Could the 777 rule change your dating journey?

When it comes to dating, everyone has their own opinions on what you should and shouldn’t do. While there are some bad pieces of advice out there – we all remember the age-old ‘treat ‘em mean and keep ‘em keen’ and the ‘wait three days before responding after a date’ to name a few –  every so often you stumble across something that genuinely works, and the 777 rule is just that. If you’re single and considering enlisting the expertise of a matchmaker, understanding this rule could be your first step towards a more fulfilling dating journey.

What is the 777 dating rule?

Offering a refreshing and structured approach designed to streamline the dating process, this simple yet effective guideline is perfect for those venturing into the dating scene, whether for the first time or after a long hiatus. It breaks down the initial stages of dating into manageable segments, emphasising patience and thoughtful progression and includes three key steps:

  1. Seven days of communication

When you start your dating journey and you have matched with somebody, the first step is to communicate with them to find out more about who they are beyond their profile. Spend at least seven days communicating with your potential match, whether through texting, phone calls or video chats, before going on a date. The goal here is to build a basic connection and get a feel for each other’s personalities and interests without the pressure of meeting in person right away. 

  1. Seven different dates

Once you’ve established a basic connection, aim to go on seven dates with this person. These dates should ideally be spread over several weeks and entail a range of different activities such as coffee dates, dinner dates and even an activity or two. This will give you ample time to see different sides of your partner in various settings and allow you to explore your compatibility, shared values, and mutual interests.

  1. Seven weeks of consideration

After completing these seven dates, spend seven weeks reflecting on your experiences and feelings. During this period, focus on assessing the potential for a long-term relationship. Discuss any concerns or thoughts with your matchmaker to gain additional insights and perspectives, helping you decide on the future of the relationship with clarity and confidence. 

Why the 777 rule works

The beauty of the 777 dating rule lies in its structure. The planned and controlled approach encourages a balanced and thoughtful approach to dating. In an age of instant gratification, this rule slows down the process and encourages patience, allowing genuine connections to form. It encourages you to invest the time in understanding your potential partner and what you are looking for from a relationship. 

Not only that, but by breaking down the dating process into clear stages, it reduces the overwhelming nature of modern dating. You know what to focus on at each step, making the journey less stressful and more enjoyable. If you embrace the 777 rule with an open mind and a commitment to follow each stage, trust the process and be patient you will enjoy a dating journey that is sure to leave you feeling confident, energised, and safe. 

Plus, with structured communication and a series of dates, you get a comprehensive view of your potential partner’s character, values, aspirations, and lifestyle. This thorough approach helps in making more informed decisions about long-term compatibility. 

How a matchmaker can enhance this journey further

Enlisting the help of a professional matchmaker can significantly enhance your experience with the 777 rule. Matchmakers use their expertise and resources to provide personalised introductions with people who align with your values, interests, and goals, increasing the likelihood of compatibility from the start.

Matchmakers also provide ongoing guidance and support, helping you navigate each stage of the 777 rule and your overall dating journey. They offer advice on effective communication, suggest meaningful date ideas, and help you reflect on your experiences. Sometimes it can be challenging to see the bigger picture when you’re emotionally invested, but a matchmaker offers an objective perspective, helping you make clear, rational decisions about your relationship. 

By following the 777 dating rule and partnering with a professional matchmaker, you’re setting yourself up for a more intentional and fulfilling dating experience. This structured approach not only simplifies the journey but also increases your chances of finding a meaningful and lasting connection. 

If you’re ready to take that first step, then get in touch with the team today and let our expert matchmakers and the 777 rule guide you to the love you’ve been searching for.


The best date ideas in New York City

New York is often dubbed the city that never sleeps and with so many great places to explore and must-see attractions that are open throughout the day and night, it’s easy to see why. 

To celebrate our recent expansion stateside, we’ve rounded up the best date ideas to enjoy in the city. Whether you’re looking for new places to head with a partner or searching for the ideal first date spot, here’s our top tips for the best experiences to share together. 

Get reacquainted with Central Park

More than 8.6 million people live in New York City, but it doesn’t feel that way when you head to Central Park. Spanning 840 acres, this all season and free-to-enter oasis in the middle of Manhattan has plenty to offer. Whether your idea of a perfect date is a paddle across Central Park Lake in a rowboat, a visit to see the animals at Central Park Zoo or a simple picnic lunch on the Great Lawn, you’re sure to find something to suit. 

Lose yourselves in the literary world of The Morgan Library & Museum

From ultra-rare first editions to manuscripts, drawings, and sheet music from some of history’s most famous artists, The Morgan Library & Museum has it all. What originally began as the personal library of financier, collector, and cultural benefactor Pierpont Morgan, has since grown over the years to create a dramatic organisation of literary delights all housed in a stunning and dramatic architectural design. 

Travel back in time at The Met Cloisters

Inspired by European churches, castles and monasteries, the stunning gardens and majestic architecture on show at The Met Cloisters is sure to set the perfect scene for you to live out your romantic medieval fantasies. With a focus on the Romanesque and Gothic periods, The Cloisters is home to a diverse collection of medieval artworks allowing you both to explore and happily reminisce on days gone by. 

Take a sunset stroll across the Brooklyn Bridge

It’s a scene played out in many a romantic movie, but whether you start at the Brooklyn or Manhattan side of the bridge, you’re sure to encounter a breathtaking view that really outdoes itself come nightfall. Time your walk with the beauty of sunset to make the most of the gorgeous backdrop as you walk along, chatting and getting to know each other better.

Visit an original New York City Speakeasy

Retro speakeasies have become relatively common in New York City over the years, so why not score some cool points with your date by visiting a true original? Little Branch was one of the first speakeasies on the scene back in 2005. Behind its nondescript entrance on Seventh Avenue, you can head down the stairs into a perfectly chic cocktail bar where the bartenders are on hand to create an expertly crafted cocktail just to your taste. 

Transcend time and space at The Met

Home of the infamous Met Gala Ball, the Met is an iconic powerhouse when it comes to the arts. Housing over 5,000 years of art from around the world, you and your date can travel around the world and across time through its 490,000+ works of art. Not only that but every Friday and Saturday night, it’s Date Night at The Met, allowing you to experience live music, drink specials and an assortment of light fare in this stunning building. 

Impress with dinner and a view of the Empire State Building

What could be more special than celebrating your relationship at New York’s most iconic landmark, the Empire State Building? Offering breathtaking views in every direction from the 102nd floor and complemented with elegant dishes at the STATE Grill and Bar, this iconic date is sure to impress day or night.  

These are just a few of our favourites, but with so many attractions and great places to explore, the sky really is your limit when it comes to date ideas in New York.

If you’re based in New York and looking for a new way to date, then get in touch with our team today to find out more about how we can help on your search for love.


Why Dating When Your Partner Has Dementia Might Not Be The Best Choice

Love is a powerful force, capable of transcending boundaries and overcoming obstacles. However, there are certain situations where the complexities of life challenge the conventional notions of romance. One such circumstance, which is highly contested and debated, is when a spouse is grappling with dementia or other debilitating illnesses and the other has a desire to start looking for companionship and maybe more in time.  

While the yearning for connection and companionship may persist, the decision to embark on or continue a romantic relationship outside of marriage during such a trial raises profound ethical, emotional and practical dilemmas. 

Dementia can erode memories, distort personalities, and alter the very fabric of intimacy and partnership that a couple shared for many years. For the spouse left to witness this gradual unravelling, emotions oscillate between heartache, resilience, and unwavering commitment to their loved one’s wellbeing. Yet, amongst this turmoil, the allure of external affection and intimacy may beckon, presenting a moral quandary that demands careful consideration.

At the heart of this very dilemma lies the ethical question of fidelity and consent. When you got married you made a promise to have and to hold in sickness and in health, but what does that mean in reality? Dementia strips away the cognitive faculties essential for meaningful consent, blurring the lines between informed choice and vulnerability. Even if the spouse with dementia seems to express acquiescence or indifference to the possibility of their partner dating again, it’s imperative to question whether they possess the cognitive clarity to comprehend the ramifications of infidelity. Engaging in extramarital affairs under such circumstances can betray the trust and integrity of the marital bond, casting a shadow of deceit over the sanctity of the relationship.

Not only that, but the emotional toll exacted by dementia is profound and unrelenting. Witnessing the gradual dissolution of the person you once cherished, coupled with the demands of caregiving, can inflict a heavy burden on the spouse left to navigate this harrowing journey. Emotions of grief, guilt and profound loneliness may be unavoidable, tempting the search of solace and connection outside the confines of marriage. Yet, the pursuit of external affection risks further exacerbating the emotional turmoil you are currently feeling, compounding the complexities of an already fragile relationship.

Practical considerations further complicate the intricacies of dating while caring for a spouse with dementia. Providing round-the-clock care demands resolute dedication, patience, and a willingness to sacrifice one’s own needs for the sake of their partner’s wellbeing. Introducing the distractions of an extramarital relationship can undermine the quality of care provided, diverting attention and resources away from the essential responsibilities of caregiving. 

Furthermore, the blurring of boundaries between caregiver and romantic partner can precipitate conflicts of interest that can ultimately jeopardise the integrity of both relationships. Caregiving necessitates empathy, compassion, and a solid commitment to meeting the needs of the spouse with dementia. By introducing external romantic dynamics to the equation, you can fracture this delicate balance, eroding trust and compromising the dignity of all parties involved – ultimately ending up feeling hurt and lonelier than before. 

The decision to engage in extramarital relationships while caring for a spouse with dementia is a deeply personal and morally fraught choice. It demands introspection, empathy, and a steadfast commitment to upholding the sanctity and dignity of the marital bond. While the pursuit of external affection may offer fleeting solace amidst the turmoil of caregiving, it risks inflicting irreparable harm on all parties involved. Ultimately, love, in its truest form, transcends the boundaries of desire, demanding unwavering fidelity, compassion and integrity, even in the face of life’s most formidable trials. Whilst at Ignite Dating, we are sympathetic and understanding of these complexities, we ensure that all matches are single and in the right emotional space to date ethically and morally.

Are you looking for a partner who understands the complexities of being a widow following a journey of dementia? Someone who shares your values, life goals and aspirations for the future. Get in touch today to find out how we can help you with a safe and enjoyable search for love.