How star signs play a part in the dating world

How important is a potential matches’ astrological sign to you? Astrology is viewed as important to a lot of people who actively look for somebody with a zodiac sign that appeals to them. How a star sign is perceived often plays a part in who people do and don’t approach in the dating world. 

Many daters see certain combinations of star signs as more compatible than others, which can have a bearing on their decision of whether to approach somebody. It’s not unusual to see people mention their star sign in their bio and some apps even let you filter potential matches based on their astrological sign. 

The extent to which astrology plays a part in who people approach is clear when you consider the findings of a recent survey. The Daily Mail reports how one in four people actively avoid certain zodiac signs on dating apps. Aries was found to be the zodiac sign most avoided, with 18% of those surveyed mentioning it, followed by Sagittarius (15%) and Leo (13%). People with the Pisces sign was least likely to be avoided, with only 2% saying they’d avoid potential matches with this star sign.  

Experts are keen to point out that you should not base a search for love solely on certain star signs. Deciding somebody’s star sign is a dealbreaker could lead to you ruling out people who you may have gone on to have a successful relationship with. It’s hard to predict what will lead to that all-important chemistry so the only way you’ll know for sure is meeting in real life. USA Today highlights how people may not actually be that interested in astrology but may have been influenced in the past by reading that their star sign is incompatible with another. However, by avoiding certain star signs you are shutting down one in 12 potential matches, narrowing the pool of people you could potentially meet. 

No matter whether you believe in astrology or not, a Mashable article points out that it can make an interesting talking point when you meet somebody new. It can also help astrology fans screen out potential partners who think the practice is a joke, the article points out. Talking about star signs can help you find out more about your date’s characteristics as well, as you can delve into their views on whether they identify with certain traits attached to their star sign. 

There’s no denying the popularity of astrology and its relevance when it comes to dating. The hashtag #astrologydating has millions on views on TikTok and, and Mashable points out, interest in astrology has boomed in recent year, especially among millennials

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