Why is vaccination becoming the new dating deal-breaker

There was a time when being tall, dark and handsome was enough to tick all the right boxes – but now it appears that your willingness to have the COVID-19 vaccination can also impact the number of dates you get and why vaccination in dating is now important.

Depending on where you stand on the issue, this might seem baffling and maybe even unfair. But the reality is, in a post-pandemic world, the vaccine could be the new deal-breaker when it comes to finding the perfect partner.

How do we know this?

Data from a number of dating apps has recently revealed a surge in users sharing their vaccine status in the hope of securing a date. In fact, Tinder has seen a 238% increase in profiles mentioning vaccines or using the syringe emoji to signify that they have been vaccinated.

Not only this, but users who report that they have already had the vaccine are being ‘liked’ twice as much as those who haven’t. A trend that is finding its way through other dating avenues too.

And so, it would appear that a stable job, good sense of humour and common interests are no longer enough to seal the deal.

But is it really that surprising?

After three lockdowns, months away from our loved ones, working from home and the inability to shop, socialise, date or even workout whenever we want, it’s understandable that people are keen to get back to normality.

And if the vaccine is the way to do this, then it’s easy to see why so many are keen to have theirs done.

Plus, lots of us have vulnerable relatives at home or are vulnerable ourselves, so it makes sense to protect our health and our loved ones in any way we can. After all, some will be caring for their parents, children or they might look after others as part of their job. For some people, not getting the vaccine is simply not an option.

A huge part of finding that perfect partner is finding someone who shares the same interests, beliefs and values as you. And with some people out there believing that the pandemic was a hoax, it stands to reason that those who took it seriously might not consider these people the best match for them!

Should you add your vaccine status to your dating profile?

You might have mixed feelings about the vaccine if you haven’t already had it, but after the last year it’s easy to understand why so many of us are more concerned about our health and well-being.

Either way, whether you’ve had the vaccine or you intend to have it when you can, it’s likely that this is a question you’ll get asked a lot as you continue on your dating journey.

Gone are the days of establishing someone’s name, occupation and hobbies at that first meeting. Nowadays, you can expect one of the first questions you are asked when meeting someone new to be “have you been vaccinated?’”, followed shortly by “will you be having the vaccine?” if you haven’t already.

While not everyone will be happy with this new trend, it is the reality of the post-pandemic dating world. Rather than fight it, it’s best to be prepared for the questions that are sure to come, regardless of where you stand on getting vaccinated as vaccination in dating is important.

As the world begins to return to some sort of normal, you might feel like the time has come to get back out there and start looking for love again. The team at Ignite Dating can help you on your dating journey and can support you in finding the perfect match. So, get in touch with our friendly team today to get started..

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