The problem with getting hung up on looks in the dating world

Have you heard the phrase “punching above your weight” thrown around in the dating world?

Even when we don’t mean to, it’s natural to make assessments of how attractive somebody is. This can by extension lead to judgements about how physically attractive their partner is in comparison, perhaps drawing the conclusion that their partner is somewhat out of their league. This is where the term “punching above their weight” comes in, suggesting somebody has secured a partner who is much better looking than them.

The problem with the phrase is it can be very painful to face judgements on how your looks compare to the appearance of your partner. It can be extremely hurtful to be on the receiving end of judgemental looks and double takes that suggest your partner could do much better than you. Sometimes even friends and family are guilty of candidly commenting on what they think of your choice of romantic interest. It’s a common theme of movies and sitcoms to come across a storyline where an average chap secures a knockout woman.

Some cite a self-esteem boost by dating somebody they view as much better looking than them. A recent study found that one in 10 people surveyed wanted a relationship with somebody more attractive than them, with two thirds of them saying it would boost their self-esteem, and a quarter saying they would enjoy making others jealous.

But for other people, insecurities can creep in which stop them from approaching good looking people in the first place as they fear rejection. They may worry the other person will not be interested in getting to know them better, because they don’t view themselves as in their league.

If you feel there is a mismatch in attractiveness in your relationship, you may be upset if your partner gets a lot of attention when you are out and about, especially if you are feeling insecure about your own looks. Believing there is a mismatch in your relationship can fuel jealousy and insecurity and end up putting a strain on both of you. The person who perceives themselves as less attractive may worry they aren’t “good enough” for their partner. However, in many cases relationships where one person is perceived as better looking can be perfectly happy and successful if both sides feel content and secure in the pairing. Love may have blossomed as a result of being friends for a long time, where an attraction has developed slowly. In these cases, it often is less important if you match up in the looks department as you’ve had time to fall for the person based on who they are, rather than initial judgements about how they look. A close bond and really getting to know somebody can help you to recognise if that all-important spark is there.

It is important to realise that there is a lot more to a happy relationship than physical attraction, and beauty is in the eye of the beholder. In the dating world it’s worth not overfocusing on looks as it can lead to neglecting other important traits which can lead to more satisfying relationships, including those all-important shared values, similar outlooks on life and characteristics you view as important. Basing your search for love on looks is ultimately a flimsy basis for a relationship. You don’t always get what you think you want but your perfect partner may be the person you least expected to fall for. There is nothing better than true compatibility and being able to build strong foundations that can withstand everything life has to throw at you.

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How to stay positive when you’re dating

There’s no doubt that dating can be a frustrating experience. Putting in loads of energy and effort into meeting potential love interests and getting nowhere can end up hitting your self-esteem. It can start to really get you down if a string of dates is not yielding results, damaging your confidence, and leading to burnout from the whole process.

However, if any of this sounds familiar then there are plenty of steps you can take to help you stay positive on your dating journey. Just making small adjustments to how you approach your dating life can help you enjoy the whole process again without fears about what the outcome will be, or what the future holds. Unfortunately, disappointments do happen in dating but it’s important not to let them drag you down.  

We’ve outlined some simple steps that can help you approach dating in a much more positive way which’ll help you feel empowered and motivated about every single meet-up!

Concentrate on the parts of dating you can control

The tricky part of searching for a partner is you just don’t know where your efforts are going to lead you. While it’s fair enough to hope that somebody is going to be the one for you, you have no idea in reality when you’re going to find that perfect person. While this can be daunting, it really pays to concentrate on what you can control to help you stay positive in your search for love. Small steps like thinking about what you are grateful for in life, can be a powerful reminder of what you already have. This helps build confidence and positive energy which will shine through when you do meet new people. Get involved in planning the date, pick places you’d like to try and don’t be afraid to call time on a date if it isn’t working for you. Don’t suffer through an excruciating night of stilted small talk just to be polite.

Recognise dating fatigue

Getting bogged down with everything involved in dating can soon sap all the fun out of it. It’s easy to go down the path of spreading yourself thinly across dating apps, talking to multiple people at once, and filling your precious spare time with lots of dates. It can be self-defeating to get hung up on going on lots of meet-ups in the blind hope one person is meant to be, as it can leave you exhausted and not being your best self when you do meet up. If your life revolves around dating, it’s hard to find joy in other parts of your life, as you get so obsessed with finding somebody that is seems like the only thing that’ll make you happy. If you are no longer looking forward to dates or feeling exhausted with constant chatting on apps, take a proper break from dating. Enjoy getting stuck into activities you really enjoy and spend time with the important people in your life. Only pick up dating again when you feel truly ready, and you’ll be in a much better frame of mind.    

Remember to have fun

It’s important to remember that dating is meant to be fun, not stressful, so try and approach it that way. Try and take it lightly, being authentic rather than striving to be something you’re not. Rather than worrying about the outcome, just enjoy the experience of a night out getting to know somebody new. At the same time, it is important to enjoy all elements of your life, as dating is just one part of it. There’s plenty of fulfilment in concentrating on good times with friends, family and focusing on getting ahead in your career. It’ll feed into your dating life if you are happy and motivated in other parts of your life, helping you feel more fulfilled overall.

Be selective about who you meet

While it’s important not to drown yourself in back and forward texts, it’s worth dedicating a bit of time to asking the right questions before you meet up in person. It can be worth asking what their intentions are when it comes to dating seriously to ensure you are on the same page. Be wary of any red flags that scream they aren’t going to be a great person to date. Getting to know somebody a bit more before you commit to meeting can save you going on dates that were never going to go anywhere, which can leave you feeling frustrated and demoralised.

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How to nail your pre-date preparation

Feeling confident into the ever-changing dating landscape isn’t always easy when your dreaded insecurities come creeping in. Even if you are usually an outgoing person, a long break from dating can impact how you feel about putting yourself out there again. Lacking in self-confidence can end up putting you off the idea of dating altogether.

It’s also a very familiar feeling to experience pre-date jitters at the thought of spending a whole evening with somebody who is essentially still a stranger. The good news is that although you can’t predict how the night will go, you can control the steps you take you build your confidence before you meet. This is where it really pays to have a pre-date ritual which you know will calm you and help you feel ready for a night out with somebody who could potentially be the right person for you.

The phrase pre-date ritual is used a lot but what it means is down to the individual to decide what helps them prepare for a big date. Here at Lucie, we offer access to a range of at-home specialists who are on-hand to help our clients get date ready.

We also know it really pays to take time out of your busy schedule to dedicate the time to self-care, and date preparation can start long before you are hours away from meeting. Getting date ready for many is not just about grabbing an extra half an hour to fine-tune your outfit choices.

With the turning of the new year just behind us, we’ve highlighted a few ways to ensure your pre-date preparation really helps you ooze positive energy and feel on top of the world!

Think about your wellbeing regime

It’s so vital to feel good on the inside as well as focusing on your appearance and outfit choices. Due to our busy lifestyles, our health often gets neglected, and our priorities end up falling to the way we look. However, your glow starts on the inside and keeping on top of your health goals is key to looking and feeling your best.

Small changes to your wellness routine can have a big impact. You might feel ready for a detox as spring finally approaches or you may want to try building some chilled meditation into your daily routine. Finding time to exercise also poses huge long-term benefits for your mind and body in terms of mood enhancement and weight loss. Whether you prefer a chilled yoga session, or you’ve set yourself a goal of completing a half marathon, exercise is a great way to take time out, improve your health and reduce your stress levels.

Work on your beauty goals if you want to

It’s not unusual to have hang-ups about different parts of your body. It might be your skin that makes you feel insecure, or the dark circles around your eyes that sap your confidence. There are plenty of different specialists available to help you target the areas you want to improve, but make sure you are doing it for the right reasons. Do it because you want to work on your beauty goals, not because you are worried somebody won’t be interested in you if you don’t look what, in your mind, is 100% perfect.

Soothe your nerves

If you can already feel the anxiety building at the thought of dating, you need to find a way to calm your nerves. If you’re overly worried about what someone else thinks of you, you will not be feeling yourself, let alone enjoying the date. As they say, confidence is sexy. Whether it’s going for a walk, getting a relaxing massage, talking to your therapist, or doing simple breathing exercises, there are many ways to suppress those nerves and empower yourself to feel ready and raring to go out!

About Lucie

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Discover the best date ideas in Cambridge

There’s something for everyone when it comes to entertainment in Cambridge with plenty of great date ideas to be enjoyed there. The city is brimming with history, beautiful buildings, and has a romance of its own, making it the perfect place to enjoy a date, whether it’s your first or your fiftieth!

Cambridge is nestled in a convenient location for a day trip from many major hubs and cities and just a short journey from London on the train. If you are lucky enough to live close by, there are many good reasons to make the most of the ample attractions and hospitality venues on offer for your next date night. If you are in a relationship, it makes a wonderful place for a special mini break, giving you ample time to really experience everything the city has to offer.

We’ve outlined the most romantic date ideas to give you plenty of inspiration for exploring Cambridge’s cobbled streets and soaking up its extensive history.


If the weather is agreeable, no visit to Cambridge is complete without getting out on the water to enjoy a romantic punt. The River Cam lies in the heart of Cambridge which gives you unparalleled views of iconic Cambridge University colleges. You can opt for a chauffeured gondolier-like punt tour of famous Cambridge landmarks or try your hand (and test your balance!) by renting your own. You can punt towards Grantchester which is a lot quieter and leads to a gorgeous village. Many opt to see the famous sights, which include the King’s College Chapel, The Wren Library at Trinity College, and the Bridge of Sighs.

Get active

Alternatively stick to dry land and soak up the atmosphere at the Cambridge University Botanic Garden, 40 acres of gorgeous green space where you can lose yourself in the fascinating city gardens amid the extensive woodland and foliage.

If you want a great way to see the whole city, then consider hiring a bike. Cambridge is well set up for cycling with plenty of cycle lanes and places to leave your bike if you need a refreshment break. There are plenty of scenic cycle routes allowing you to explore surrounding areas and the city itself is conveniently compact and flat.

Eat and drink

There are some delightful places to visit in Cambridge, whether you have a blow-out budget or you are looking for some delicious cheap eats. The stalls in the historic Market Square offer a wide selection of food, from dim sum and noodles to gourmet burgers and Greek gyros. If you are looking for a more formal experience, there are restaurants to suit all budgets. The Varsity Hotel has an amazing roof terrace to soak up the beautiful skyline and two restaurants to indulge in. Other notable places to try include fine dining venue Midsummer House, which boasts two Michelin stars, and elegant modern restaurant Trinity, the perfect spot to enjoy some Champagne and oysters. Cambridge has more than 100 pubs, so you are spoiled for choice for drinks both inside and al fresco. The Pint Shop is a great place for laid back food and a pint, while The Granta has beautiful riverside views.

Take in the culture

There are plenty of amazing venues to explore in the historic city centre. A tour of the chapel at King’s College is a fascinating opportunity to see one of the city’s many highlights. Home to over half a million historical artefacts, works of art and masterpiece paintings, The Fitzwilliam Museum is well worth checking out. There’s also The Polar Museum, which holds a unique collection illustrating polar exploration, and the Museum of Zoology. End the day at arts venue Cambridge Junction which offers a packed programme of fascinating shows and live performances. For those planning a long weekend, the annual Cambridge Folk Festival features superstars and rising stars across the folk, blues, roots, and Americana genres. There are plenty of activities on offer to try your hand at and loads of great food and drink on offer from Cambridge’s finest food merchants.

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Is it important not to get hung up on finding ‘The one’?

We are all familiar with the cliché of finding ‘The One’ but how realistic is it to pin your hopes on finding your soulmate? Many single people set out on their search for love hoping to find the person of their dreams, sights firmly set on discovering that special person who encapsulates everything they want in a partner. However, is it time we are all a bit more realistic about the kind of person who will make us happy?

Sex and relationship expert Tracey Cox recently pointed out that people marrying their supposed second choice is far more common than you think. Writing in the Daily Mail, she explains that a 2020 study of British people found 41% of people found themselves in a relationship with somebody they didn’t initially think was the one. Researchers concluded that the findings showed an acceptance by people that things can’t always be perfect.

According to Tracey, it’s not all about settling for somebody who isn’t quite who thought you were hoping for, rather than showing there are many people out there who can make us happy. She explains: “There is no ‘One’, no one ‘soulmate’ or one person that you we are ‘destined’ to be with. Instead, there’s a world full of lots of people who can make us happy.”

Fairy tales and romantic movies have long told the tale that there is one perfect person out there for us, a soulmate who we are just meant to end up with. However, it’s easy to get the early dating stages confused with thinking a match is made for you, because of the excitement of the early dating stages and the lust you feel in those heady early days of a blossoming romance. It’s important not to get these feelings confused with true love, as often it takes time to build trust and a strong foundation for a lasting relationship. Sparks can fly fast, but it is worth recognising good relationships are built on a lot more than mutual attraction.

This is where is pays to really think about the things you have in common that will make a relationship a success. There’s the basics, such as making sure they are on the same page about what they want to get out of the pairing, and they are seemingly just as into you as you are interested in them. There’s respecting the differences you have as well as what you have in common, and taking a genuine interest in each other’s life and both putting the effort in to make the relationship work. The list is long, but the point is there are plenty of elements which go into determining whether a relationship will be successful. The honeymoon stage of a relationship might make you think this person is the one for you, but time will tell if you have all the ingredients to make the relationship a long-term success.

Relationship success

The key thing to realise is all these aspects of a healthy relationship mean there are plenty of people out there who you may click with and go on to be partnered with for a long time. Back to Tracey’s article, where she explains that if a relationship doesn’t turn out to be your “happily-ever-after” then that’s fine as well. In life it’s common to have several significant relationships and when they end, it doesn’t mean it has been a failure. The important thing to realise, she says, is that when a relationship ends, you may have enjoyed many happy years together and when you are ready, there are others out there that can make you just as happy. She concludes it’s a far more comforting thought to believe you can find happiness with different people than getting hung up on finding that one person out there that you are meant to be with.

It’s a timely reminder as well not to keep a strict picture in your head of who your “soul mate” is, as you risk missing out on people who may have actually been perfect for you. Being open-minded to who you date and what they have offer is vitally important. It may turn out your ideal partner is somebody who you weren’t expecting to share chemistry with, but you agreed to meet to discover more about them. Of course, it is important not to settle with somebody you aren’t sure about, or who doesn’t fulfil you or make you excited about your future together. It’s more about being open to finding love in unexpected places and realising there is more than one person out there that can make you happy. That seems like a dating mantra we can all get on board with!

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How to juggle a demanding career and your love life

Having a full-on working life can be a big enough challenge and balancing it with nurturing your relationship can be pretty tricky. If you are both juggling long hours as part of your demanding roles, it can be hard to have enough quality time to dedicate to each other. And no, sitting side-by-side on the sofa frantically answering out-of-hours work emails doesn’t count as quality time!

These days it is increasingly difficult to totally separate your working life and personal time because it’s so easy to be connected to colleagues and clients. You may have your work email on your phone, and your WhatsApp pinging away with notifications from the office chat group. For many of us a profession is so much more than just paying the bills, so you actively want to stay connected and get ahead in a role that fulfils you. Our digital lifestyles can make you feel the need to be responding to messages during the evenings and weekends, which can eat into the time you get to spend with your significant other. This can build resentment if one of you is constantly bringing work home and distracted when you do attempt to unwind at the end of a long day. It can help when there is a situation at work that demands your attention you let your partner know that you need to turn your attention to work matters, so they don’t end up feeling ignored.

Fitting dating into your already busy schedule can be just as challenging as well. It can be easy to let the months melt away wanting to meet a new partner but not doing anything about it because work has taken priority. It’s all about finding time in your busy week to dedicate to searching for a partner, which takes self-discipline to block time out from checking emails, answering the phone, and switching off from work matters.

All is not lost though, as there are some simple techniques to allow you to carve time out to prioritise the joy of finding exciting people to date and making a relationship work even when your career demands a lot of your time and energy.

Make the most of lunchtime dates

It’s worth considering the slots of time you do have free during the week. Lunch hours, or even the time before work, can be the perfect opportunity to fit in some dates while you are feeling energetic, without eating into your evenings. Long working days can mean you don’t feel up to committing to lots of dates after work, but daytime meetups can solve the problem of feeling too tired to date. If you are in a long-term relationship, use breaks during the day to get in touch with your partner, or even meet up to share a short-but-sweet lunch break. Just a quick text or sharing a funny article you’ve read shows them you are thinking about them.

Prioritise time for each other

No matter how tired you both areat the end of the day it’s important to check in with each other, finding out about each other’s day has gone. It is important to support each other and show interest in your respective roles. Try and make each other laugh and find joy in the special everyday moments you share. Time off together is so precious that it’s important to really be in the moment. Try turning your phone off after a certain time or delay replying to texts to ensure you are really paying attention to each other. If you are dating, it’s about really being there and not getting distracted by your phone, which can come across as rude. Being skilled at listening is another great technique to use when you are on a date because it can really help somebody feel valued if you are properly listening to what they are saying. Nobody likes it when you are being interrupted by another text or you are distracted by a conundrum you are dealing with back in the office.

Think about your shared goals in a relationship

Having goals and dreams you both want to achieve can help you both feel like you are working towards something together. Creating a bucket list can give you something to look forward to, and it helps to have something in the diary when life it so hectic it feels like you barely see each other. Scheduling breaks is important for your career as well, as nobody is at the top of their game when they are burned out. It’s a win-win to have some weekend trips and holidays planned with your partner – where apps you use for work and professional emails are left firmly untouched.

Streamline your life

Sometimes there are just not enough hours in the day, and you need to consider what help you can access to make your week less hectic. It might be something as simple as ordering a recipe box, so you have dinner sorted for a few nights of the week. Perhaps getting a cleaner would lighten you load or paying a gardener to mow the lawn. Don’t be afraid to ask each other for help if you are living together and getting overwhelmed with balancing the chores you usually take on at home, as communication is key to avoiding resentment building that one of you is getting snowed under in all aspects of life.

Have you decided now is the right time to concentrate on your search for love? Then turn to the experts at Ignite Dating for help finding the person of your dreams! We are experts in understanding what you want in a relationship, and we’ll introduce you to people you’ll really connect with. Working with a matchmaker leaves you free to enjoy a stress-free and easy search for love, leaving all the hard work to the experts.


How do mate values shape how we date?

We are all very familiar with the term “out of your league” but have you ever stopped to consider why you approach certain people to get to know them better? And why others may feel unattainable as you flick through online dating profiles and weigh up whether they would agree to meet with you?

There are so many factors we look for in a love interest, from physical attraction and career success to their values and personality traits. If you could sum up the perfect person in terms of the former, you’d probably picture a celebrity or a supermodel. However, not many of us are adamant on landing somebody in the league of Brad Pitt or Cara Delevingne, so how do we go about looking for potential partners that feel about right for you?

Psychology Today recently highlighted the matching hypothesis, which predicts that people will couple up with somebody with the same “social mate value” as them. According to the relationship science theory, everybody has a social mate value which sums up their value as a potential partner. This is based on the sorts of factors that make you desirable to a potential date, including the likes of skills, personality, physical appearance, and your qualities. The theory states people partner up based on having a similar social mate value – so, if you’re a seven out of 10 in terms of mate value, you’ll end up with somebody who is around the same. 10s go with 10s, and so on, explains the article. In a nutshell, we ultimately end up with somebody who roughly matches our own mate value.

Dating up

What was interesting is that researchers found that people do actively seek dates with somebody who roughly matched their mate value, though it didn’t stop them wanting to “date up”. In their study they found many aspired to contact people they saw as more attractive than them, but they feared they’d be rejected due to the mismatch in perceived value. Interestingly, the researchers also talked to online daters who often tried their luck with people they viewed as more attractive than them, because the rejection on dating apps was a lot less hurtful because people can just not respond if they aren’t interested. It was often the case they wouldn’t hear back from the person with higher mate value, but they would receive messages back from somebody who was in their league – so a six would hear back from a six that they had approached.

The lesson here, the article concludes, is you don’t always get what you think you want. Pushing for a more attractive partner might seem important, whereas you will have much more luck looking for love in your dating pool as your own mate value determines the person you are more likely to end up with. It also cites another study which found partners with matching mate values had better relationships which lasted longer, had more frequent interactions and a better sexual history.

Be open-minded

It’s a timely reminder that it’s important to get too hung up on a checklist approach to love that leads to you overlooking people who may be perfect for you. People with high mate value may be attractive or have something about them that you think is important, such as a six-figure salary or being over 6ft tall. However, in the grand scheme of things, these elements are no guarantee of relationship success. Holding out for the best possible match on paper is not a good strategy for future happiness. When you consider the type of things which do make a relationship a success – shared values, similar outlooks on life and personality traits you view as important – it pays to look for somebody who has these qualities. Being open-minded is key and being willing to give somebody a chance, even if they aren’t the type of person you’d usually go for. You may be amazed who you might connect with who you could have discounted otherwise. It’s worth not overfocusing on attractiveness as it can lead to overlooking other important traits which can lead to more satisfying relationships, while not actually being a predictor of whether a relationship will go on to be successful or long-lasting. Your perfect person may not be what you thought you were looking for, but it’ll hardly matter when you are in a happy and long-lasting relationship.

It’s so valuable to having a helping hand in your dating journey, with a trusted friend working with you to decide the type of person who would be perfect for you. That’s why it can be a great idea to work with a matchmaker, who is available to support you and offer advice at every step of your dating journey. Matchmaking offers a personalised search for love which is stress-free and enjoyable. Call our friendly team to find out more!


Why are there so many married people on dating apps?

It’s unfortunate fact of life that not everybody you encounter on dating apps is single. A large-scale survey of dating app users suggested that a whopping 30% of dating app users are married, while another 12% are in a relationship.

There are a number of reasons people pretend they are single when they are actually attached, and it is not all about securing a casual hook-up behind their partner’s back. Sometimes it’s about boredom with married life and seeking the thrill of knowing they can still win over somebody new. Others may be in self-destruct mode, knowingly wrecking something that was good in their life, whether it’s an established marriage or the unwavering love of a significant other. It may even be somebody who is browsing to see who is out there and what the fuss is all about, or seeking validation with no intentions of meeting somebody in real life. It could all be innocent enough if you have started a new relationship and haven’t yet got around to uninstalling your dating apps yet. 

Some people are just looking to make friends. And some, sadly, are actively seeking an affair. The online world opens up a huge potential audience of single people available to chat with, giving these sorts of people ample opportunity to toy with people’s emotions. 

This type of behaviour can easily end in heartbreak, both for the person being pursued and the partner who remains in the dark until a deception is discovered. It can be a crushing blow to discover the person you’ve been chatting to has duped you into believing they are single. It may be a string of red flags have alerted you to their behaviour, or a Google search has unearthed pictures of them posing happily with their significant other. Many are left feeling guilty that they didn’t know somebody was married sooner, even when it was not their fault that they were misled into believing the person they were chatting to was single. Once you are involved with somebody who turns out to be attached it can be hard to let go.

There are plenty of signs to look out for if you worry somebody you are chatting to online isn’t the real deal. Somebody who is concealing their true relationship status may be reluctant to talk about their personal life and won’t meet in public places or let you visit their home. It could be a blurry photo which indicates they are trying to hide something about themselves. They may disappear for long stretches of time which is the parts of the week they are with their partner and can’t message you back. 

It can, of course, be devastating to discover somebody you are in a relationship with has been actively chatting to people on dating apps, leading to shattered trust and heartbreak. Even catching out a partner who says they are only browsing profiles can lead to fears they are questioning the validity of your relationship and looking to see who else is out there.

Team up with the experts

It can really pay to work with a quality dating agency who check the digital footprints, ID, and backgrounds of the clients they work with. Matchmaking offers the perfect peace of mind on your dating journey, as matchmakers work hard to check everyone they work with is genuine. Every client Ignite Dating works with is interviewed face-to-face to make sure they are who are they say they are and to ensure they are unattached and genuinely available to date. This means a stress-free search for love as you can embrace every opportunity and just concentrate on enjoying a series of wonderful dates with people you’ll really share a connection with.

Matchmakers become like trusted friends, supporting you with every step of your search for love. We can take all the hard work away, leaving you with a streamlined and enjoyable dating journey. Get in touch today and find out more!


How to write the perfect dating profile

We’re not all blessed with being perfect wordsmiths so it can present quite a challenge to craft an original dating profile. However, there is a very good reason it can pay to put a lot of thought and effort in the words that accompany your profile. Recent research found authors of more original profiles were rated as being more intelligent, having a greater sense of humour and being more attractive. They were also more likely to land a potential date.

It’s important to remember generic profiles can be easily overlooked and risk you missing out on great dates as a result. So, what does it take to craft a profile that’ll stand out from the crowd? We’ve shared our top tips for writing a profile that’ll help demonstrate the real you and mean you will attract the type of people you’d love to get to know better.

Detail is everything:  The best profiles include concentre information to give a real flavour of who you are. It can add valuable colour when you give examples of what you like to set yourself apart. So, instead of saying you like sport, explain what you love to do, why and perhaps even elaborate on the reward you’d treat yourself to after achieving that PB or winning your next match. Think about including stories rather than facts, by explaining something awesome you did on your last holiday rather than simply stating you like to travel. The more you go into detail, the more chance you have of attracting somebody who shares your interests. You can also use your profile to describe who you’d like to meet and the sort of dating experiences you’d like to enjoy, helping to further attract people you’ll be compatible with who share these traits and interests.

Ask a friend for help: It can feel unnatural to blow your own trumpet and write about yourself, so it can pay to ask your trusted friends for help. They can help you decide of the best way to describe yourself and help you recall experiences that sum up the sort of person you are. Often friends can know you better than you know yourself, so ask them to pick a few words to describe you. You may find some truly original descriptors to include, which you can elaborate on with the rich detail that is so important in a profile.  

Remember, attention spans are short: It’s worth being succinct because you can’t rely on somebody spending the time reading every line of your profile. For this reason, try and get the most important information at the start, including a couple of things you’d love your ideal person to know about you. When you only got a few paragraphs to work with, you need to make every statement count.

Think about conversation starters: Profiles can be the perfect way to give you plenty of chat about on a date. So, make sure there is plenty in there which’ll make it easy to have natural conversations and reduce the risk of awkward pauses. Again, detail is key here, giving you plenty to discuss when you meet up in person. It also gives a potential love interest something to work with if they are looking to get in touch via an app. It helps to have a sense of humour in your writing, as making somebody laugh is a great icebreaker and can help start conversations easily.

Be positive: Be careful not to come across as negative in your profile. People tend to be looking for somebody with an optimistic view of the world and will avoid those who are overly negative in their profiles. It can be a big no-no to write extensively about your dealbreakers, as this can be a massive turn-off and can come across as judgemental. Even being self-deprecating is risky as it can send the wrong message.

Check everything carefully: It may seem like a minor thing, but bad spelling and grammar can be very off-putting. Make sure you check your profile carefully and perhaps ask a friend to give it the once over. You’ll want to meet somebody who has put a lot of energy into the dating process, and they will want to see that you’re equally invested, so be sure you’re totally happy with the impression you are giving via your profile.

Here at Ignite Dating we are on-hand to offer support and advice with a dating profile which will really help you shine. We offer our clients a professional photoshoot and an expertly crafted professionally written profile to help portray them in the best possible light. If you’d like a helping hand to get your dating journey on the track for success, then give the experts at Ignite a call today!


How easy is it to find true love in real life?

Love it or hate it, meeting people online has become a huge part of the dating landscape. Plenty of people have found love this way, while others get frustrated and vow to ditch the apps to concentrate on forging a connection in real life. The problem is, where do you start with a more old-fashioned search for a life partner?

Many singletons realise the power of meeting face-to-face as it’s far easier to establish whether there’s any chemistry rather than relying on the constant back-and-forth of text chats. Due to pandemic restrictions many daters got fed up with relying on digital forms of communication to forge a relationship, and they are now keen to meet people in the flesh. Savvy app owners have realised that many daters are looking for a way to meet fellow single people in a non-pressured environment, leading to many adding an in-person offering to their service.

There has also been a general increase in the popularity of singles event. These types of events have been viewed as quite old-school in the past, but they are now gaining traction as a way of dodging some of the issues associated with online dating while tapping into a nostalgia about dating without technology.

What are the benefits of a singles event?

For those who’ve been out of the dating game for a while, they’ve returned to a search for love only to discover the landscape has completely changed. Getting to grips with online dating and replying to a flurry of messages may seem intimidating, while they crave the connection of meeting in real life. Sadly, there’s a lot of bad behaviour and game playing which takes place on apps – from ghosting to breadcrumbing, and everything in between. Dating app fatigue is another problem, with daters feeling burned out with constant swiping for a date. Meeting face-to-face can help alleviate these pressures, and it can be a lot more enjoyable talking in person to suss out whether you are compatible and there is a spark there. It’s hard to know if there is mutual attraction until you meet up in real life, so the apps only really act as an introduction to each other. Establishing a personal connection can help mean the person with romance potential is less likely to flake on any subsequent meetups you’ve arranged.

Singles events also remove a lot of the stress associated with first dates, as you can quickly move on to the next person if you’ve realised there’s no chemistry there. These types of events have a sociable element as well, helping daters gain confidence by attending with their friends and having a bit of a laugh along the way. Many singles groups are based around people’s interests – whether it’s yoga, films, painting, or walking – helping people forge more authentic connections while enjoying a sociable experience with likeminded people. If you go with the mindset of making friends, it can take a lot of the pressure off the event – if you meet somebody who catches your eye then great, if not you will hopefully have a good time anyway. Having plenty of hobbies and interests also gives you lots to talk about with passion on any future dates you go on. It’s all about finding opportunities to meet potential matches. If singles events aren’t your thing, then look at your social life and consider what you could be doing to meet new people. Even changing your routine slightly might help you come across people you would never have met otherwise, increasing the chances that sparks might fly.

Consider matchmaking

If you feel like you could do with a helping hand with your search for love, then it can really pay to turn to the experts. Matchmakers work hard on your behalf to understand who you are looking for and they then introduce you to amazing people who you’ll really enjoy meeting. Matchmakers operate in much the same way as recruitment head-hunters, letting you sit back and relax while they take the hard work out of your search for love. Using an eclectic mix of personality profiling, their extensive experience, intuition, and our extensive private network, they will provide you with hand-selected introductions to people who share your goal of a committed, long-term relationship.

With so many ways to meet new people, it pays to really think about what works best for you. Don’t be afraid to ditch the apps if you are finding they aren’t working for you and think about what suits you best – whether it’s meeting people at events or turning to the experts – make sure you concentrate on a dating journey you’ll really enjoy!

Our dedicated matchmaking team are ready and waiting for your call to help you with your search for love. Get in touch today to find out more!