How a matchmaker can improve your chances of finding love

You may remember that infamous scene in the movie Bridget Jones’s Diary when the lead character is grilled on single life at a dinner party.

Surrounded by a table of “smug married couples”, Bridget is asked why there are just so many unmarried women in their thirties. As the room falls silent, she bats away the remark with a witty retort, joking: “I suppose it doesn’t help that underneath our clothes our entire bodies are covered in scales.”

It’s a depressingly familiar situation you may well recognise if you are indeed a single person over the age of 30. From friends and relatives asking supposedly innocuous questions about when you’re going to settle down, to complete strangers making small talk about your relationship status, there can sometimes feel like there is a certain amount of judgement about being unattached in your thirties and beyond.

Which, when you think about it, is decidedly unfair seeing as an increasing number of single women have decided there is so much more to life than rushing to secure their very own Mark Darcy.

Recent figures from the Office for National Statistics actually show that the number of people who are single and have never married is steadily increasing. This, coupled with the fact that the proportion of people getting married has actually fallen in all age groups under 70, and it seems conscious unattachment is well and truly on the rise. In fact, a recent study found the happiest subgroup of the population was women who never married or had children, who lead longer, healthier lives, but that isn’t a sign that you should hang up your dating shoes and give up on love.  

There are numerous reasons singledom is being celebrated and embraced by those over the age of 29. For one, society has evolved, and many women are opting to focus more on career development, with a lot of satisfaction to be found in being self-sufficient and on top of your game at work.

There’s also the ability to make big life choices without having to take anybody else’s wishes into consideration. Perhaps you fancy moving abroad or taking a career break to travel the world. It’s totally up to you to focus on the things you’d love to achieve.

Being single can also lead to stronger friendships and more time to focus on building  a supportive network of people around you, perhaps with those who are also living a happy single life on their own.  

Not only that, but science has come a long way too. Fertility preservation is now an option, helping many slow down their search for love without the pressure to hurry to meet somebody – and ultimately settling for anything less than they deserve just because they feel rushed into starting a family.

While these are all valid reasons to live your thirties happily unattached, waiting for the right person to come along but enjoying life in the meantime, it is important to not fall into the trap of being so independent that you avoid relationships full stop.

Having dated extensively in their twenties, by the time women reach their thirties and beyond, they tend to have a much better understanding of what they are looking for and, with this, comes a desire to avoid mediocre relationships with a man who doesn’t check all the boxes.

However, for many, if somebody comes along that they have an authentic connection with that ultimately doesn’t check all the boxes, then they would be happy to settle down. It’s all about the quality of the match – and making sure that the important aspects such as values, aspirations and lifestyle are in sync and the best way to find that is to be open to the possibilities and to date with purpose.

Here at Ignite Dating we understand that being happily single does not mean giving up on the search for love. That’s why we offer a personalised matchmaking service designed to effortlessly assist you in your search for somebody who is perfect for you. While looks and attraction can be important, lifestyle, values and aspirations are just as much so.

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