NEW: ‘The Spark’ Dating Advice Podcast Series

If you are struggling with a dating dilemma and could do with some advice from the professionals, then tune into our podcast series where our expert matchmakers and coach will discuss a range of hot topics including dating trends to watch out for, guidance on how to get dating ready and will even offer their advice on problems brought to them by our listeners.

Episode 9: The importance of first impressions

In this week’s episode, we’re joined by Beverly Osemwenkhae, Founder of ProjectBee Wardrobe Consulting, to discuss the importance of first impressions and how what you wear and how you wear it can subconsciously affect someone’s first impression of you. In this episode we will explore the different options out there and highlight how image consulting isn’t just for the elite, that anybody can benefit from a little TLC for their wardrobe and more importantly, the huge success in can bring to your dating journey.

Episode 8: The lies we tell ourselves

In this week’s episode of The Spark podcast we are joined by Ignite Dating’s specialist dating expert and matchmaker, Julie Drummond. In this episode we’ll be discussing the unrealistic expectations that could be holding you back on your dating journey and how working with a matchmaker can help put a little perspective into your quest for love to ensure you find that long-lasting happiness you’ve been searching for.

Episode 7: It’s ok to be unattached

In this week’s episode, we’re joined by Editor-in-Chief of About Time Magazine and Bestselling Author, Angelica Malin, as she discusses the growing pressures that single people experience when it comes to finding that person to settle down with and why sometimes we should take a moment and concentrate on being happily single. After all, it’s ok to be unattached.

Episode 6: Beware of the dark triad

In this week’s episode of The Spark podcast, I’m joined by Principal Business Psychologist at DH Consulting, Dannielle Haig, as she discusses the mystery of the dark triad; the personality traits that the dark triad comprises of, the signs to look out for, how it may manifest in the dating world and more importantly how to deal with the behaviour if it can’t be avoided.

Episode 5: A picture tells a thousand words

In this week’s episode of The Spark podcast we are joined by Head of Creative and Founder of Hey Saturday, Saskia Nelson. We’ll be discussing the good, the bad and the downright wrong when it comes to dating profile photos and explore the best ways to ensure that your dating photos show off your personality without putting people off.

Episode 4: The natural order of things

In this week’s episode, we are joined by Yorkshire Matchmaker, Melanie Jackson, as she discusses the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to dating stories and the key rules that everyone should follow.

Episode 3: Are you really ready for dating?

In this week’s episode we’re joined by Genevieve Gresset, Co-Founder of Relationship Retreats, one of the world’s only Master Executive Matchmakers and Master Executive Coach, who you may recognise from Married at First Sight UK, as she discusses the challenges and barriers that can stop people from starting their dating journey and how a Dating Coach, the right Matchmaker and the perfect mindset can help with that.

Episode 2: Flattery will get you everywhere

In this week’s episode, our Head of Matching, Kristina Morton, gives the lowdown on what it really means to be headhunted by a matchmaker and why you should take it as a compliment. If you’re single and always wondered how the headhunting process compares to the other dating avenues available, you won’t want to miss this one. So, before we give too much away – go and check it out for yourself!

Episode 1: Dating has a new mistress

In this first episode, our Managing Director and Founder, Michelle Begy, gives the lowdown on the huge variety of dating options out there and offers her advice on how to find the right channel that works for you.

If you’re single and struggling to navigate the ever-changing dating landscape, then you won’t want to miss this.

Dating in 2020: Behind The Scenes In An Exclusive Dating Agency

In this episode I talk to Michelle Begy, Founder & Manager Director of Ignite Dating, an exclusive dating agency who handpick potential matches based on your lifestyle & aspirations.

We discuss:

  • How Ignite Dating differ from online dating agencies.
  • How dating in your 40s/50s is very different to how we dated in our 20s.
  • What do men and women normally ask for in a potential match.
  • Michelle tells me her favourite love match successes.
  • Why are we giggling about The Two Ronnies & Sim