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If you are struggling with a dating dilemma and could do with some advice from the professionals, then tune into our podcast series where our expert matchmakers and coach will discuss a range of hot topics including dating trends to watch out for, guidance on how to get dating ready and will even offer their advice on problems brought to them by our listeners.

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Episode2: Flattery will get you everywhere

Episode1: Dating has a new mistress

Dating in 2020: Behind The Scenes In An Exclusive Dating Agency

In this episode I talk to Michelle Begy, Founder & Manager Director of Ignite Dating, an exclusive dating agency who handpick potential matches based on your lifestyle & aspirations.

We discuss:

  • – How Ignite Dating differ from online dating agencies.
  • – How dating in your 40s/50s is very different to how we dated in our 20s.
  • – What do men and women normally ask for in a potential match.
  • – Michelle tells me her favourite love match successes.
  • – Why are we giggling about The Two Ronnies & Sim