this venue will offer a stunning atmosphere to a much-needed day of rest and relaxation with expert tension-melting treatments and delicious healthy food. Once the experts have worked their magic to release the stresses of the week, you’ll be feeling relaxed and ready to immerse yourself in the moment and get to know your date on a deeper level.

Take a walk around some exquisite gardens

Cheshire is also home to at least seven National Trust properties not to mention many other fantastic attractions. So, if beautiful gardens are your thing why not explore some of Cheshire’s beloved stately homes such as Arley Hall or Tatton Park – home to the RHS Flower Show? Little Moreton Hall, Lyme Park, Dunham Massey and Quarry Bank Mill are also worth exploring, particularly is stunning properties and a touch of history are of interest. With magnificent mansions and award-winning gardens, you’re sure to find somewhere that offers up plenty to talk about on your walk.

Arley Hall dating idea in Cheshire

Immerse yourself in a spot of history

If you love to explore the history of a place, then look no further than the city of Chester. Each chapter of this ancient city’s history is etched into the fabric of the city. Featuring the most complete city walls, the oldest racecourse and the largest Roman Amphitheatre in Britain and a 1000-year-old Cathedral with Europe’s finest example of medieval carvings there are plenty of places to fulfil your craving for history.

Enjoy a picnic in the Peak District

If you love spending time in nature, the Peak District is the perfect choice for a date. Encompassing nearly 100 square miles, it is brimming with breath-taking scenery and dramatic landscapes, so you’re sure to find a nice quiet spot with a stunning backdrop for a picnic.

Retail therapy and a bite to eat

If shopping and food are more your style, Cheshire has a lot to offer. Why not experience the unique Rows in Chester, which comprise of 700-year-old two-tiered covered shopping galleries, giving you two high streets in one and a whole host of shops, bars and restaurants to choose from? With a host of Michelin-starred venues including Upstairs at the Grill, Twenty2 and Simon Radley at The Chester Grosvenor, you’re sure to find something to suit all tastes.

Cheshire Rows as a dating idea

Take in the bright lights of the city

If you have more of a calling for the bright lights of the city, it is worth remembering that both Manchester and Liverpool are on the doorstep of Cheshire. While they may be a little further afield, they offer a whole host of city attractions so why not make the most of the opportunity and arrange a weekend in Cheshire so you can explore all that this beautiful county has to offer.

Looking for that perfect venue for a memorable date in the Cheshire area? We know it’s much easier to choose the perfect location when you know more about your date which is why we take our time to get to know you and your lifestyle so we can match you with like-minded individuals who enjoy the same things as you – making choosing that first date venue a whole lot easier for dating in Cheshire. To find out more about how we can help with your dating journey, get in touch with our team today.

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Matchmaking is so much more than providing introductions

While online dating apps have opened up the world and made it easier to meet people outside of your usual social circles, the time and effort that goes into writing the perfect profile, choosing the best photos and scrolling through hundreds of possible matches can lead you to feel like dating is another full-time job.

It is no surprise then that using matchmakers and introduction agencies are fast becoming the option of choice for busy men and women who are fed up with the labour-intensive scrolling and the swipe lottery of dating online.

From writing your profile and arranging your photos to sourcing and selecting the right introductions for you, there are a huge number of benefits to using matchmakers. But if you’re still unsure why you should outsource your love life to a professional, here are a few things that a matchmaker can do to help your dating journey run seamlessly.

Set you up for success

Whether you have had your heart broken in the past or are overwhelmingly shy, avoiding dating and focusing on your work and family commitments is not going to help you meet that special someone. By using matchmakers, they will help you determine if you are ready to get back out on the dating scene and make sure you have the best chance of success. From creating your profile to arranging a professional photoshoot, your matchmaker will ensure that you have the perfect resume to attract those potential introductions. 

The benefits of using matchmakers setting you up for success

Eliminate the introductions that are not right for you

One of the most important things a matchmaker will do is spend some time really getting to know you. From your interests and values to aspirations and life stages, they will uncover the things that make you who you are and discover what it is that you want from a partner. Even the smallest of details will help them to weed out those matches that just aren’t right for you and instead find introductions that share similar interests, ambitions and aspirations all of which are hugely important when you’re looking for a long-term relationship.

Offer a personal concierge service

Not only is your matchmaker on hand to find and select the right introductions for you but they are also there to help love blossom when you have been introduced to that special someone. From arranging flowers and gifts to sourcing possible date venues, your dedicated matchmaker is able to arrange everything for you as part of the concierge service so you can sit back and relax knowing that it has all been taken care of.

Personal concierge service from using matchmakers

Impartial advice and support when you need it most

When using matchmakers, you’ll quickly find that they become a trusted and supportive friend too. Dating can be a tiring, emotionally draining and sometimes long journey so it is important that you have someone there who can support and guide you through the journey. The encouragement and support that they offer can be the difference between you giving up or having a dating journey that leaves you feeling confident, energised and safe.

Just like our individual preferences in a partner, everybody’s dating journey is different and the support that you require will be unique to you. Our expert matchmakers spend time getting to know you and what you are looking for to tailor-make a service that will set you up for success and help you achieve that ultimate goal of a long-term committed relationship. If you are looking for that special someone and could do with a helping hand, get in touch with our friendly team today and let us help you enjoy a dating journey that brings out the best in you.

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Why dating in your 50s can be just as fun as your 20s

As we get older, we still have a need for intimacy and companionship and although the dating landscape has changed in recent decades, over 50s dating can be just as fun as it was in your 20s. Whether you are bereaved, divorced or been single for a while, finding yourself single in your 50s can be quite a daunting prospect – but it doesn’t have to be.

The first step in discovering that special someone for you is to make sure that you are ready. Past experiences can influence feelings about dating, and you may be worried about rejection or feel guilty at first – all of which are completely normal when you have been out of the dating scene for a while.

A new dating world brings new ways to meet people

While every dating journey is different there are commonalities and worries that most single people over 50 experience when they start looking for a new partner. Whether you have been married, in a relationship for a long time, or just not been looking for love until now, the dating landscape has changed considerably over the last 30 years. In the past, there was no such thing as online dating or mobile phones and people met naturally through family and friends, work colleagues or simply by bumping into each other when doing everyday things such as going shopping or heading to the pub with friends.

Although those avenues are still options when it comes to finding a partner, busier lifestyles and the growth of online dating has reduced the likelihood of people finding ‘the one’ through those natural methods and most people these days tend to meet online.

However, this can be daunting, especially at first, and if you are worried or confused about the safety of online dating or have tried it before with no luck, then matchmaking and introduction agencies may be a better option for you.

Matchmaking Services for Over 50s Dating

Understanding the difficulties that come with over 50s dating, a matchmaker can help you to navigate the new dating landscape and enjoy a dating journey that leaves you feeling confident, energised and safe. They are on hand to support and guide you through the process, discover what you are really looking for in a partner and hand-select the right matches for you to give you the best chance of success in achieving a long-term relationship.

The dating scene has changed but so has what you are looking for

If you think back to when you were dating in your 20s, you will remember looking for people who were young, lively and attractive – just like yourself back then! However, fast forward 30 years and it is more realistic that you will be seeking someone around your own age with similar interests to you. Physical attraction is still important, but a shared lifestyle often takes higher priority.

Long gone are the nights spent drinking and dancing the night away in nightclubs, but while you may still be young at heart it is likely that those pastimes have been replaced with travel, fine dining and maybe a spot of walking. Although you may still feel the same way you did when you first started dating and be looking forward to meeting that special someone in the future, it is important to be open-minded and realistic as to what you are looking for these days.

Enjoy the journey and the adventure of possibilities

As you get older, the pressure to get married or have children grows – particularly for women – making the search for that right person even more important. For this reason, the dating process can seem slower as the focus is more about finding the right person that you can spend the rest of your life with rather than someone you can date for a shorter period of time without being too concerned about the longer term.

This is where a matchmaker can be truly beneficial, as they will take the hard work out of the search for you. Through getting to know you and working with you closely, your matchmaker will search for that perfect partner for you and introduce you to like-minded individuals that share the same values, aspirations and goals as you – giving you that best chance of a lasting relationship.

Why over 50s dating can be fun

Whether you find that special someone in your first introduction or it takes a while longer, enjoy the journey. If you are open-minded about what you are looking for, trust in the process and are honest with yourself and your matchmaker, you will find that the dating journey is just as fun as it was back when you were in your 20s – only this time you are smarter, more confident in yourself and understand what you really want from life and your relationships.

At Ignite Dating we understand that dating over 50s dating brings about challenges that are not as relevant for those dating in the 20s and 30s, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t find love and a new relationship. If you would like to learn more about over 50s dating in the UK and what our service includes, then get in touch with our friendly team today who are ready and waiting to help you find that perfect partner for you.

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Dating Advice for Men

Dating can be a scary prospect, for both men and women. But it does not have to be. Thankfully, the dating landscape has moved on in recent years and the historic expectations to make the first move, pick up the bill and plan everything down to the smallest detail are outdated and no longer necessary. The playing field has now levelled, and women are just as likely to share the responsibility and take control of their love lives as the men – but where do you start?

The common misconception that men should not ask for advice or discuss their feelings has led many men to struggle at times when it comes to flirting, dating, and even portraying their feelings when they are in a relationship. Despite the changes in the dating landscape and the growing equality of the sexes, men still seem to be bound by the archaic rules of the past when it comes to matters of the heart.

So, if you are a single gentleman who finds dating almost impossible, let us help you with our dating advice for men to help navigate this changing dating landscape.

Put yourself out there

Whether you have had your heart broken in the past or are overwhelmingly shy, burying your feelings and focusing on work or other interests is not going to help you find that special someone. Just like the lottery, you need to be in it to win it – finding that perfect partner for you is going to be impossible if you do not put yourself out there.

Remember nerves are natural

While dating can be a fun and exciting experience when you get into it, everybody experiences nerves and uncertainty when they first get back on the dating scene – especially if you have been out of it for a long time. Rather than running away from it or hiding behind other commitments, embrace the moment and remember that just like you any potential matches will be feeling nervous when they first meet you.

Find the right platform for you

With the evolution of technology, it is now easier than ever before to meet people outside of your work and social circles. At your fingertips you have access to hundreds of dating platforms – but with so many to choose from the search for the right one can be overwhelming. If you are looking to go down the online dating route, think about yourself and the type of person that you wish to attract. Online dating sites differ enormously, so it is important to consider whether you would like a platform that focuses on interests, lifestyles or even political or religious views, to find the right one for you.

However, if the thought of labour-intensive scrolling through profiles does not appeal to you or you have tried it before without much luck, there are other ways to meet people. Matchmakers and introduction agencies are fast becoming the option of choice for busy men across the UK. From writing your profile and arranging your photos to sourcing and selecting the right introductions for you, your dedicated matchmaker will do all the hard work so you can just sit back, relax, and wait for the matches to come rolling in.

First impressions count

It may seem obvious but just like a job interview, first impressions on a date are crucial to there being a second date. You do not want to be remembered as the guy that did not make an effort or show any interest. The easiest way to make a good first impression is to try with your appearance. Have a shower, do your hair, and pick an outfit that works for both smart and casual dates even if they are virtual meetings. We always think you can never go wrong with a shirt and smart jeans or trousers but do not forget the footwear! If you opt for shoes make sure they are polished and not scuffed, if your date is more casual then trainers are okay just be sure that they are clean and not too worn out.

Do not overthink those first conversations

If you are not a naturally bubbly person, the thought of talking to complete strangers may overwhelm you and as a default you may turn to cheesy one liners in a bid to impress – but don’t! Instead, talk to them like you are already friends and just be yourself. If you make good eye contact, smile, and show a genuine interest in what they are saying, you will find the conversation flows much more easily and you (and your date!) will feel more relaxed and at ease.

Remember to follow up after the date

Always send a message to your date afterwards to thank them for their time and let them know that you had a good date. And if that chemistry is not there for you, which it doesn’t have to be, just be honest and let them know that you had a good time but that you feel that the chemistry was not right. By letting them know it will allow them to move on rather than wondering what they did wrong.

If you enjoyed the date and would like to see them again, tell them. The age-old rule of playing hard to get does not work in the modern dating world, so let them know that you would like to see them again – just remember not to come on too strong.

Dating advice for men to follow up with a text message

Talk it through with someone you trust

One of the best things to do when the date is over is to talk it through with someone you trust, whether that is a friend or even a matchmaker. It is good to have a conversation with an impartial person about the date regardless of whether it went well or not as it will allow you to get an objective opinion on the way it panned out and how best to proceed next.

One of the greatest and most surprising benefits of using a matchmaker is that they can help you learn so much about yourself. They can give you more confidence and help you to relax, taking away the additional stress of worrying whether there is a common romantic interest. Using a matchmaker can help to make the dating journey much clearer and after a while, even though some dates may not always work out, you will come to feel better about the fact that they were not right for you so you can move on and begin meeting other potential partners with whom you have that spark.

At Ignite Dating, we know that everybody is different which is why a tailored dating advice for men is so important. By working with your very own matchmaker, they will be able to guide you on your very own dating journey and help you find that perfect match – asking all the right questions to get to know you almost as well as your friends and family do, and really focus on getting the best out of you. To find out more and start your journey to find that special someone, get in touch with our friendly team today.

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10 Romantic Date Ideas for Virtual Valentine’s 2021

Remember this time last year when the restaurants were decked out with fairy lights, floral arrangements and candles galore, ready for couples to celebrate Valentine’s weekend? Well fast-forward 12 months and due to lockdown and ongoing COVID restrictions Valentine’s Day in 2021 looks very different, but that doesn’t mean it’s over with these romantic date ideas.

Although the traditional Valentine’s date of a romantic meal and drinks is not possible, with a bit of creativity you can put the romance back into this global holiday and earn yourself some brownie points with your date. If you’re looking to take Valentine’s Day to the next level, we’ve rounded up the best virtual date ideas for you to celebrate – despite the restrictions of lockdown.

Bring your favourite restaurant home

Since the closure of restaurants last year, establishments across the country have come up with new ways for you to enjoy their exquisite cuisine from the comfort of your own home. Whether you order takeaway or try your hand at recreating their dishes with a lockdown food kit, simply add a video call, some ambience-setting music and you can enjoy your favourite restaurant together – until you get to do it again in person. Perfect for those self-confessed foodies amongst us!

Go for a romantic stroll

For many of us, going out for our daily walk and getting some fresh air is the highlight of our day, so why not share this with your date and take a romantic stroll together (virtually). You could simply put some headphones in and give them a call, or you might even want to video call them so they can see where you are, and you can feel more like they’re there in person. FaceTime is a great app for video chats as it provides a good, clear connection so you won’t lose each other mid-way through your conversation.

Romantic Virtual Date Idea for Lockdown Valentine's 2021

Escape into the past with a virtual museum tour

After almost a year of closures, a lot of museums and galleries are taking their business online and offering virtual tours of venues and exhibitions. Using online platforms, they are able to connect people worldwide via a video link, so would-be visitors can immerse themselves in the wonders of earlier times. Why not tune in to a virtual tour together, then have a video call with coffee and cake afterwards to discuss the tour and your thoughts and opinions on the works of art that you saw and uncover each other’s artistic flair?

Watch a concert together

If you love nothing more than heading to a concert to catch your favourite artist, why not watch a gig at home? Some of the biggest artists and performers have turned to online platforms since music venues were forced to close last year. Using channels like YouTube, fans no longer have to miss out on their favourite performances but can experience a more low-key and intimate affair instead. With a multitude of decades to choose from, you can experience the artists of the past and present from the comfort of your own homes. Watch the concert together on video chat so you can experience the moment and feel like you are both there, and who knows what musical talents you may discover!

Test your teamwork with a virtual escape room

The best relationships are built on a strong foundation of understanding and teamwork. Why not see how well you can solve problems together with a virtual escape room? Taking the craze of the locked room filled with clues and the dreaded timer online, the virtual escape room follows the same immersive problem-solving scenario but rather than trying to escape a room you need to solve the clues to complete the puzzle. With a whole host of fictional situations to choose from, such as prison escapes, hackers and art robberies, you’re sure to find something that you’ll both enjoy and get to know how well you work together as a team. ⠀

Make cocktails together

Just like the lockdown food kits, cocktail making can be a fun alternative to a night out at your favourite cocktail bar. Simply gather a range of ingredients and cocktail recipes that you can find online, add a video call, some music and unleash your inner mixologist. Introduce your date to your favourite tipple and give them the challenge of making it, so next time you get together you know just what to order or even create yourself if you’re having a date night in.

Discover who is the general knowledge master with an online quiz

As a nation, we love the pub and we also love a good pub quiz. Trivia and a drink has been a date night favourite for years and the internet is refusing to let the lockdown change that. If you love a pub quiz, there are plenty of providers and groups out there that are putting them together and hosting on Google Hangouts for others to enjoy. You might even find that your local pub is hosting their regular quiz night but now online, or that one of you has a friend who has chosen to organise the event themselves. You and your date could team up (communicating via your phones) or play separately (but on the same quiz). There is plenty of quizzing going on across the nation right now, making this a great option for your virtual date.

Enjoy a movie marathon

Does your favourite date night include going to the cinema or getting cosy on the sofa and watching a movie? Well, you still can, thanks to Netflix Party. You can watch the same movie at the same time from different locations and there’s even a messaging option which allows you to discuss the film with one another (of course, you can always keep each other on the phone while watching too!). A great way of watching a movie together, even when you’re not, and the bonus is you get to keep the popcorn all to yourself!

Netflix Party Virtual Date Idea for Lockdown Valentine's 2021

Discover the treasures between you

If packing a bag and heading off on an adventure is your idea of a perfect date, why not start the process early and start planning for when lockdown eases. Grab a map and discover the places to explore between your two locations. Whether it is a walk around a local nature reserve or discovering tourist attractions and hidden gems, you will be amazed how many things you come across and all the future dates that you are able to plan to enjoy together in the coming months.

Simply, get to know each other While video chat might not be your first choice of date, particularly if you’ve never met before, it can be a good way to get to know somebody new. Once you get over the feeling of embarrassment thanks to the slightly grainy image of yourself and the way you sound on video, you’ll be surprised how at ease you feel. Put some time aside when you’re not distracted with work, TV or anything else to have a chat over video and find out more about one another and you’ll be surprised how quickly the time flies as you discover those commonalities between you. By spending time messaging and talking over video chat regularly you will build a strong foundation and understanding of each other, perfect for when the time comes, and you can finally meet in person.

At Ignite Dating, we know that the pandemic has caused a shift in the dating landscape but that doesn’t mean that finding somebody to spend your life with isn’t possible. During these uncertain times we are working closely with our clients to facilitate the introductions and open their eyes to the host of opportunities available to them to bring the fun and excitement back to their dating journey. If you are single and looking for help to navigate this new way of dating, then get in touch with our team today and one of our matchmakers can get you back on track with a dating journey that will leave you feeling confident, energised and safe.

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Why you should be realistic when dating

From a very young age we start thinking about our perfect partner and while they may evolve and tweak slightly as we grow and our tastes and personalities change, they very rarely stray too far from the original. But how realistic are you about dating and your proposed match?

While basing your ideal partner on a swoon-worthy actor or glamorous supermodel may help you visualise the type of person that you are looking for, realistically your perfect partner is likely to be miles apart from what you initially thought. Think about it, if you were to take your celebrity crush how many of your previous partners looked or even acted like that person? Probably, none.

When it comes to dating you need to be realistic. If you have a long checklist of traits that a partner has to meet it is highly unlikely that you will ever find the one that you are looking for – simply because they do not exist. At some point we need to compromise and really think about the things that are important – the values, aspirations and lifestyle that are compatible to your own.

How many times have you ruled somebody out because they were a few inches shorter than your ideal or a few years older, even though the rest of their profile sounded great? By fixating on that one element, you could be shutting out the perfect partner for you all for the sake of a number on a page.

As we get older things change and the traits and qualities that are most important to us take on a more pivotal role in our decision making. While you may still be attracting younger matches, you have to consider where that relationship will lead long-term. As the age-old saying goes, beauty fades but personality is forever, so when you are next considering a match think about the compatibility as well as the attraction because ultimately you need to ensure that there is more to your relationship than the physical aspects of a person such as looks, age or height.

How to be realistic when dating.

This is where a matchmaker can really help. Working with a matchmaker can push your boundaries and help change your mindset on what you are looking for. Of course, you need to find your partner attractive and share the same dreams and goals for the future, but you also need to be realistic and open-minded and not turn someone down simply because they don’t tick all the boxes on your checklist.

A matchmaker is able to help guide and support you through the journey and recommend potential introductions based on the characteristics that really matter. After all, how many times have you spoken to a friend who stated that they only find men over 6ft attractive only to find that the man they settle down with is only 5ft 9in. Or found yourself ruling somebody out because they are a few years outside your age range, only to find the perfect partner was a lot older but had the zest for life and get up and go that age subsequently became insignificant.

By being realistic when dating as to what is most important to you, you will find that your relationships are built on stronger foundations with values and aspirations that truly complement yourself and your lifestyle – giving you the best chance of success for that ultimate goal of a long-term committed relationship.

At Ignite Dating, our matchmakers use a unique mix of Myers Briggs personality profiling, intuition and expertise to match you with potential partners that have the values, aspirations and goals that you are looking for. We will introduce you to like-minded individuals that we believe will complement your lifestyle and open your eyes as to the most important aspects of your ideal partner – even if they’re not your usual type. If you’ve been chasing the same type of person for years now with no success and would like to try a new approach with experts to guide you throughout, then get in touch with our team today and let us help you find the right person for you.

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How to Find Love Ready for Valentine’s Day

It’s almost that time of year again. We’ve already seen the flowers, chocolates, gifts and cards taking pride of place in the supermarket aisles – a gentle reminder that Valentine’s Day is nearly upon us. But if you’re single, the slushy proclamations of love, cheesy couple photos and extravagant gift giving can make even the most content singletons hit meltdown, thinking that something is missing.

Do you find yourself feeling frustrated every year as you scroll through social media and see soppy love post after love post with people shouting out their amazing partners? Or find yourself feeling lost as your friends all get ready to go out on their Valentine’s dates while you settle down to another night alone in front of the TV? Well, we’re here to show you that if you’re serious and put the effort in, Valentine’s Days like this will soon be a thing of the past.

Start looking for love early

There is no hiding from that Valentine’s reminder. Everywhere you look there are symbols of love and the blossoming of relationships. From supermarkets to those socially distanced walks everybody seems to be in love – or so it seems. Rather than grabbing the ice cream and burying yourself in a quilt like Bridget Jones, make this year count. Use those reminders as inspiration to get yourself dating ready and do something positive to make sure that this time next year you are the one getting ready to go out on a Valentine’s date with your significant other. Whether you opt to do it alone through online dating apps or reach out for the expertise and support of a Matchmaker, starting your journey this month will give you the best chance of finding someone to share not only the holiday but the warmer months with as Spring rolls in.

Make the most of this new world

As National lockdown restrictions remain, the opportunity to bump into the love of your life while doing everyday activities such as heading to the bar with friends, doing your grocery shopping or grabbing your morning coffee are especially slim. Instead, more people than ever before are signing up to matchmaking and introduction agencies to give them the best chance of finding the right person.

Using a Matchmaker to find love for Valentine's

By working closely with a dedicated Matchmaker to discover more about yourself and what you are looking for in a partner, you can massively increase your chances of finding love this Spring. They will work with you to establish the values and characteristics that are important to you and use a mix of intuition and expertise to present the right person to you and wait for the sparks to fly.

Fall in love with dating again

Blind dates, speed dating and scrolling through hundreds of profiles can all feel very shallow and impersonal and over time a feeling of bitterness and depression towards the dating world can creep in, ruining your chances of finding someone.

However, choosing to work with a Matchmaker can give you a more personal and enjoyable dating journey that will leave you feeling confident, energised and safe. That new approach will put the spring back in your step and have you looking forward to meeting new people and the excitement that dating can bring. And who knows? By the time your friends’ Valentine roses are wilting you could be starting your new journey with the one.

At Ignite Dating, we understand that although finding someone to spend time with on Valentine’s Day is the short-term goal, ultimately you are looking for a life partner. That’s why our Matchmakers work tirelessly to get to know you and what you are looking for so they can introduce you to the right person for you. Someone who shares your ambitions, values and is looking to settle down. So why wait? Get in touch with our friendly team today and Valentine’s Day could be the first day of the rest of your new life.

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A new year and new world call for new dating rules

Every year it happens, regular as clockwork. As soon as it hits the end of December, people start looking back and reflecting on what they have achieved over the past 12 months and more importantly what resolutions they are going to accomplish for the year ahead. Despite the ongoing disruption caused by the coronavirus pandemic, 2021 is no different.

We have already seen numerous posts and promises announcing that this is going to be the year that people get in shape, learn a new skill, or make huge career moves – all with a level of energy which will probably have subsided come Spring. However, another common resolution, but one that is said with more determination and is perhaps the most realistic, is that 2021 is going to be the year that they find love.

Home exercise using Zoom and Microsoft Teams meetings.

There is no denying that the pandemic has altered the way that we live our lives and what we perceive is important to us. Last year, many found their lives turned upside down with changes to their employment, their family routine and their social life – leading all of us to gain a new perspective as to what we want from life and what really matters.

For those looking for love, there is now more choice than ever before when it comes to meeting new people. From local activities and groups relating to a whole range of hobbies and interests to dating agencies and online apps – there really is a way for everyone to find the perfect partner for them.

With ongoing lockdowns and restrictions to help protect us through these unprecedented and challenging times, we have become far more dependent on technology than ever before. This new world has thrust us into a more virtual reality; we now do our banking, shopping and stay in touch online and it is no surprise that people are kindling romances online too.

After all, nine months of isolation has caused us to re-evaluate the importance of relationships and now more than ever we are witnessing more people signing up to online dating apps or enlisting the help of dating agencies and matchmakers to help them find “the one”.

Demonstration of how to have a creative virtual date using Zoom meetings.

While technology has opened the doors and allowed people to find potential partners outside of their family and friends and work circles, it has also added a touch of creativity to the way that people date. Gone are the tried and trusted dinner dates, sharing life stories over a glass of wine in a fancy restaurant. Instead, people are opting for cocktail making over Zoom, virtual escape rooms and pub quizzes over Microsoft Teams and even movie marathons with text or phone call commentary. It has also led to a return to the slightly old-fashioned “getting to know you” approach to the early days of dating, which many of us would say is no bad thing.

Although the last year has been full of uncertainty and unprecedented challenges, it has also brought with it a more grounded sense of gratitude for the things that we do have in our lives as well as an abundance of opportunities for something new. This new world doesn’t mean the end of dating – far from it. While it may be slightly different to the dating of the past, it has allowed people to think outside the box and make memories that will last a lifetime. In some ways, this may even lead to more special moments. Sometimes it is just a matter of taking a leap of faith and letting the magic happen – with the right people supporting and guiding you and with the evolution of technology, anything is possible.

At Ignite Dating, we recognise that everybody is different and what works for one person may not work for another. We work closely with our clients to understand what they have done so far in their dating journey and how they have found it, this helps us to realise what works for them and to advise and guide them on a dating journey that will leave them feeling more confident, energised and ready to find that special someone that they have been searching for. Ready to commit? Start your year off right and let our expert matchmakers help you make 2021 the year that you find love.