When is the right time to be intimate

You might have heard of the three-date rule. Sometimes this is extended to the ten-date rule. Other times this goes out of the window within the first 24 hours. With so many variations, is there ever a right time to be intimate with a new partner?

This is something that many have debated over the years, although it would appear that there is no one-size-fits-all approach. After all, every person and every dating journey is different and what works for one relationship may not be the same for another.  

So, to help you make an informed decision about whether now is the right time to be intimate, we have shared with you six signs that you’re ready to take your relationship to the next level.

1. You’ve got great chemistry

First and foremost, you need to make sure you have great chemistry with your date and that you actually find them attractive. There is no point taking your relationship to that next level if you do not feel physically attracted to them, as it just leads to confusing and mixed signals for the other person if you then decide to call it a day.  

2. You trust them

And of course, before you’re intimate with anyone, it’s absolutely vital that you trust them. Intimacy, particularly for a female, goes far beyond being purely physical so it’s important to ensure that you have a real connection with that person before you take that next step.

3. You’re both looking for the same thing

It’s a good idea to discuss what you’re looking for from a relationship and to decide together that you would like to be exclusive to ensure you’re both on the same page. This stops either of you from being misled or getting hurt at a later date if you do choose to be intimate.

4. You’ve talked about intimacy

Often it helps to speak about intimacy, whether in-person or over the phone. This can let you both know what to expect and know that you’re both moving at the same pace.

5. You’re really comfortable around them

Remember, being intimate can be a huge step and you need to make sure you feel relaxed and comfortable with them. If you don’t, this could be a sign that something’s not right and you should refrain from taking that next step until you feel comfortable.

6. You’re prepared for a little awkwardness

Let’s face it, sometimes these things don’t always go to plan and it’s common for a little awkwardness during intimacy, especially in a new relationship when you are just getting used to each other and what you like and don’t like. Not to mention you’ve got to be prepared for them to see your bedhead the next day! 

What you need to bear in mind before getting intimate

As we said, being intimate can be a big deal for some people and there are certain things you need to consider before you take your relationship to that next level.

Before anything happens, you need to ensure:

  • It’s what you (and they) want
  • It’s completely consensual for both parties
  • You’ve talked about safety and you’re happy that they’ll respect you and your wishes

There might not be any set time limit on intimacy, but keeping these signs in mind you’ll know when it’s the right time for you. Of course, just make sure you both feel the same way and you’re not being rushed into anything. That’s the most important thing.

At Ignite Dating, we understand that being intimate with a new partner can be a big step, which is why it’s so important that you only take things to the next level when you’re both ready. If you’ve still not found the right person to be intimate with, we can help. Get in touch with our team today and our matchmakers can help you take the next step on your dating journey.


Dating across the pond: how to date someone from abroad

It’s a scene that has been replayed in rom-coms and TV shows for decades, but it seems there is some truth to the highly portrayed attraction between Brits and Americans dating across the pond.

While these fictional shows may emphasise the effect that an accent can have on someone from another nation (think Hugh Grant in Notting Hill), it seems that the attraction between Americans and Brits is just as strong as it has ever been. That is, if Meghan and Harry or GiGi and Zayn are anything to go by.

However, it’s important to know that the cultural differences stretch far beyond the different accents. In this guide, we’ll highlight the key differences between dating in America and dating in Britain and talk you through some of the most common mistakes when looking to date someone who is originally from another country, so you can enjoy a better dating experience and  a long-term committed relationship with someone from across the pond.  Check out our insights below.

Dating in Britain vs dating in America

If you’re considering dating someone from across the pond, it’s worth knowing that there are some big differences between the UK and the US when it comes to dating. Some of the key cultural differences include:

  • British dates almost always involve drinking, whereas Americans tend to date sober
  • Americans tend to go out for dates during the day, where Brits tend to favour the evening
  • Brits are less forward and therefore less likely to approach a stranger and ask for their number (or for a date)
  • Whereas dating is more of a hobby in America, so serial dating is a thing. This means you should not assume you’re exclusively dating an American unless you’ve had the ‘talk’
  • Americans like to ask a lot of questions and this can make dates feel a bit like an interview. And yes, some of these questions might seem odd to us Brits
  • British people tend to shy away from public displays of affection (PDAs)
  • Despite this, Brits tend to be quicker to get intimate. Whereas, we’ve all heard of the American ‘base’ system which means they tend to move slower when they meet someone new
  • And finally, Americans like to double date believing that double the people equals double the fun

But while opposites often attract – it’s not all stark differences – there are some commonalities when it comes to dating in the UK and the US. Firstly, the shared language and histories make it much easier to relate to one another, rather than learning about an entirely new and different cultural background.

Not only this, but good conversation and a sense of humour are important on both sides of the pond – even if the British sense of humour tends to err more on the side of sarcasm.

How to embrace these differences to build strong relationships

The good news is despite the cultural differences, there are some simple ways you can build strong relationships with your partner from across the pond.

If you’re dating a Brit:

Remember, events like Valentine’s Day or meeting the parents are not such a big deal in the UK, so try to take these in your stride and not go too over the top when making plans.

It’s also worth recognising that while Americans may be more inclined to focus on and talk about personal aspects such as salary, work and where you live on the first date, these material qualities are less important in the UK and the focus is more on building a genuine relationship with someone. So, skip the interview-style questions and ask them about their interests, aspirations and lifestyle to unlock the type of person that they are.

If you’re dating an American:

Be prepared to slow things down and adapt the way you date. This means forgoing the pub on occasion (it’s hard, we know) and instead shaking up date night with a few day dates thrown in. Why not use it, as a perfect excuse to introduce your date to some of your favourite passions and learn some of theirs too?

You also need to be prepared to talk more openly about your relationship and intimacy. Americans are far more open and forward when it comes to dating and talking about the relationship and where it is heading is something that is important to Americans – it also makes it easier to know where you stand.  

With clients based in both the UK and the US, Ignite Dating has a strong insight into the cultural differences of both nations and what makes dating different depending on where you are from. So, if you’re looking to find love across the pond, perhaps we can help. Get in touch with our talented team of matchmakers today to find out more.


Why is vaccination becoming the new dating deal-breaker

There was a time when being tall, dark and handsome was enough to tick all the right boxes – but now it appears that your willingness to have the COVID-19 vaccination can also impact the number of dates you get and why vaccination in dating is now important.

Depending on where you stand on the issue, this might seem baffling and maybe even unfair. But the reality is, in a post-pandemic world, the vaccine could be the new deal-breaker when it comes to finding the perfect partner.

How do we know this?

Data from a number of dating apps has recently revealed a surge in users sharing their vaccine status in the hope of securing a date. In fact, Tinder has seen a 238% increase in profiles mentioning vaccines or using the syringe emoji to signify that they have been vaccinated.

Not only this, but users who report that they have already had the vaccine are being ‘liked’ twice as much as those who haven’t. A trend that is finding its way through other dating avenues too.

And so, it would appear that a stable job, good sense of humour and common interests are no longer enough to seal the deal.

But is it really that surprising?

After three lockdowns, months away from our loved ones, working from home and the inability to shop, socialise, date or even workout whenever we want, it’s understandable that people are keen to get back to normality.

And if the vaccine is the way to do this, then it’s easy to see why so many are keen to have theirs done.

Plus, lots of us have vulnerable relatives at home or are vulnerable ourselves, so it makes sense to protect our health and our loved ones in any way we can. After all, some will be caring for their parents, children or they might look after others as part of their job. For some people, not getting the vaccine is simply not an option.

A huge part of finding that perfect partner is finding someone who shares the same interests, beliefs and values as you. And with some people out there believing that the pandemic was a hoax, it stands to reason that those who took it seriously might not consider these people the best match for them!

Should you add your vaccine status to your dating profile?

You might have mixed feelings about the vaccine if you haven’t already had it, but after the last year it’s easy to understand why so many of us are more concerned about our health and well-being.

Either way, whether you’ve had the vaccine or you intend to have it when you can, it’s likely that this is a question you’ll get asked a lot as you continue on your dating journey.

Gone are the days of establishing someone’s name, occupation and hobbies at that first meeting. Nowadays, you can expect one of the first questions you are asked when meeting someone new to be “have you been vaccinated?’”, followed shortly by “will you be having the vaccine?” if you haven’t already.

While not everyone will be happy with this new trend, it is the reality of the post-pandemic dating world. Rather than fight it, it’s best to be prepared for the questions that are sure to come, regardless of where you stand on getting vaccinated as vaccination in dating is important.

As the world begins to return to some sort of normal, you might feel like the time has come to get back out there and start looking for love again. The team at Ignite Dating can help you on your dating journey and can support you in finding the perfect match. So, get in touch with our friendly team today to get started..