How to stay positive when you’re dating

There’s no doubt that dating can be a frustrating experience. Putting in loads of energy and effort into meeting potential love interests and getting nowhere can end up hitting your self-esteem. It can start to really get you down if a string of dates is not yielding results, damaging your confidence, and leading to burnout from the whole process.

However, if any of this sounds familiar then there are plenty of steps you can take to help you stay positive on your dating journey. Just making small adjustments to how you approach your dating life can help you enjoy the whole process again without fears about what the outcome will be, or what the future holds. Unfortunately, disappointments do happen in dating but it’s important not to let them drag you down.  

We’ve outlined some simple steps that can help you approach dating in a much more positive way which’ll help you feel empowered and motivated about every single meet-up!

Concentrate on the parts of dating you can control

The tricky part of searching for a partner is you just don’t know where your efforts are going to lead you. While it’s fair enough to hope that somebody is going to be the one for you, you have no idea in reality when you’re going to find that perfect person. While this can be daunting, it really pays to concentrate on what you can control to help you stay positive in your search for love. Small steps like thinking about what you are grateful for in life, can be a powerful reminder of what you already have. This helps build confidence and positive energy which will shine through when you do meet new people. Get involved in planning the date, pick places you’d like to try and don’t be afraid to call time on a date if it isn’t working for you. Don’t suffer through an excruciating night of stilted small talk just to be polite.

Recognise dating fatigue

Getting bogged down with everything involved in dating can soon sap all the fun out of it. It’s easy to go down the path of spreading yourself thinly across dating apps, talking to multiple people at once, and filling your precious spare time with lots of dates. It can be self-defeating to get hung up on going on lots of meet-ups in the blind hope one person is meant to be, as it can leave you exhausted and not being your best self when you do meet up. If your life revolves around dating, it’s hard to find joy in other parts of your life, as you get so obsessed with finding somebody that is seems like the only thing that’ll make you happy. If you are no longer looking forward to dates or feeling exhausted with constant chatting on apps, take a proper break from dating. Enjoy getting stuck into activities you really enjoy and spend time with the important people in your life. Only pick up dating again when you feel truly ready, and you’ll be in a much better frame of mind.    

Remember to have fun

It’s important to remember that dating is meant to be fun, not stressful, so try and approach it that way. Try and take it lightly, being authentic rather than striving to be something you’re not. Rather than worrying about the outcome, just enjoy the experience of a night out getting to know somebody new. At the same time, it is important to enjoy all elements of your life, as dating is just one part of it. There’s plenty of fulfilment in concentrating on good times with friends, family and focusing on getting ahead in your career. It’ll feed into your dating life if you are happy and motivated in other parts of your life, helping you feel more fulfilled overall.

Be selective about who you meet

While it’s important not to drown yourself in back and forward texts, it’s worth dedicating a bit of time to asking the right questions before you meet up in person. It can be worth asking what their intentions are when it comes to dating seriously to ensure you are on the same page. Be wary of any red flags that scream they aren’t going to be a great person to date. Getting to know somebody a bit more before you commit to meeting can save you going on dates that were never going to go anywhere, which can leave you feeling frustrated and demoralised.

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