Date ideas in Surrey

You are spoilt for choice when it comes to great date ideas in Surrey. The county itself has so much to offer, and London is on the doorstep if you fancy taking the short trip into the capital. Don’t overlook the gems closer to home though as there’s a great choice of date venues to try that will impress a potential love interest. If you are a more established couple, there are plenty of advantages to mixing up your date nights and exploring the extensive attractions that are on your doorstep. We’ve asked our Surrey matchmaker Sam Rowland-Jones to share her favourites – find her top tips below. 

Have an impressive day out 

There are lots of impressive places in Surrey which give you plenty of time to get to know each other better as you stroll and take in the natural beauty of your surroundings. Visit RHS Garden Wisley, which is the flagship garden of the Royal Horticultural Society spread over 240 acres. Conveniently situated near Woking and Guildford, you can both enjoy a vast range of different gardens and no matter what the time of year, you’ll find lots of must-see highlights that reflect the beauty of the season

Polesden Lacey is a 1,600-acre National Trust estate which offers stunning views over the Surrey hills as well as ample ancient woodlands and elegant gardens to explore. If you are in a festive mood there’s plenty going on in December, including beautiful Christmas decorations in the house, wreath making workshops and hot toddies to warm you up after a bracing walk in the grounds. It’s also worth checking out Painshill, a beautiful 18th century landscape garden. Many parts of this picturesque landscape may feel very familiar as the location has appeared on screen plenty of times, including in Netflix’s Bridgerton and ITV’s Vanity Fair

Share delicious dining experiences 

If you fancy getting to know somebody better over dinner and drinks, there are plenty options for a night to remember. The Onslow Arms in West Clandon offers delicious food in a smart community pub setting, with a packed cocktail list and an alfresco winter wonderland dining option. The Ivy Cobham Garden offers sophisticated all-day dining so you meet over a cosy brunch, cream tea, or a delicious evening meal. The Ivy Asia in Guildford offers Asian-inspired cuisine in beautiful surroundings featuring curated artwork and an illuminated floor crafted from green semi-precious stone

Amazing events 

Soak up the excitement of the races at Sandown Park Racecourse, dressing up for the occasion if you wish! Impress a date by booking the VIP experience, securing a private table for the day, a Champagne reception and fine dining options. Hampton Court Palace is always worth a visit and there are plenty of events scheduled for various times of the year. Enjoy magnificent views of the Tudor palace as you take to the ice together on the stunning outdoor rink, which is available throughout the festive period. There’s also a fantastic food festival in the summer, allowing you both to sample delicious street food and shop for tasty treats to take home. If live music is more your thing, then head to the Hampton Court Palace festival which offers a great line-up of different artists. 

Enjoy a romantic night away

Share your first mini-break close to home by indulging in one of Surrey’s fabulous luxury hotels. Don’t miss Beaverbrook, a country house estate situated in the heart of the Surrey hills. There’s a gorgeous spa, complete with stained-glass ceilings, where you can relax with a treatment or simply take sedate laps of the pool together. Then take a stroll through the gardens to The Garden House Restaurant for a romantic meal or chose from one of the many other dining options. You could also try Pennyhill Park, which boasts a Michelin-starred restaurant and a choice of room features including free-standing baths, a personal hot tub or a private terrace. The spa is an impressive 45,000 square feet offering a range of experiences, from cabanas with large outdoor copper baths and a hydrotherapy pool, to open air hot tubs and delightful foot spas. 

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What are the consequences of dating multiple people?

Do you ever get the feeling the person you are chatting to on a dating app is busy juggling multiple conversations with other people? You may find they drag their feet replying to your messages and come across as extremely busy when you suggest meeting up. In the dating world it’s certainly not unusual to encounter somebody who is dating multiple people at once. Some singletons prefer not to keep their eggs all in one basket, especially in the early days of dating where they are investing time in getting to know several people simultaneously. However, dating more than one person at a time can get messy, especially when feelings develop. 

It’s common for single people to be chat to more than one person via dating apps, especially when they don’t mind juggling several conversations at once. For many it makes sense to get to know more than one person, as it takes a lot of time to move from the initial chats to meeting in person. If you realise you are not compatible after a couple of dates, you’ve got to start all over again searching for somebody new. When you meet online you’ve got no idea what the outcome is going to be, so for some it makes sense to be connecting with several people to widen the pool of people that might be right for you. It’s known as roster dating, a strategy where you casually see more than one romantic interest at a time, and people eventually melt away as you invest more time into solidifying a connection with the person you are most interested in. 

As well as finding out who you share a spark with, meeting a range of people helps you understand your own needs and figure out what you want out of a relationship. With each date you get a better knowledge of the sorts of person you gel with and what you don’t like. It can be a lot of fun to meet new people and keep things casual without having to consider everything that comes with a committed relationship. 

Of course, there are drawbacks to this sort of dating. It can take a lot of time and energy to commit to multiple chats and dates, which could lead to dating burnout if you’re not careful. It can be difficult enough to make time for dating one person, let alone several. It can be very embarrassing to forget things dates have told you, or get details about their lives wrong, purely because you’re juggling meetups with too many people at once. When you are burnt out by the whole process of dating, then you can easily become overwhelmed and dating anybody just seems like a chore. 

Dating somebody who is seeing multiple people 

You may be keen on only pursuing one love interest at a time, so where does that leave you if the person you are dating is seeing multiple people? Problems can develop when you get more attached, and it you may start to feel jealous and resent the fact they’re still dating. Their casual approach may suggest they aren’t looking for a relationship so you can end up getting hurt if you are hoping they will become exclusive in the end. You may have not even been on the same page about what’s going on, as the person you’re seeing might expect you are also dating multiple people. It may take time until it emerges that they are dating other people, and you may be upset when you realise you are not the only person they’ve been seeing. 

It’s worth being honest about your feelings about wanting to be exclusive and then see what their reaction is. If they say they don’t want to commit and prefer to be dating non-exclusively, then you need to decide if this is an arrangement you can tolerate being involved in. if the answer is no, then it’s time to walk away. 

In those early days of dating, it’s important to manage your expectations and not get too carried away until things have had a chance to develop. As much as you might be tempted to, asking somebody if they would consider being exclusive after only a couple of dates might risk scaring them off. There’s always a risk that if you decide to date non-exclusively, people you are meeting might want to cut ties as they prefer to have your undivided attention. 

When it comes to dating, you need to decide what works for you. Trust your gut feeling and if you prefer to date exclusively, then avoid getting involved with anybody who isn’t in the same place as you. Consider working with a matchmaker if you’d like a helping hand on your dating journey, because teaming up with the experts means you can sit back and relax while we find you amazing people to meet. 

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What issues do millionaires face in the dating world?

You would be forgiven for thinking that having the resources of a millionaire would make it easier to find love. However, things can be made even more complicated when there is substantial wealth on one side of a budding relationship. It’s often a worry that a potential love interest is pursuing an affluent person for the wrong reasons because they are only interested in living the millionaire lifestyle. 

Millionaires can also differ in their approach to finding a partner. A recent survey of 15,000 single millionaires found nearly 80% of men tend to seek out women who do not earn as much money as them, being happy to share their wealth and take care of a partner. In contrast, the study found women prefer to date fellow millionaires, preferring a financially stable partner. A financial equal is not always easy to find though, and it may cause issues in the relationship if you are both extremely busy in your respective professions. 

While dating apps are used by many single people who are searching for love, high-net-worth people who are well-known in their industry do value privacy which does not marry well with having an online presence that can be discovered by anybody. Successful people often prefer to be discreet by not having a digital dating profile that could easily be discovered by friends, colleagues, family, and acquaintances. 

On the flipside, some wealthy daters fall into the trap of showing off elements of their lavish lifestyle, whether it’s picking up a date in a flashy Ferrari or bragging about career success. This can stray into what’s known as peacocking, which is essentially showing off and trying to highlight their strong points to impress a date.  

What millionaires are looking for 

Many millionaires agree they want to meet somebody who is independent with their own set of goals. Having their own interests and achievements is a priority, even if their chosen career path doesn’t come with a bank balance to match their date’s. Authenticity is important so millionaires value a potential love interest who is being themselves, rather than trying to be somebody they’re not to impress a date. When dating a millionaire, it’s important to maintain a sense of self-worth and be honest about who you are, not being afraid to big up your own passions and achievements. 

It’s also not unusual to worry that having a large high-net-worth might intimidate a potential partner, so it’s important the affluent individual concentrates on who they are and what they’re like when meeting new people, while keeping the wealth chat for a future date. Conversations about the extent of personal wealth can wait, and in the meantime it’s important to be mindful of red flags that somebody is pushing for a certain lifestyle rather than being offered it. 

We’ve offered our top tips for dating as a high-net-worth individual:

  • Don’t be too busy to date: A high-powered role can leave you with very little spare time but it’s important to make time for dating if your goal is a committed relationship. Clear time in your schedule and make time for those you are interested in learning more about. 
  • Look out for red flags: Trust your gut instinct if you are worried about your date’s motives. Look out for red flags which can include pushing for extravagant gifts and experiences while seemingly overly interested in what you earn. 
  • Seek flexibility: It can be advantage to seek a partner who has a more flexible schedule, whether they are working as a freelancer or have a job which gives them the summer off. This way they are open to being more spontaneous with plans and can work around your demanding schedule. 
  • Finding a genuine match: The goal for many is to find that all-important emotional connection, ideally with somebody who is genuine and trustworthy so you can be sure they’ve entered the relationship for the right reasons. Sharing values and interests is a much better reason to date somebody than just achieving financial compatibility. 

Working with a matchmaker can be the perfect solution for those who are looking for more personalised options in the dating world. Our matchmaking team headhunt on your behalf to find amazing people and screen out matches that are never going to work, which is invaluable if you are worried about the motives of potential love interests. At Ignite Dating we understand that privacy and discretion are of paramount importance to our clients. We photo ID check everyone we work with to ensure they are who they say they are, and we also check their digital footprint. Your dedicated matchmaker works hard to understand who you are looking for, and they will introduce you to amazing people who will match your values, aspirations, and outlook on life. 

Are you looking for somebody special who will truly understand you and share your values, life goals and aspirations? Your dedicated matchmaker is waiting to introduce you to some truly amazing individuals. Get in touch today to find out how we can help you with a safe and enjoyable search for love.


Downplaying success in the dating world

Should career success matter in the dating world? While it would be unfair to consider anybody overqualified for love, successful women do sometimes downplay their achievements and hide their success, by being overly modest about their career highs and achievements when they date. They fear men will be threatened by entering a relationship with somebody who earns more money than they do.

It is sadly the case that some men are threatened or intimidated by a career-driven woman’s success, with studies suggesting that a woman who flies high in her career can make a man feel emasculated or inferior. Due to traditional views on gender roles, a man may feel his place should be as the provider and breadwinner, and the relationship can be marred by resentment and unhealthy competition. Some women will drop their goals or tone down their plans to suit their relationships – or even give up their career altogether.  While this does happen, it certainly doesn’t mean career plans have to be abandoned to succeed in a commited relationship. 

Don’t dull your shine 

A flourishing career is a big part of your life so it’s important to be honest and upfront about professional success in the dating world. It is possible, when writing dating profiles and while in conversation, to downplay the high-income element that comes with a career path if there are fears about attracting the wrong sort of people. 

The busy nature of high-powered roles can mean it is hard to commit time for dating, as a high-pressured job can lead to long hours and constant distractions. However, those first few dates are crucial and it’s important to switch off and really focus on the person you are with to have the best chance of forging a connection. Experts are keen to point out the importance of making your relationship a priority in your life, even when work is all-consuming. 

When somebody is used to being in control it can be hard to let go and while they might have a very specific way of doing things at work, it’s a big shift in mindset to be open-minded when it comes to dating. Some women are afraid of letting people know what they want from a relationship, fearing they will come across as intimidating or demanding. Sometimes their approach to work, which may involve managing people, telling them what to do, or arguing to make a point, can creep into the relationship space and end up alienating a partner, explains the Huffpost. It’s not because they can lead and be in charge, it’s that men are put off by somebody who feels the need to prove it around them. 

Likeminded people often have relationship success 

Relationships are often built on partners having similar backgrounds, values, and attitudes on life. So it’s fairly common for women to search for likeminded partners with a similar educational status – a study of women in their forties in the US showed 51% married a partner with the same degree. Those with common mindsets are often happiest. Having similar intellectual levels can be an advantage in a relationship, reports Cosmopolitan, ensuring you have an equal partnership. 

According to relationship expert Tracey Cox, high achieving woman do like to go for high-achieving men. However, she recommends being less rigid by focusing a search for love on attributes such as kindness, generosity and sense of humour rather than focusing on what somebody is earning. As the Daily Mail reports, she explained in a recent podcast how general chemistry and attractiveness are enough to make people happy

It can even work well in the long run when a partner has a less-pressured job with flexibility that will suit the other person’s demanding schedule. Somebody with a flexible career can be a good match to help juggle that all-important worklife balance. 

High-powered woman can consider working with a matchmaking agency, which offer plenty of benefits for successful people. Ignite Dating, for example, offers clients complete privacy and discretion. Many clients don’t want their profile online for friends, family, and colleagues to see, especially if they are particularly recognisable in their industry. They enjoy the convenience of working with a matchmaker who takes all the hard work out of their search for love, which can be invaluable to those with demanding work schedules. Matchmakers work hard to understand the sort of person a client is hoping to meet and they use their extensive expertise to introduce them to amazing people. 

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Why unrealistic expectations can hold you back in dating

Having been a matchmaker and a coach for more than 30 years, it has pained me to have clients come back to me saying that they realise they let the perfect person slip through the net due to superficial reasons. Often it is because they see people like commodities and discard them without investing the time and energy to really get to know them. The reason they don’t invest further in this person is because they feel that they don’t match their unrealistic and often long list of expectations. Old patterns and fears hold people back from something magical because they get stuck in a trap of thinking they know who they want, and who they don’t want. If they had an open mind and met people based on aligned values, life aspirations, and beliefs, they would have a much better dating experience.  

It may be hard to recognise that you’re falling into the expectations trap, so I’m going to ask you a few questions: 

  • Do you wonder where you went wrong in past relationships, and are you concerned about repeating these mistakes? 
  • Do you feel someone better will always come along and dismiss good people, hoping for someone who ticks all your boxes? 
  • Do your expectations, wants, wishes and desires make you dismiss people quickly? 
  • Do you find yourself finding faults and reasons why you should not date someone or see them again? 
  • Do you go on dates and like the person, but still not give them a chance? 
  • Are you chasing a unicorn, someone who doesn’t exist? Do you try to make even the wrong person work for you? 
  • Do you procrastinate over agreeing to go on dates or seeing somebody again?  

So how many resonated with you and your dating journey?  The more honest you are the better! 

If you are looking for superficial qualities in a partner, such as a specific height, type of job, income bracket, dress size, geographical location, fitness level and so on, then you are caught in a trap that will keep you single or dating the wrong people. You are basing your tick box on a recipe for disaster, not a long-term loving, healthy relationship. The emotional space is key to recognising the right person when you meet them. Start looking for aligned values when it comes to family and work ethics. Are you both wanting a family? Are you invested in your current family and both open to creating a healthy blended family together? Do you both share the same beliefs on raising children, or even have the same wants, wishes and desires for retirement?  Your aligned values and aspirations for the future are the key to creating the right life together. Shared dreams become a joint reality. 

Clients who work with me get to unravel the expectations trap that keeps them single as well as building confidence to date authentically. I help clients identify the patterns, fears and unhealthy beliefs that are keeping them single and work with them to unlock these. Firstly, we fact-find and discover what is holding them back, then we start implementing the tools to create new healthier ways to date, and finally when clients are dating, we ensure the tools are embedded for long-term success. I have had so many successful happy clients who are all in relationships that they would never have had the confidence to recognise as the right person for them.  This is the best part of my job, watching clients reach those “a-ha” moments and finding the right love that goes above and beyond any tick box! 

At Ignite Dating, your dedicated matchmaker is with you every step of the way, working closely with you to understand the characteristics and values that are important to you. Our experienced matchmaking team brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to make your dating journey as streamlined and enjoyable as possible. Get in touch today to find out how we can help you! 


How to escape the phone zone

Thanks to the prevalence of online dating, it’s common to establish rapport with a love interest by chatting via text. Messaging back and forward can be a helpful tool to sound out what the other person is like. However, this can sometimes evolve into something single people need to be wary of – getting stuck in the phone zone. 

This stage is where you exchange a flurry of messages without making a move to meet in person. It’s a fairly common phenomenon, with more than half of daters having found themselves in the phone zone in the past three months. 

A purely on-screen relationship develops, leaving you confused about how to move things to into a face-to-face date. You may find you are enjoying the arrangement for now, loving the thrill of receiving yet another message and enjoyed textual chemistry without having to attach labels to the romance. The common pitfall can be that you develop an attraction and attachment over text, but are left disappointed when you meet, if the chemistry isn’t there in real life. Having great chemistry via text message does not necessarily mean you are bound to hit it off in real life. Unfortunately, sometimes conversations eventually fizzle to nothing despite all the energy you’ve invested in chatting back and forward. It can also be a drawback to feel like you know everything about a person before you meet, as it leaves little to be discovered on the first date. 

If you are fed up with being in a seemingly never-ending phone-based talking phase, and realise things won’t progress without human connection, it’s time to initiate a conversation about meeting up in person. If it turns out you are not on the same page about where you want to take things, then you can move on. It can be a red flag to encounter somebody who is reluctant to take things further as it could be a sign they are avoiding commitment, aren’t who they say they are or are unwilling to emotionally invest in anything more. Don’t get stuck in the situation where you are constantly giving them the benefit of the doubt – if you’ve encountered a string of excuses about how busy they are or been rebuffed in your attempts to schedule a low-stakes first date, then it’s time to move on. People will always make time for those they want to make time for.  

Many daters find a middle ground in suggesting virtual and video dates, which give you a better opportunity to see whether you hit it off though the screen before committing to an in-person date. This has become a good antidote to the cost of living, taking the pressure off committing to an expensive night of dinner and drinks with somebody you’ll end up not sharing a connection with. 

It can feel nerve-wracking to make the first move, but the other person may be just as daunted as you are about initiating a date. You could check their availability and see how they react or design an invite around something you’ve already been discussing, such as an activity you both enjoy. If the reaction isn’t what you were hoping for, don’t let it get you down – there’s plenty more people out there to chat to and hopefully connect with in person.  

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Does dating casually work for you?

There are plenty of different reasons why people choose to date. There are some who would love to meet their partner for life, while others are trying to work out what they want after a breakup. For others, they’d just like to meet people without any strings attached. This is called casual dating, which is loosely defined as dating multiple people or having a casual fling without the feelings that come with a committed relationship. It’s dating without commitment and often non-exclusive. Dating casually can be a step between hook-ups and more serious relationships, helping forge an intimate connection with somebody before heading into something more committed. It can be a way to have some fun and a great opportunity to meet new people, but there are a few things to bear in mind to make this arrangement work for you. 

How to date casually

While it may seem simple to meet new people and keep things casual, there are actually a few important considerations to ensure you are both on the same page about what’s going on. We’ve shared our key advice below. 

Be upfront about what you are looking for: It can get messy if you are both looking for different things. If one person is hoping the arrangement turns into a full relationship, and the other is only looking for a bit of fun, then it can easily lead to hurt feelings. Although the idea is dating without pressure, it’s still important to establish boundaries to protect feelings. They can range from emotional and relational to sexual boundaries, and you must both be happy you have similar expectations. There’s no tried-and-tested routine for casual dating, it’s just what feels right for you both. However, it is worth being aware that if you see each other regularly, meet each other’s friends, and leave personal items at each other’s houses, then you might be crossing into relationship territory and feelings may develop, which can be painful if they are one-sided. Be clear from the very beginning about what you want from the arrangement. 

It can be OK to date other people:  Part of dating casually is figuring out what you want from a future relationship and dating this way can provide that opportunity. Seeing multiple people can help you decide what is important to you. You’ll learn a lot about the dating experience and the red flags to be on the lookout for. It’s still important to be open that you are seeing other people so the people you are dating know the score. Jealousy can crop up if you see the person you are dating casually with other people, but if you’ve agreed to be non-exclusive there isn’t really the option to say anything about it. 

Enjoy the freedom it brings: Many people enjoy dating casually because it allows them to spend more time with the other people in their life and be spontaneous with plans. Being in a committed relationship means you must consider the other person’s feelings and plans when you make your own solo arrangements, but when you are dating causally you can be a lot more spontaneous. 

Be respectful: Keeping things casual doesn’t mean you can disregard somebody’s feelings. If you think things have run their course, then let them know you are no longer interested. It’s not fair to ghost somebody, as it can cause a lot of hurt and confusion and leave somebody wondering what they did wrong. It’s also not fair to cancel at the last minute if a better offer comes along. Be polite and stick with your plans or reschedule if there is enough notice. It’s still important to be kind and respectful and being casual does not change that. 

Be mindful that feelings can develop: Sometimes dating casually is a stage that can turn into something more serious. If you find you are falling for somebody it’s time to be honest to see if their feelings are the same. It can be incredibly painful hanging on to a connection where you aren’t upfront about how you feel, and you know they only want to keep things casual, and their interest never deepens. 

One of the most important things is checking in with yourself, making sure you are still happy to date this way and you’re still having fun. If it’s all becoming a bit much then take time for yourself, concentrating on self-care and making time for things you really enjoy. Only return to your dating journey when you are truly ready, and you can concentrate on getting whatever you are looking for out of dating. 

If you are hoping to meet that person you just can’t wait to spend time with, give our expert matchmaking team a call today. We can work with you to really understand what you are looking for, helping you effortlessly meet the person of your dreams.


The best date ideas in Bath

Bath is a wonderfully romantic ancient spa city which is delightful to explore, boasting gorgeous honey-coloured architecture and natural thermal springs. The vibrant city boasts plenty of fun attractions and romantic dining spots to help you create a memorable first date. It’s also the perfect getaway for more established couples looking to spend quality time together with a relaxing mini break. Bridgerton fans can enjoy touring the various familiar filming locations dotted across the city. Whether you prefer serene activities, getting active, or trying something a bit different, we’ve rounded up the best date ideas to enjoy in the Bath area. 

Enjoy the thermal waters

Thermae Bath Spa offers a wonderfully tranquil experience right in the centre of the city. Fed by the natural thermal waters, the spa offers a range of packages including two-hour spa sessions which include access to the open-air rooftop pool with spectacular views across the skyline of Bath. The Roman Baths are also well worth a visit, even if you can’t get in the water itself! Check out thousands of archaeological finds from pre-Roman and Roman Britain and treat yourselves to an afternoon tea in the iconic pump room. Visiting soon? Add a romantic flourish to your visit by seeing the Great Bath torchlit during special summer late openings

Get out on the water 

Taking to the water on the River Avon offers another beautiful perspective on the city. What you choose to do is really up to you and your appetite for getting active – you can kayak, paddleboard, rent wooden boats or even a traditional punt. Grab a rental from Bath Boating Station, where you can picnic on their pretty lawn after you’ve worked up an appetite on the river.  

Luxury cinema 

In a more sedate mood? Then a romantic night at the Tivoli is for you. The cinema offers luxurious extra-wide sofas to snuggle up on, with small tables and a lantern so you can enjoy delicious drinks and food with your movie. 

Take a tour

If you are new to the area, or just want to experience a different side to the city, there are a range of walking tours to participate in. Try a range of food and drink tours of Bath, from the guilty pleasures culinary artisan tour to grazing local market stalls, you are sure to find something that suits. Or stick close to your date during a spooky ghost tour complete with grisly storytelling and audience participation, which is a great way to explore the city at night. 

You can also enjoy your own self-guided treasure hunt throughout the city, following a trail of clues and discovering how you work together as a team! There are even pub stops along the way to give you a rest and a chance to experience local historic taverns. If you’d rather relax and chat as you take in the beautiful sights, then join the City Sightseeing hop on, hop off bus routes.  

A date with a difference

Enjoy a romantic hot air balloon ride with spectacular views over the Somerset countryside and a bird’s eye view of the city. The flights depart from Royal Victoria Park and private tours are available for the ultimate romantic experience together. 

Enjoy fantastic food and drink

There are lots of lovely independent venues to enjoy some truly fantastic date nights together. Green Park Brasserie offers live music four nights of the week and a range of different dining experiences, including bottomless brunch, tasty Sunday lunches and delicious steaks. Sally Lunn’s is a historic restaurant offering famous Bath ‘bunns’ in one of the oldest houses in Bath. Wine lovers will be right at home at Corkage, an independent wine merchants offering tasty locally sourced food. Bath Brew House is the place to head if beer is more your tipple, a great venue complete with its own brewery. Circo Cellar Bar offers delicious drinks nestled away in a Georgian cellar with stylish décor.

Are you keen to hear more about the matchmaking process and how Ignite Dating can help you with your dating journey? Just give our expert team a call today and we’ll happily detail more about how our multiple award-winning service works!


How to set social media boundaries in a relationship

How much does your phone dominate your spare time? A typical evening at home in front of the TV can often be punctuated with a stream of interruptions from your mobile phone as messages, notifications and calls pour in. It is common to see diners at restaurants with their devices perched close to their plates so they can keep an eagle eye out for the next incoming message. What you don’t always see is how irate their dining companion is because the person they are eating with more interested in the alerts flashing up on their screen. Our phones are usually the first thing we reach for in the morning and the last thing we look at night.

How much time a partner spends on their phone and on social media platforms can be a big source of tension in a relationship. In a 2014 survey, 45% of internet users aged 18-29 said the internet has had an impact on their relationships. Many people are guilty of ‘phubbing’, a term used to describe snubbing somebody you are with to look at your phone. It’s been hailed as behaviour that can severely disrupt your present moment, in-person relationships.  

However, with some simple boundaries in place it can be much easier to navigate blending your online life with your personal life. We’ve highlighted the common issues that can occur and the steps you can take to address them.

Exes on social media

A new relationship can be impacted when one person discovers the other is still friends with their ex on Facebook or Instagram. Liking and interacting with an ex’s posts can also add friction to the relationship and fuel jealousy and insecurity. The new partner may feel like you are deliberately keeping an eye on what your ex is up to. It can be worth considering unfollowing an ex that is not part of your life anymore, or thinking carefully about why you are posting on their timeline and what your new partner would make of the behaviour.

Respect your partner’s privacy

It’s often the case that one person is more private than another in a relationship, which can leave them feeling uncomfortable about the amount their partner is sharing about them both online. They might not want updates about their relationship status shared with the world, or countless photos of them appearing without their prior consent. It’s best to discuss posting anything related to the relationship beforehand, making sure the other person is comfortable with it being shared with the world. Make sure you are on the same page about the sorts of things you post so one of you isn’t left embarrassed by an overshare they didn’t want to appear online. Airing your dirty laundry via status updates is a big no-no as well.

Create device-free time

It’s important to dedicate time when it’s just the two of you, with no phones or other devices allowed. Whether it’s a mealtime, date night or just agreeing to put your phones on do not disturb while you watch a movie together, it helps make sure you are both really in the moment. In general, it pays to be mindful how often you use your phone when you are with your partner and consider catching up with messages when they are busy, or when they are also on their phone. The same applies if you are dating – there’s nothing more annoying than a date who keeps checking their phone every two minutes during dinner.

Bad behaviour online

Micro-cheating is a problematic behaviour that often plays out via social media. It’s doing that your partner wouldn’t approve of, such as not revealing your relationship status to somebody you are chatting to or having personal interactions with somebody else that they hide from a partner. It’s embarking on behaviour that you wouldn’t tell a partner about, or actively concealing online activity from them. Having clear boundaries about what you think is acceptable on social media and clear communication can help address any issues that arise.

There are plenty of positives to social media and phone communication, not least they are a good way to stay connected no matter how busy everyday life gets. They are a great way to stay in touch when navigating a long-distance relationship and social media platforms provide a sweet way of collating memories of your time together. Just ensure you get the balance right to avoid any negative consequences for budding relationships and to avoid conflict with a long-term partner.

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Why you shouldn’t snoop through a partner’s phone

Have you ever been tempted to snoop through a partner’s messages? Devices hold a wealth of ways of communicating and just a hit of a button gives you access to the likes of emails, social media profiles, text messages and messenger apps. If you wouldn’t even dream of having a peek at your significant other’s private interactions, you may be surprised to learn that a whopping 60% of people surveyed recently admitted to looking at their partner’s private text messages and photos. That’s despite another survey which suggests 70% of those asked believe it is rarely or never acceptable for somebody to look through a partner’s phone without their knowledge.

So why do people sneak a peek at what their partner or new love interest has been discussing in their private messages? Sometimes it is down to a lack of trust, due to the way they are behaving or something they’ve done which has aroused suspicions. For others, there might not be a particular reason they are looking into what their partner has been discussing, but the temptation to snoop is still hard to ignore. It may be because they were cheated on in a previous relationship and they can’t shake the feeling that history might repeat itself. Insecurity can end up leading to a desire to look for something that proves a love interest is up to no good, as deep down you expect it. Messages often ping up on a preview mode on screen which makes it even easier to have a quick peek at what somebody has been sent.

Why it’s problematic

Sneaking a look into somebody’s phone or device is invading their privacy when it’s against their knowledge. Even if they share their password to let you make a call or pay for something you’ve ordered for you both, it’s not an invitation to start opening their recent chats and emails. It crosses boundaries and indicates a lack of trust, while demonstrating insecurity about the relationship that has turned into fears your partner isn’t trustworthy. Snooping can lead to self-sabotaging the relationship if you read too much into something that may be completely innocuous. It can be very embarrassing to be caught in the act of snooping, or revealing what you’ve been up when you eventually confront your partner. Reading messages may not even give you the answers you want, as a cheating partner may have gone to great lengths to delete messages or have a separate phone or email account.

On the flipside though, sharing passwords with a new partner or significant other does show trust, demonstrating you are happy to give them access to your devices knowing they won’t abuse it.

What you should do instead

Wanting to spy on your partner is a big clue that something isn’t quite right in the relationship. This is when communication is key to address what’s really going on. The sensible thing to do is to ask them directly if there is something you want to know rather than risking breaking their trust by reading their messages. Even if it’s something really serious, like infidelity, it’s best to get the facts from them directly. Open and honest communication can help tackle any doubts, worries and issues you’ve been experiencing and nips that urge to snoop in the bud.

If you find it hard to fight the urge, it’s worth asking yourself questions about where your insecurity is coming from. If it’s down to your own worries, fears, and issues from past relationships, it’s worth taking the time to address them, perhaps putting in some work yourself or with a professional. It’s important to realise there is nothing wrong with having independence in a relationship and it’s a sign of a healthy relationship if you don’t mind your partner having their own connection with friends, family, and co-workers. There’s nothing wrong with having some privacy in your own life as well as enjoying a happy and healthy relationship with your significant other.

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