How do people meet their partner?

When you are in the thick of the dating scene, but you’ve still not met the right person it can be tempting to get fed up and wonder how anybody meets anyone. It can be disheartening to put in lots of effort but still be in search of that elusive connection. 

If this sounds familiar, you might be interested in recent stats that shed light on where people met their partner. As you may expect, there are a range of avenues that lead to long-lasting relationships. The YouGov research discovered nearly a fifth of people meet their partner at work, with an equally as popular route being meeting through friends. Of those surveyed, 15% met people while they were out and about, 7% found love through an online dating platform and 6% through dating apps. Also mentioned was meeting due to shared hobbies (5%) and through family (3%).  Digital routes were most popular among younger age groups, with more than a fifth of 25- to 34-year-olds meeting this way. 

While it may feel like the apps are the go-to place to search for love, the figures make it clear there are plenty of other successful ways to meet a partner. How you met somebody may even have a bearing on the long-term prospects of the relationship. An article in Psychology Today points out research that found the most successful couples meet through shared social networks or while pursuing a common interest. The article also points out that couples with weaker social ties outside of each other may take longer to commit to marriage. 

While it’s all well and good to hear how other people met their partners, it can be tricky to find new love interests in everyday life. Flirting and approaching people offline isn’t straightforward for everybody, especially those who fear rejection. So, we’ve shared our top tips for improving your chances of meeting somebody new, without an app in sight. 

Think about your daily routine: It’s possible to run into somebody interesting at a variety of venues you head to everyday, such as the café where you grab your morning coffee, on public transport, at the pub, or at the gym. It’s important to pay attention to what’s going on rather than being distracted by constantly scrolling on your phone. See who might be trying to catch your eye and don’t be afraid to smile and make eye contact. Mix up the venues you head to as well, as going to the same bars and coffee shops may mean you are seeing the same faces repeatedly. 

Ask friends to introduce you to people they know:  Ok, so it’s not a good idea to be introduced to a friend of a friend merely because they also happen to be single. But there’s nothing wrong with asking a friend to introduce you to somebody they know who has caught your eye. Or if a friend has genuinely seen something in both of you that suggests you’ll be a good match, then why not take up their offer of setting you up? Try to say yes to dinner party invites and opportunities to get together with your friend’s wider circle, as you never know who you might meet along the way. 

Pursue your hobbies: Going to regular meetups or trying something new is a great way to introduce you to like-minded people. Whether it’s volunteering, joining a sports group or taking a new class, you might well get chatting to somebody with romance potential. 

Try singles’ events: They might not be for everybody, but more innovative singles’ events have emerged in the past few years. It’s not just speed dating but also nights out and get-togethers based around a shared interest which can help you meet a lot of single people in a short time. 

There can be so many advantages to meeting somebody in real life. You can see what they look like and how they act, rather than trying to scrutinise a decade-old photo on their profile. It can feel a lot less forced to meet naturally through a shared activity or night out than meeting as strangers for a first date. So, next time you’re out and about why not see who you come across – you never know where it will lead! 

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How star signs play a part in the dating world

How important is a potential matches’ astrological sign to you? Astrology is viewed as important to a lot of people who actively look for somebody with a zodiac sign that appeals to them. How a star sign is perceived often plays a part in who people do and don’t approach in the dating world. 

Many daters see certain combinations of star signs as more compatible than others, which can have a bearing on their decision of whether to approach somebody. It’s not unusual to see people mention their star sign in their bio and some apps even let you filter potential matches based on their astrological sign. 

The extent to which astrology plays a part in who people approach is clear when you consider the findings of a recent survey. The Daily Mail reports how one in four people actively avoid certain zodiac signs on dating apps. Aries was found to be the zodiac sign most avoided, with 18% of those surveyed mentioning it, followed by Sagittarius (15%) and Leo (13%). People with the Pisces sign was least likely to be avoided, with only 2% saying they’d avoid potential matches with this star sign.  

Experts are keen to point out that you should not base a search for love solely on certain star signs. Deciding somebody’s star sign is a dealbreaker could lead to you ruling out people who you may have gone on to have a successful relationship with. It’s hard to predict what will lead to that all-important chemistry so the only way you’ll know for sure is meeting in real life. USA Today highlights how people may not actually be that interested in astrology but may have been influenced in the past by reading that their star sign is incompatible with another. However, by avoiding certain star signs you are shutting down one in 12 potential matches, narrowing the pool of people you could potentially meet. 

No matter whether you believe in astrology or not, a Mashable article points out that it can make an interesting talking point when you meet somebody new. It can also help astrology fans screen out potential partners who think the practice is a joke, the article points out. Talking about star signs can help you find out more about your date’s characteristics as well, as you can delve into their views on whether they identify with certain traits attached to their star sign. 

There’s no denying the popularity of astrology and its relevance when it comes to dating. The hashtag #astrologydating has millions on views on TikTok and, and Mashable points out, interest in astrology has boomed in recent year, especially among millennials

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How to reject somebody in the dating world

A lot of attention is paid to dealing with rejection after you are turned down by somebody in the dating world. However, it’s important to consider what happens when you are the one who isn’t feeling it. It can be hard to be the cause of somebody else’s disappointment and you may worry how somebody will react to being turned down. 

However uncomfortable you may feel with telling somebody you’ve not interested, it does pay to be upfront and honest about your feelings. It can cause further disappointment down the line if you give somebody you’ve been dating false hope. It’s not fair to play games in the dating world and most people react well to an honest answer about how you feel, even if you feel it’s best to soften the blow. 

However, many daters dread rejecting somebody as it can be an uncomfortable and awkward experience. You might find it tricky to find the correct words and you may worry they will take the rejection extremely personally. However, it’s important to remember you’re letting them know that you don’t think you’d be compatible, rather than criticising who they are. Done in the right way, a rejection will hopefully not be taken personally. 

We’ve shared our top tips for effectively handling a rejection so you can both feel the situation was handled well. Whether you’ve only exchanged a few messages or you’ve been on a few dates, find out more about how to handle rejection the right way. 

Try and avoid ambiguity: Your heart might be in the right place but beating around the bush can cause confusion and string things out. However, you don’t need to be harsh to be direct. You can always pair the rejection with a compliment or a polite sentence or two about how you enjoyed getting to know them. The idea is being clear that you don’t feel a connection and you don’t want to pursue the match any further. Being unclear in your response can cause confusion as the other person will receive mixed signals and think you still potentially interested. Using wishy washy excuses could send signals that you’ll be interested in the future. 

You don’t need to apologise: Saying sorry implies you’ve done something wrong but there is no need to say sorry for not being interested in somebody. You can explain you are flattered by their attention but be clear that you don’t want to take things any further. 

Text messages are OK in the early days:  If you have been chatting to somebody casually or you’ve only had a date or two, it’s fine to send a message saying you don’t want to pursue a romantic relationship. However, if you’ve been seeing somebody for months then they deserve more than a text that says it’s over.  

Never ghost somebody: Even if you don’t want to let somebody down, it never pays to ghost them. Ghosting is hurtful and leads to a lack of closure, as the other person doesn’t understand the reason you disappeared on the face of the earth. They may also blame themselves for things coming to an abrupt halt. The only times it’s OK to ghost somebody is if they react negatively to your rejection and become angry or hurtful.

It’s always important to remember there is a human being behind every dating profile and it can be unfair to treat people in a way you would not like to be treated. Even if you don’t see any potential in the pairing, make sure you are being clear, honest, and upfront. That way they can move on to the next person, who may well turn out to be perfect for them. 

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The best date ideas in East London

East London is packed full of iconic sights and great places to visit if you are looking for date ideas with a difference. Packed full of well-known neighbourhoods to explore where no two streets are the same, you’ll find activities to suit all tastes and budgets. Check out the latest instalment of our London date ideas blog series to find inspiration for your next date night in this exciting part of the capital. 


Explore the stunning colours and scents of Columbia Road Flower Market in Tower Hamlets, where the street is transformed by flowers and plants available for sale from the market traders. The market operates every Sunday, and you can take a leisurely walk along Regent’s Canal to make a day of it. Over in Hackney Broadway Market offers 120 regular stalls on a Saturday so a casual stroll will give you plenty to browse and delicious food to sample. 

If you enjoy taking in the London views, try the IFS Cloud Cable Car which reaches heights of 90 metres over the Thames. It connects the Royal Docks and the Greenwich Peninsula and offers views of landmarks such as St Paul’s Cathedral, The Gherkin, Thames Barrier, and Greenwich. The service runs late at night for a romantic way to see the city lit up at night. 

Exciting activities 

Up for some fun? Check out Ballie Ballerson, a Shoreditch cocktail bar which taps into childhood nostalgia with giant ball pits and sweet-themed cocktails including the Skittle Sour and Hubba Hubba Bubba.  

Reopening in Spring, Roof East is a fun venue which is located on the rooftop of a multi-storey car park in Stratford. On offer is tasty street food, games, and an open-air cinema, with great views to enjoy as you relax together.  

God’s Own Junk Yard offers an amazing gallery of neon lights and bulb signs in Walthamstow. The bright artwork is bound to impress, and you can see signs that appeared in famous movies.

Relaunching in the summer, the ArcelorMittal Orbit offers the world’s tallest and longest slide! Be brave and share the experience while enjoying the views at the top of Anish Kapoor’s red lattice tower

Eat great food

Brick Lane is a well-known foodie destination which is famous for its curry and bagels. For bagels, try the famous Beigel Bake which is open 24 hours offering a variety of filled bagels and baked goods. There’s also the Beigel Shop which offers a great variety of products including pretty rainbow bagels

You’re spolit for choice when it comes to great curry on Brick Lane. Sheba, Aladin and The Famous Curry Bazaar are well worth a try for some delicious spicy dishes. Some restaurants are BYOB so check before you go if you fancy a boozy accompaniment to your meal. Over on Fieldgate Street is Tayyabs, which offers delicious Punjabi cuisine including their famous lamb chops. 

Pasta lovers will enjoy Tom’s Pasta, a local neighbourhood restaurant in Hackney offering fresh handmade pasta via weekly changing menu. Just fancy drinks? Try Satan’s Whiskers, a cocktail bar in Bethnal Green that offers a daily changing menu and a backdrop of hip hop music. Nightjar offers fantastic cocktails and vintage live music in Shoreditch with a glamourous backdrop you’ll both enjoy. 

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