Meet The Team

At Ignite Dating, we understand that it is more than just introductions that will pave the way for you finding that perfect partner. We recognise that in order to be able to select the right matches for you, we need to appreciate all of the qualities and attributes that make you who you are and be on hand to support you to provide a dating journey that will leave you feeling confident, energised and safe.

Our experienced team brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to make your dating journey as streamlined as possible and ultimately achieve that final goal of a committed relationship.

Michelle Begy Professional Matchmaker

MD and Founder


After working with one of the UK’s largest introduction agencies, I realised that the dating world was going through another transition. Educated and successful people, like you, were bored of labour intensive online dating, had perhaps found that database matching wasn’t quite hitting the right note and wanted to be more prescriptive as to what they wanted in a partner. Whilst attraction is important, lifestyle match can be just as much so. Through listening to our clients, Ignite was born.

Operations Director


Having spent almost a decade working in PR and dating, I manage the operations and PR side of Ignite Dating. Every year, new platforms and trends arise bringing fresh ways for us to communicate with those looking for love – to share our dating experience, hints and tips and to help guide people, like you, on this important journey. Combining technology, expertise and that essential personal touch, Ignite Dating is bringing yet another transition to the dating scene and we are passionate about helping busy professionals find success in love.

Content Creator and Dating Advice Guru


At Ignite Dating, we understand that finding love when you’re a busy professional can be tough. That’s why I’m working with the team at Ignite to make things a little bit easier for you. As a dating expert and creative writer, I’ll bring you weekly tips and advice on how to navigate today’s dating world, choose the perfect date venues and the how to find someone that complements your lifestyle.

Marketing Manager


With 25 years experience under my belt, I look after every aspect of marketing for Ignite. Passionate about optimising the customer journey, we are constantly developing systems that resonate with the distinct, personal nature of our service whilst hyper contextualising our communication ensuring you get the most from your experience with Ignite.

Sheree Ignite Dating Consultant



After several years working as a recruitment consultant, I wanted a change of lifestyle. Michelle and I are good friends and I loved her drive and passion, so naturally wanted to be involved when she launched Ignite. I still get excited when a client has a match and it’s great when they leave us – as that’s when we know we have done our job well.

Samantha Rowland-Jones Dating Consultant



After spending almost 20 years successfully assisting and supporting her customers within their professional roles Sam now helps those with busy lives enhance their personal ones. She cares about all her clients and understands first hand what they are going through. Sam works face to face with her clients, via Skype or by email to help them achieve success in dating and relationships. Being a great listener and communicator with a passion for people has aided Sam achieve her overall ambition which is to help everyone find love and happiness just as she has.

Shelley Lawlor Ignite Dating Consultant



Having spent the previous 23 years within a military environment, in a trusted senior management role, Shelley worked alongside high ranking Officers, overseeing the delivery of a military contract. In addition, she regularly supported the planning and hosting of VIP functions, including Royal visits. Discretion, professionalism and confidentiality was imperative in her role; all of which comes as second nature to Shelley.