What issues do millionaires face in the dating world?

You would be forgiven for thinking that having the resources of a millionaire would make it easier to find love. However, things can be made even more complicated when there is substantial wealth on one side of a budding relationship. It’s often a worry that a potential love interest is pursuing an affluent person for the wrong reasons because they are only interested in living the millionaire lifestyle. 

Millionaires can also differ in their approach to finding a partner. A recent survey of 15,000 single millionaires found nearly 80% of men tend to seek out women who do not earn as much money as them, being happy to share their wealth and take care of a partner. In contrast, the study found women prefer to date fellow millionaires, preferring a financially stable partner. A financial equal is not always easy to find though, and it may cause issues in the relationship if you are both extremely busy in your respective professions. 

While dating apps are used by many single people who are searching for love, high-net-worth people who are well-known in their industry do value privacy which does not marry well with having an online presence that can be discovered by anybody. Successful people often prefer to be discreet by not having a digital dating profile that could easily be discovered by friends, colleagues, family, and acquaintances. 

On the flipside, some wealthy daters fall into the trap of showing off elements of their lavish lifestyle, whether it’s picking up a date in a flashy Ferrari or bragging about career success. This can stray into what’s known as peacocking, which is essentially showing off and trying to highlight their strong points to impress a date.  

What millionaires are looking for 

Many millionaires agree they want to meet somebody who is independent with their own set of goals. Having their own interests and achievements is a priority, even if their chosen career path doesn’t come with a bank balance to match their date’s. Authenticity is important so millionaires value a potential love interest who is being themselves, rather than trying to be somebody they’re not to impress a date. When dating a millionaire, it’s important to maintain a sense of self-worth and be honest about who you are, not being afraid to big up your own passions and achievements. 

It’s also not unusual to worry that having a large high-net-worth might intimidate a potential partner, so it’s important the affluent individual concentrates on who they are and what they’re like when meeting new people, while keeping the wealth chat for a future date. Conversations about the extent of personal wealth can wait, and in the meantime it’s important to be mindful of red flags that somebody is pushing for a certain lifestyle rather than being offered it. 

We’ve offered our top tips for dating as a high-net-worth individual:

  • Don’t be too busy to date: A high-powered role can leave you with very little spare time but it’s important to make time for dating if your goal is a committed relationship. Clear time in your schedule and make time for those you are interested in learning more about. 
  • Look out for red flags: Trust your gut instinct if you are worried about your date’s motives. Look out for red flags which can include pushing for extravagant gifts and experiences while seemingly overly interested in what you earn. 
  • Seek flexibility: It can be advantage to seek a partner who has a more flexible schedule, whether they are working as a freelancer or have a job which gives them the summer off. This way they are open to being more spontaneous with plans and can work around your demanding schedule. 
  • Finding a genuine match: The goal for many is to find that all-important emotional connection, ideally with somebody who is genuine and trustworthy so you can be sure they’ve entered the relationship for the right reasons. Sharing values and interests is a much better reason to date somebody than just achieving financial compatibility. 

Working with a matchmaker can be the perfect solution for those who are looking for more personalised options in the dating world. Our matchmaking team headhunt on your behalf to find amazing people and screen out matches that are never going to work, which is invaluable if you are worried about the motives of potential love interests. At Ignite Dating we understand that privacy and discretion are of paramount importance to our clients. We photo ID check everyone we work with to ensure they are who they say they are, and we also check their digital footprint. Your dedicated matchmaker works hard to understand who you are looking for, and they will introduce you to amazing people who will match your values, aspirations, and outlook on life. 

Are you looking for somebody special who will truly understand you and share your values, life goals and aspirations? Your dedicated matchmaker is waiting to introduce you to some truly amazing individuals. Get in touch today to find out how we can help you with a safe and enjoyable search for love.

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