Spring date outfit inspiration for women

Luxe Collective is a preloved luxury reseller that buys and sells the most sought-after pieces from the world’s most renowned designers. Here experts from the brand share their top tips for revitalising your wardrobe and feeling your best with designer bags, shoes, and accessories.  

Spring is the season of new beginnings, and the perfect time to make the most of the opportunities the new season presents to plan your next romantic rendezvous. Whether you’re meeting someone new or enjoying a night out with your significant other, the right outfit can make all the difference to how you feel. We understand the importance of making a lasting impression, which is why we’ve curated the ultimate guide to spring date fashion for women. From coffee in the park and cocktails on a sunny terrace to a romantic dinner in a beautiful restaurant, we’ve got the perfect styling ideas to put a spring in your step and help your confidence shine through.  

Coffee in the park  

There’s something undeniably charming about a leisurely coffee date in the park. The crisp spring air, the budding flowers – it’s the perfect setting for getting to know someone new. For a look that’s casual yet stylish, opt for a pair of white straight-leg jeans and a cashmere knit. Pull on a canvas jacket or trench coat and pair your outfit with classic leather ankle boots or luxury sneakers. Our favourites would be a pair of Valentino VLogo boots or a pair of Chanel CC runners that can add a pop of colour to your look. The beauty of a luxury sneaker? Not only are they comfortable for a stroll in the park, but they also add a touch of personality to your outfit. Finally, complete your outfit with a luxury crossbody bag, perhaps a Hermès Constance or a Louis Vuitton multi-pochette, to keep your essentials close at hand while you enjoy your coffee.  

Cocktails on a rooftop terrace  

Brighter evenings are best enjoyed with cocktails on a sun-soaked terrace. This is also a prime opportunity to showcase your fashion-forward style with an elevated outfit that seamlessly transitions from drinks to dinner.  

Consider pairing relaxed denim with an oversized blazer or a boxy tailored jacket for a sophisticated yet cool date night look. When elevating everyday staples like denim, accessories play a crucial role. We adore vintage designer jewellery for adding a touch of glamour, whether it’s vintage Chanel earrings, layers of delicate necklaces from Van Cleef & Arpels, or stacks of Cartier love bracelets.  

Finish your outfit by slipping into a pair of stunning designer heels like a Louis Vuitton mule or a classic Jimmy Choo sandal, and you’re ready to sip cocktails, bask in the sun, and hopefully savour some stellar company too.  

Romantic dinner date  

For a more intimate and romantic evening, nothing beats a dinner date in a beautiful restaurant. Strike a sophisticated yet sexy balance with a little black dress and a pair of killer high heels. Classic silhouettes like a Louboutin So Kate stiletto pump would be perfect. But if you’re looking for a heeled sandal, it’s got to be a pair of Saint Laurent Opyum heels that deliver flirty and fun. Add a finishing touch with an elegant bag. Choose from a Chanel classic flap bag, perhaps a vintage Dior Saddle, or even a trending Prada bag. A beautiful dinner is the perfect opportunity to wear some of your glamorous and luxurious pieces. Whether it’s an LBD or a tailored set, adding luxury designer accessories, be it bags, shoes, or jewellery, will help you achieve date-night luxe perfect for the spring season.   

Continue the love story  

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What is the “if he wanted to, he would” dating advice trend?

Have you come across the phrase “if he wanted to, he would” in the dating world? The statement has quickly gained traction on TikTok and is used as a shorthand to describe when a woman is perceived as being in a one-sided romantic relationship. The phrase is often used to describe the situation where a woman puts in lots of time and energy into the relationship, while the person she is seeing treats it as an option or don’t properly return their affections. “If he wanted to, he would” implies that if a man wanted to make things happen, he would, so their inaction demonstrates they lack interest. The relationship dynamic may rely on the woman initiating all the contact and making all the plans. It’s often used in the early days of dating when people get stuck in frustrating situationships where they are left wondering whether it’s worth waiting around to see if the other person commits. 

Over on TikTok many people shared videos of what their partner does to demonstrate their affection and make them feel valued, using examples of gifts they’ve received and the lengths a partner has gone to make them feel like they are making them a priority. From huge bouquets of flowers and rose petals sprinkled over the bed, it’s painting a picture of romantic gestures that demonstrate how much somebody cherishes their partner. Often the hashtag #ifhewantedtohewould is used to make the point this is the type of behaviour that suggests their partner is heavily invested in the relationship.  

The problem with the phrase

There’s plenty of support for the argument that it really isn’t possible to boil down dating romantic interactions into one simple phrase, so “if he wanted to, he would” is seen as a drastic oversimplification. As a Cosmopolitan article highlights, the phrase is problematic because single people may have experienced trauma and obstacles in their life that stop them being able to dedicate their full energy to dating. They may even be worried they are going to come across as too eager in the early days of dating and instead end up playing hard to get. The article concludes there is no such thing as one-size-fits-all dating advice as every situation is unique. 

A Glamour article points out you may miss out on amazing people if you go by the manta “if he wanted to, he would.”  There are many factors that affect somebody’s behaviour which means it might not be straightforward for them to simply provide what a love interest wants, says the article. You might come across people who may be socially awkward, or who overthink situations. They may fear rejection or have low self-esteem. Assuming somebody is not that into you and making assumptions based on their actions means you could end up throwing away what could have been a promising relationship

Another Cosmopolitan article points out that it’s important to remember a new love interest might not be aware what you want. You won’t be able to truly understand why somebody isn’t doing something you want if you don’t openly communicate about your needs, the piece points out. If you’re in a situationship, for example, the other person might want to take you for a nice dinner, but they may worry you will think it’s too much. Communication works both ways and it’s important to discuss your needs in the relationship, so the other person has a fair chance of understanding where you are coming from and what you want. Then, if made aware of what you are looking for, they will only give you less than you deserve, then you can make the call of whether to walk away. 

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How do you approach somebody in real life?

Does the thought of approaching a total stranger who has caught your eye bring you out in a cold sweat?  Would you be confident enough to make the first move on a night out? You may feel it’s a bold step you could never dream of actually doing, so you might be interested to hear a recent survey found 76% of people are open to being approached by a potential date in real life. 

Many singles avoid approaching people they come across in day-to-day life because asking a stranger out in person risks embarrassment and rejection if they don’t respond well. An article on the New York Post recently pointed out that a recent poll found 45% of men aged 18 to 25 had never approached a woman in person. Another survey found 72% of men said a fear of being perceived as creepy impacts their interactions with women. However, if many single people are happy to be approached in real life, are you missing a trick by being reluctant to strike up a conversation with somebody you’d like to get to know better?

There are many ways to approach a stranger that ensure you aren’t making them feel uncomfortable or confused about your intentions. It’s important to pay close attention to how they respond to your approach and know when to call it quits if they make it clear they aren’t interested romantically. Many people are flattered to be approached and appreciate the authentic connection that can come from meeting in real life versus being approached on an app. 

We’ve shared our top tips for ways to approach somebody to help you be better prepared for making the first move when you are out and about. 

Think about where you approach somebody: It can be tricky to catch somebody’s eye on the morning commute while they may be engrossed by scrolling on their phone or rushing to get to work in time. If you are looking to create opportunities for more natural approaches, then think about places you go where you might share something in common. It could be the place you exercise, a concert, or an evening class. This makes it easier to strike up a conversation based on the common ground you share, and you can pick up on cues from the other person to judge whether they are giving signals that they are also interested romantically. If somebody starts to weave their partner into conversation, it’ll become clear they are attached. 

Try not to worry about the worst-case scenario:  Even the most confident person can feel out of their depth trying to strike up conversation with a stranger who is surrounded by a group of friends. However, if you approach them in a kind and courteous manner it’s unlikely the situation will pan out as badly as you may have feared. Things go wrong when people suspect you of having a hidden agenda or undesirable intentions, so if you are friendly and straightforward the other person will hopefully respond well. Leave cheesy opening lines well alone though, as they might create an instant turn-off. 

Don’t linger if the other person doesn’t appear interested:  It’s important to make an approach quick and move on if the other person don’t seem interested. Turning somebody down may make the other person fear you’ll react badly, so be prepared to be polite and leave. Being too persistent can make somebody uncomfortable so pick up on their reactions, including if they are looking away or getting restless, and politely move on from the conversation. 

Be more approachable: Making eye contact and smiling at strangers when you are out and about makes it much easier to initiate real-life connections. Make sure you come across as friendly and approachable, with welcoming body language instead of crossing your arms or staring down at your phone. You can glean how somebody might react to being approached if they return your smile or make eye contact.   

Move things along: If you are getting the feeling the person you like is mutually interested, you can offer your phone number or share your social media handle so you can communicate further and start planning a formal date to get to know each other better. You can also keep thing casual when you meet by suggesting you should both grab a drink sometime, and if they respond positively, you can get it touch to make the arrangements. 

Don’t forget to rely on your gut feeling when you’re talking to somebody, as their cues and body language should give you a good idea of whether they’re interested in pursuing a romantic connection. Why not try gathering up the courage to approach somebody if you like them as you never know where it might lead you, and the opportunity may never present itself again!

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The best date ideas in West London

West London is a relaxed and sophisticated area packed full of popular places to explore and must-see attractions. If you live there, you’ll be in the know about the beautiful green spaces and architecture that enhances the area. 

As part of our London date ideas blog series, we’ve rounded up the best things to do in West London. Whether you are looking for new places to head with your partner or you’re searching for the ideal first date spot, find our top tips for the best experiences to share together. 

Find great al fresco options 

It does feel like the weather will never improve, but one day the sun will shine enough to spend a warm afternoon mooching together, seeking out an al fresco table to watch the world go by.  This is the perfect time to make a beeline for Little Venice, a tranquil stretch of water where the Grand Union Canal meets the Regent’s Canal. Rembrandt Gardens is a lovely spot for a picnic on a nice day or you can seek out the tasty eateries that overlook the canal. You can also take to the water on a narrowboat for a relaxed sightseeing tour along the Regent’s Canal to explore more of London’s landmarks. Fancy something a little different? Look for The Puppet Theatre Barge which is moored at Little Venice, offering a range of live music, theatre and puppet shows. 

The Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew is a UNESCO World Heritage site and makes for a great day out. There is a programme of events to get involved in or you can just enjoy seeing the beautiful gardens at your own pace. 

Richmond Park is another green space to enjoy where you might get a peek of the historic herd of deer. Stretch your legs around the scenic trails while enjoying the views

Explore interesting neighbourhoods

Portobello Market in Notting Hill is one of the most famous street markets in the world offering an ever-changing variety of sellers and stalls to explore. It’s best known as the place to head for interesting antiques, but you are spoilt for choice when it comes to shopping for all sorts of things. Foodies won’t be disappointed either with a delicious array of street food and cuisines on offer. Make sure you linger in the area as Notting Hill is a great neighbourhood to explore, especially to check out the iconic pastel-coloured houses and pick your favourite from the fashionable restaurants on offer. For a real treat head to The Ledbury, a venue that boasts three Michelin stars offering delicious tasting menus you can pair with matching wines.  

Fabulous nights out

Make the most of long summer evenings on the open roof terrace at Darcie & May Green in Paddington, a venue made up of two canal boats that share a combined open air upper deck. 

Viajante87 is an intimate Latin America inspired cocktail bar in Notting Hill Gate with delightful drinks list you’ll enjoy sampling. Trailer Happiness offers great rum and cocktails with a Tiki twist on Portobello Road. If you prefer a cosy pub atmosphere then head to the Harwood Arms in Fulham, an upmarket gastropub offering a game-focused menu and produce from its rooftop vegetable garden. 

Enjoy the arts

West London is packed with must-see museums and galleries which make it easy to spend a few hours strolling around enjoying each other’s company. The Natural History Museum and Science Museum are world famous, but don’t overlook interesting options such as the Museum of Brands in Notting Hill and the Design Museum.   

Outside of theatre district, find incredible shows over at the Lyric in Hammersmith with a packed schedule of live performances available. The Canal Café Theatre is a renowned comedy, cabaret and theatre venue which has hosted many household names. Find it housed above the Bridge House Pub in Little Venice where you can grab pre-show drinks and food. 

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