Feel fabulous while you get date-ready this Christmas

There is no doubt dating is most enjoyable when you feel your best. Dedicating time to getting ready for a big date is such an important step as it can help boost your confidence and make you feel good. It’s all about feeling fabulous, developing a routine which helps you ensure you’ll make a good impression while staying true to your style and personality.

Whether you are returning to dating after a break or enjoying a range of dates with potential love interests, the preparation is big part of the overall experience. You may experience a whirlwind of emotions as nerves and excitement hits. Many single people develop their own tried and tested pre-date rituals to make sure they enjoy getting ready and mentally prepare for the big night ahead. Your go-to preparations may be based around going the extra mile in your beauty routine to find confidence in feeling your physical best. Others share the experience with friends, seeking their opinions on outfit options via WhatsApp and chatting on the phone for a motivational pep talk. You may prefer a more holistic experience before you step out, relaxing with some yoga or a chilled meditation session. It can be something as simple as a long bath or just chilling out with your favourite tunes – whatever makes you feel the most relaxed.        

There are some key pointers to bear in mind to make sure you are getting the most out of gearing up for the big night. It’s essential to wear something you are comfortable in rather than selecting clothes based on what you think your date would like. You won’t be able to relax if your outfit does not reflect your true style or makes you feel uncomfortable. Allow plenty of time to get ready so you don’t end up flustered or having a new beauty technique you are trying out go horribly wrong minutes before you leave the house.

Be aware it’s the time of year where hair appointments or last-minute beauty appointment slots are like gold dust as everybody gets ready for their festive shindigs. If you are the sort of person who loves that salon feeling, or you find it hard to juggle a busy work life with the sorts of hours salons work, it pays to be organised and secure an appointment with plenty of notice for the all-important date night.

The Lucie App

Many professional singles are juggling extremely demanding schedules and are particularly busy at this time of year. If you recognise yourself in this scenario, but you’ve got some exciting dates planned in December, then there is an easy way to ensure you can access a range of services that’ll help you get date ready in the most convenient way possible. The Lucie App offers access to top-grade therapists and experts from leading wellness brands who are available to offer treatments in the comfort of your own home. There are a range of beauty options to choose from, from blow dries and sessions with make-up artists, to visits from mobile nail technicians and facialists. You can also concentrate on a relaxed start to your date with an at-home massage, meditation session or even try a one-to-one yoga session. It’s the perfect way to indulge in some pre-date pampering without battling the December crowds and navigating waiting lists for last-minute appointments, ensuring a relaxed start to some truly exciting dates this Christmas!

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How to build an autumn date wardrobe to impress

It is hard not to love dating when autumn rolls around again. The change in the weather opens a host of dating opportunities which you just can’t get any other time of the year. From romantic walks through crisp piles of leaves to enjoying that first pub drink in front of an open fire, there are plenty of fun options to be enjoyed together.

You will discover a host of benefits to dating at this time of year. Firstly, it is not so hot outside that you worry about arriving at the venue in a flustered mess, and it is not so cold that venturing outside is not an option. This is a time where we naturally slow down and relax after a packed summer of holidays and sun-soaked get togethers. There are plenty of people looking for somebody special to snuggle up with during the colder months, with Christmas and New Year’s Eve another powerful motivator for finding a new love interest. 

Autumn style

This season is all about mixing textures, layering bold accessories, and pairing your outfit with your sexiest boots. It is also the perfect time for sweaters, and who doesn’t love to break out the knitwear after it has been packed away all summer?

I have summed up the key styles to add to your dating wardrobe this autumn which will be a great way to ensure a memorable first impression.

For her:

The season lends itself to comfortable classics, and you can’t beat a fitted sweater dress at this time of year. A good pair of boots add a touch of class to an outfit, and I’d recommend over-the-knee suede boots. Choose your favourite from a range of styles including wedges, flats, or heels. Another sophisticated look is a suede heel bootie which will elevate any date night outfit. Autumn does not mean constantly having to wrap up against the elements though. An off-the-shoulder silk blouse is a great look, and you can go for a distinctly autumnal feel concentrating on rich, dark colours. One of the best things about this season is you can get creative with layering. Crop sweaters add a handy extra layer for warmth while looking both sexy and girlish. Go for bold colours and brighten up even the gloomiest autumn afternoon.

Lace camisoles are both beautiful and sexy. They can be paired with a silk blazer or moto jacket for a cool yet feminine look which is perfect for this time of year. As always, don’t forget accessories – make a statement with some gorgeous gold hoop earrings.

For him:

Layering is just as important for him, and you’ll find some wardrobe essentials come into play this time of year. I’d recommend dark slim fit jeans paired with a suede Chelsea boot and a fitted white tee. For a more casual look, try a white tennis sneaker. Add a stylish touch with a brown casual jacket or a peacoat in an autumnal colour. You can’t beat a smart lightweight jumper for a relaxed Sunday brunch or a romantic casual supper.

No matter your preferred personal style or your interest in fashion, you will find some wardrobe staples that can easily be put together for incredible fall outfits which will really make you feel you best. And with a great selection of date ideas to be enjoyed, it’s the perfect time of year to reinvigorate your dating journey!

Beverly Osemwenkhae is founder of ProjectBee Wardrobe Consulting

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The benefits of dating in your thirties

Entering your thirties is a time many singletons evaluate what they want from dating. This can be a pivotal period where you may look to put the game-playing of dating behind you to focus on the goal of finding a serious and committed relationship. The good news is, although there are challenges to contend with, there can be plenty of positives to dating when you’ve passed this milestone birthday.

Many singletons find dating in their thirties can be very different to dating in your twenties. It often comes down to dating with intent. When you are in your twenties, dating can be all about the experience and you may have plenty of fun along the way dating people who wouldn’t usually tick all your boxes. The dating game can be care-free and a lot more enjoyable when you aren’t really looking for anything too serious, and it’s a great opportunity to learn a lot more about what you want from a partner.  

When you hit your thirties, you are often no longer dating for the sake of dating. You have a much better idea of your end-goals, whether they are settling down and having children, or a burning desire to put an end to the game-playing and casual nature of swiping for dates. You can decide what you really want in a partner, using all the experience gleaned from the dating experiences you enjoyed in your twenties. It’s possible you may have had your fingers burned along the way, experiencing heartbreak and bad relationships, but this ultimately helps to emphasise how important it is your future partner has the values, aspirations, and outlook on life that you are looking for. 

It’s good to be upfront about dating intentions as it can help eliminate dates who just want to have a bit of fun. While it’s OK to know what you are looking for in a partner, it’s not a good look to be firing questions at them on your first date to establish their 10-year career plan or thoughts on marriage and children. As you enjoy getting to know somebody, you can use discretion but be honest to sound out if you are on the same page and to explore whether there’s a connection there.  

It’s important to avoid the urge to settle for somebody who isn’t quite right, especially if you’re feeling the pressure of pals coupling up and your pool of single friends dwindling. It’s so important to recognise you’ve got a lot to give and that you’d be happier single rather than settling for something which is just not quite right. Be on the lookout for people who are in panic mode and desperately looking to settle down rather than putting in the work to establish whether they have a genuine connection with somebody new.

The most important factor to remember is that dating in your thirties can be extremely enjoyable. You are more confident about what you want, you’re likely to be more established in your career and home-life, and you’re prepared to ditch the timewasters in favour of those with romance potential. Dating is meant to be fun, and you’ll enjoy it even more if you are relaxed and letting the real you shine through on dates. It helps to put some perspective on the situation and realise that dating isn’t everything, it’s just part of a satisfying life you’ve created for yourself.

Don’t get too hung up on the end goal as you’ve still got plenty of time to meet someone, and if it all becomes too much, don’t be afraid to take some time away from dating to focus on yourself. You’ll then be in a much better place emotionally when you do feel ready to embark on the search for love again.   

It is also important to recognise there is nothing wrong in looking for a helping hand when it comes to your dating journey. Working with a matchmaker can be a real asset in your search for love, with the advantage of outsourcing the hard work of finding somebody new. Matchmakers are experts at understanding what you want from a relationship, and they use their intuition and extensive private network to make suggestions of people you’ll really enjoy meeting. With an expert in your corner, you’ll be in the best place to enjoy an effortless and stress-free search for love.

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