Navigating your first Christmas together as a couple

In those early stages of a relationship there are lots of firsts to navigate. First holidays, meeting each other’s friends, your first big fight and the box set you first binged together. Another that looms large on the calendar is the very first Christmas you’ll share as a new couple. It can be wonderful to spend the festive season with somebody new, enjoying all the traditions you’ll share and create together. However, there can be some challenges to navigate as you merge your Christmas plans for the first time.

Expectations for achieving the perfect Christmas can cause unnecessary stress, and you might find you both have totally different expectations of what the big day should look like. You may have only been dating a short while so you might be finding it tricky to decide if it’s too much, too soon, to have a full-blown Christmas together. 

To lend a helping hand we’ve shared our top tips for navigating your first Christmas together as a new couple. 

Decide how to split the holidays: It pays to be open and honest with each other so one of you isn’t left disappointed by how Christmas pans out. Ensure you communicate about the importance to you of seeing certain people and embracing traditions that you enjoy. Be prepared to compromise as well. You can’t be in two places at once so don’t add pressure by trying to keep everybody happy. Sit down with your schedules and see what works without exhausting you both and spending a fortune. It may work better to spend Christmas Day apart with your own families, especially if they live in a different area, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Make your plans and stick to them, rather than keeping your options open and risking disappointing family members at the last minute.  

Buying a gift for a new partner: Don’t go mad on lavish gifts for each other. It’s fine to set a budget for your presents so you don’t end up going about gifting in totally different ways. Fun presents that are tailored to your partner’s interests can work well for a low pressure first gift. 

Meeting your partner’s family: It can be daunting to spend your first Christmas with your partner’s family. Chances are you’ve met already but navigating Christmas can be a different matter, as you get used to everybody’s expectations around how the day will run. Remember to relax and be yourself and don’t forget that offering a helping hand is often appreciated. Throw yourself into their plans but don’t drink too much or spend the day comparing it to your (superior) traditional family Christmas. Don’t be afraid to take some time away from crowded family settings if it gets too much, perhaps taking a walk or retreating to phone your own family to wish them a merry Christmas.  

Plan time for just the two of you: The sheer volume of activities and family time can eat into your precious time together, which can lead to you feeling frustrated and disappointed things aren’t going how you had hoped. Ensure you schedule in some time for just the two of you, whether it’s a night off in front of the fire with your favourite movies or a long hike together if you are staying with family. If you are sharing the day with just the two of you, then make your own rules. Whether you want to forgo the cooking and have pizza for lunch, go to the pub, or eat a selection box for breakfast, it’s your Christmas so please yourselves! The key is ensuring you don’t let family plans monopolise your time, so you’re left with no gaps in your schedule to enjoy time together as a couple. 

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The best Christmas date ideas in London

December is a fabulous time of year to seek out great date nights in the vibrant capital. People travel miles to seek out the attractions on offer at Christmas, so if you are based in London or nearby it’s the perfect time to capitalise on the wide range of entertainment on offer. It’s hard not to get swept along in the festive cheer at this time of year, so why not embrace it fully and treat the person you are interested in to a night out with a difference? 

The choice of things to get involved in is vast, but here is a selection of the best ideas that have caught our eye this festive season!

Eat tasty food 

Tuck into a tasty fondue at The Cheese Bar, a great venue that collaborates with a different restaurant every month for a twist on the traditional fondue format – though that’s available as well. Or check out Fire and Fromage, where you can enjoy 90-minutes of unlimited raclette around firepits overlooking the River Thames. You can even toast marshmallows afterwards. If you both love a good afternoon tea, there are plenty on offer with a festive twist. Biscuiteers offers a Christmas afternoon tea featuring its signature hand-iced biscuits in Belgravia and Notting Hill. Looking to really impress? Then book a table at Claridge’s for its Champagne afternoon tea, which includes Christmas pudding stirred by the whole pastry team as part of an annual festive tradition.  

Festive activities 

Outside ice skating goes hand-in-hand with the festive season but Alexandra Palace goes one step further with its themed Christmas Ice Discos. Skate to the sound of Christmas classics and experience the occasional snow shower! Cosy up for a festive movie in the stunning Battersea Arts Centre, an iconic Victorian Town Hall. You can choose from comfy sofas and beanbags if you want to make the experience even more romantic! 

Soak up the festive atmosphere

Head to London’s bustling markets to enjoy the spectacle with a mulled wine in hand. Covent Garden boasts world-famous Christmas lights in the Market Building which you can enjoy as you browse the stalls available in three different markets. Borough Market is always worth exploring, no matter what the time of year, and at Christmas it offers tasty seasonal food. South Bank’s Winter Market has traditional wooden chalets along the riverside serving drinks and tasty street food. You can also browse the Christmas gifts on offer and see the free outdoor Winter Light exhibition. Head over to Westfield to see a whole city constructed from gingerbread, built by more than 50 architects and designers. The Museum of Architecture’s The Gingerbread City exhibition features biscuit buildings decorated beautifully with icing and sweets – although nibbling is not allowed! 

See a show 

London’s theatrical offerings are guaranteed to get you in the festive mood. It doesn’t get more Christmassy than The Nutcracker at the Royal Opera House or the London Coliseum.  The Old Vic has Christopher Eccleston appearing in A Christmas Carol or you can see The Snowman art the Peacock Theatre.  

‘Tis the season for festive drinks 

Before you head straight to the bar don’t forget it’s the perfect season for hot chocolate, with plenty of creations on offer that you’ll remember for a long time. Brick Lane’s Dark Sugars offers hot chocolate piled with layers of shaved chocolate, while Chin Chin tops their drinks with torched marshmallow fluff topping. One of the best things about this time of year is the twinkling rooftop bars that pop up around the city. Enjoy hot martinis on the roof terrace at Ham Yard Hotel and get comfortable with blankets and hot water bottles. The Queen of Hoxton in Shoreditch has a cosy, heated wigwam, and outdoor fireplaces where you can enjoy Venetian-style food and stunning views. If you love everything to do with Christmas, The Churchill Arms in Kensington is a must-see – its exterior is adorned with around 90 Christmas trees and thousands of festive lights. 
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Five reasons not to give up dating during the festive season

Christmas is a hectic time of year stuffed full of plans with friends, work colleagues and family. It’s such a busy period that many single people decide to put their dating plans on the backburner, waiting until the new year to pick up where they left off. 

However, a recent survey found nearly two-thirds of single people believe it is the most romantic time of year, rating it higher than Valentine’s Day. The same research found 18% feel the romance of the season sparks their desire to seek a relationship in the first place. There can be many good reasons to keep dating during the festive season, even if your schedule is jam-packed. 

While it’s important not to feel pressured into finding somebody to share the festive season with, there are plenty of benefits to dating in December. We’ve compiled five reasons why it pays to keep your search for love active rather than putting things off until the new year.  

There are more opportunities to mingle 

December is the perfect time to meet new people. Chances are you’ll be invited to various events, you’ll enjoy time off work and have a few festive nights out planned. It’s the perfect time to get chatting to new people and put yourself out there. During the winter it’s all too tempting to retreat to the sofa to snuggle under a blanket in front of the TV, but there are plenty of good reasons to get dressed up and head out in the lead up to Christmas. People can be more relaxed and cheerful as they make the most of the festive atmosphere, so it’s easier to get chatting to new people and increase your chances of a real-life meeting. 

It’s a lovely time to date 

There are also some great alternatives to the typical date ideas to make the most of the time of year.  You could get cosy under blankets at a pub enjoying mulled wine as you get to know each other better or stroll through Christmas markets. If active dates are more your thing, then try an outdoor ice rink or head to one of the numerous illuminated winter trails taking place around the country. 

It’s a good time to reassess and set goals

As the year draws to a close it is a good time to review what has worked with your dating journey and what hasn’t. Taking the time to review your dating life can help build a clearer picture of who you want to be with. As 2024 approaches it’s a good time to cut ties with people who’ve been wasting your time. You can concentrate on taking a more authentic approach to finding a partner, focusing on what you really want to get out of dating. It might involve trying a new approach, whether it’s a new app or signing up to a singles’ event. Invest some time in your dating life and you’ll feel refreshed and enthusiastic about what lies ahead. 

Keeping the momentum going 

Stay open to meeting somebody, even if you are travelling home to visit family. There are other ways to get to know somebody that don’t involve meeting up in person, including video calls and chatting via text. You may even have plans to reacquaint with a group of people you grew up with, which could open doors you weren’t expecting. If you’re in the early stages of dating somebody, avoid feeling the pressure to put a label on things too soon just because it’s Christmas. There’s no need to commit to things you’d never do at other times of year, such as meeting the family or exchanging expensive gifts, so just relax and enjoy the season at whatever pace suits you. 

You’ll start 2024 raring to go!

Rather than parking your plans for meeting somebody new, just to start again in January, it really pays to keep the momentum going throughout Christmas. You might well find somebody you are truly excited about and, if things go well, who knows where you’ll be when next Christmas rolls around! It’s also the perfect time to make an investment in your dating journey. If you are looking for a committed relationship, then working with a matchmaker can be the perfect way to achieve your goal. Our expert team at Ignite Dating specialise in headhunter matchmaking, providing you with personalised introductions to amazing people who you’ll be truly excited to meet. Joining now means you’ll start 2024 reinvigorated, knowing there is an expert working hard on your behalf to help you find the ideal person.  

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How do you tell if somebody is single?

The dating world can be tricky enough to navigate but a frequent dilemma many single people face is trying to discover if somebody you like is single. It might be a cute person who you see every day on your commute to work, or somebody you get chatting to at a party. They seem lovely and friendly, but has romance crossed their mind? Are they attached and just chatting to you in a friendly way? Perhaps you are summoning up the courage to approach a stranger who has caught your eye, and you can’t bear the thought of asking them outright if they are single.  

Of course, a wedding band or an engagement ring is the obvious giveaway of somebody’s relationship status – but otherwise where do you start? A survey found 66% of singles would use covert questioning to find out if somebody was single, while only 37% would ask somebody outright. The kind of questions people are using to interrogate a potential match include asking them about their weekend plans (to see if they mention time spent with a partner) or sounding them out about their living arrangements to see if they live with somebody. But these questions still might not yield the answers you are looking for, so how can you come up with a fool proof way of sussing if somebody is single?

It’s a question that has become more relevant recently as daters move away from the apps with a desire to meet people organically. The question of how you initiate real-life encounter is something a newly launched company has attempted to address with the Pear Ring – a turquoise ring which people wear to show others they are single and happy to be approached in real life. The idea is that if somebody is subtly indicating they are single then there’s no need for awkward conversations trying to glean they are open to romance. 

There are other ways of embarking on some detective work to find out if somebody is attached or not – read our top tips below. 

Ask them about their last holiday: This is a popular trick, with the theory being the person you ask will mention who they went with when they tell you about their latest trip. If it was friends or a solo trip, chances are they aren’t part of an established couple. 

Start a conversation about being single: You don’t have to be direct in your questioning about their relationship status, but you can raise topics related to being single. It might be asking them about their dating experiences or dating apps. Questions such as “how late is too late to show up for a first date?” might help elicit discussion about the last time they dated – if it was last week, you’ve got your answer about whether they are actively looking for love. 

Do some digging: If you know each other well enough then request them as a friend on Facebook and have a look at their Instagram profile. Their recent posts can help give you an idea of whether they are seeing somebody. Lots of solo pictures or shots with friends can suggest they are single, but loved up pictures of them with a significant other will give you the information you need. Don’t go back too far though as they might have pictures of them with an ex, which could confuse things.  If you have mutual acquaintances, then you can ask around to see if anybody knows if the person you like is single.  

Just ask them: OK, it takes some guts but directly asking somebody if they are single gives you the answer you are looking for. It saves a lot of time trying to guess their relationship status. It’s not an approach that’ll suit everybody though because of the risk of rejection or the awkwardness that can follow when they do say they are seeing somebody.  

Try a singles event: Organised events are becoming increasingly popular again as a relaxed way to meet people in real life. The pressure is off trying to discover if somebody is looking for love, so you can just concentrate on getting to know potential love interests better. 

Work with a matchmaker: It can really pay to team up with the experts when you are looking for love. The team at Ignite Dating are highly trained in understanding what you want from a relationship, and they work hard to find the right potential partner for you. You can just sit back while they do all the hard work and enjoy some fantastic dates with likeminded people.  

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Date ideas in Surrey

You are spoilt for choice when it comes to great date ideas in Surrey. The county itself has so much to offer, and London is on the doorstep if you fancy taking the short trip into the capital. Don’t overlook the gems closer to home though as there’s a great choice of date venues to try that will impress a potential love interest. If you are a more established couple, there are plenty of advantages to mixing up your date nights and exploring the extensive attractions that are on your doorstep. We’ve asked our Surrey matchmaker Sam Rowland-Jones to share her favourites – find her top tips below. 

Have an impressive day out 

There are lots of impressive places in Surrey which give you plenty of time to get to know each other better as you stroll and take in the natural beauty of your surroundings. Visit RHS Garden Wisley, which is the flagship garden of the Royal Horticultural Society spread over 240 acres. Conveniently situated near Woking and Guildford, you can both enjoy a vast range of different gardens and no matter what the time of year, you’ll find lots of must-see highlights that reflect the beauty of the season

Polesden Lacey is a 1,600-acre National Trust estate which offers stunning views over the Surrey hills as well as ample ancient woodlands and elegant gardens to explore. If you are in a festive mood there’s plenty going on in December, including beautiful Christmas decorations in the house, wreath making workshops and hot toddies to warm you up after a bracing walk in the grounds. It’s also worth checking out Painshill, a beautiful 18th century landscape garden. Many parts of this picturesque landscape may feel very familiar as the location has appeared on screen plenty of times, including in Netflix’s Bridgerton and ITV’s Vanity Fair

Share delicious dining experiences 

If you fancy getting to know somebody better over dinner and drinks, there are plenty options for a night to remember. The Onslow Arms in West Clandon offers delicious food in a smart community pub setting, with a packed cocktail list and an alfresco winter wonderland dining option. The Ivy Cobham Garden offers sophisticated all-day dining so you meet over a cosy brunch, cream tea, or a delicious evening meal. The Ivy Asia in Guildford offers Asian-inspired cuisine in beautiful surroundings featuring curated artwork and an illuminated floor crafted from green semi-precious stone

Amazing events 

Soak up the excitement of the races at Sandown Park Racecourse, dressing up for the occasion if you wish! Impress a date by booking the VIP experience, securing a private table for the day, a Champagne reception and fine dining options. Hampton Court Palace is always worth a visit and there are plenty of events scheduled for various times of the year. Enjoy magnificent views of the Tudor palace as you take to the ice together on the stunning outdoor rink, which is available throughout the festive period. There’s also a fantastic food festival in the summer, allowing you both to sample delicious street food and shop for tasty treats to take home. If live music is more your thing, then head to the Hampton Court Palace festival which offers a great line-up of different artists. 

Enjoy a romantic night away

Share your first mini-break close to home by indulging in one of Surrey’s fabulous luxury hotels. Don’t miss Beaverbrook, a country house estate situated in the heart of the Surrey hills. There’s a gorgeous spa, complete with stained-glass ceilings, where you can relax with a treatment or simply take sedate laps of the pool together. Then take a stroll through the gardens to The Garden House Restaurant for a romantic meal or chose from one of the many other dining options. You could also try Pennyhill Park, which boasts a Michelin-starred restaurant and a choice of room features including free-standing baths, a personal hot tub or a private terrace. The spa is an impressive 45,000 square feet offering a range of experiences, from cabanas with large outdoor copper baths and a hydrotherapy pool, to open air hot tubs and delightful foot spas. 

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How often should you edit your dating profile?

Hands up, are you guilty of not updating your online dating profile since the day you joined an app? Do you hardly remember creating it in the first place? Many single people omit to refresh their profile on a regular basis, instead sticking with what they wrote when they created their profile many moons ago. However, there are plenty of good arguments for giving your profile an update on a regular basis. 

If you have a careful read of your current dating biography, you may well notice some of the things you mentioned are a little out-of-date now. Perhaps it’s a passion for a TV show you can barely remember watching, or you’ve gained some new hobbies that would create a much more interesting talking point. The more unusual your interests are, the higher the chances are you will stand out from the crowd. It’s important to have a think about whether the things you have included might well have featured in dozens of profiles that somebody has already flicked through before landing on yours. 

We all know that out-of-date photos are a big no-no in profiles as they can lead to a date feeling misled if you look nothing like the image on your dating profile. It’s always worth casting a critical eye over the images you have included to see if you think they can be replaced with more recent shots. Consider photographs which have lots of personality to stand out from the crowd.

We’ve listed some quick and easy tips for ensuring your dating profile is always fresh and up to date. 

Be aware of the seasons: Seeing as the seasons often end up dictating what we do in our spare time, it’s worth changing your biography to reflect the time of year. A picture of you perched at a swim-up bar in the blazing sunshine might look a bit out of date in the depth of winter. So be mindful of the changing seasons and think about how relevant the images you’ve chosen will appear to those viewing your profile. 

Edit often: There’s no need to re-write everything from scratch, you just need to tinker with what you’ve got to see what works best. Try altering the flow of the biography or changing the wording to see what has the most impact. You can also add new photos to see what resonates better with potential matches. Action shots work well as they really help reflect what you are like and showcase your personality to likeminded people. Just ensure all the photography you use is recent!

Ask a friend for inspiration: Not everyone is a skilled writer, and many struggle to get across their most appealing attributes. It can really pay to ask a friend to help you craft a great profile as often they have a clearer insight into how to describe your personality.  A good friend can work with you to inject some fun and witty statements into your biography. It makes the process a lot more fun if you get your heads together over a glass of wine to write something that really captures who you are. 

Be honest: It’s worth casting a critical eye over your bio to assess what might not be working. Keep an eye out for clichés and saying the things that everybody says, as it is likely to make the reader’s eyes glaze over. Negativity is a big no-no in profiles as well, as it can be perceived badly and seen as a red flag by potential romantic interests, so keeping things positive to give the best first impression. Ensure there are no spelling errors or typos as these can be a real turn-off for potential matches. 

Include a question: End your profile with a question. It’s a great conservation starter and gives you a heads-up of who has read to the end!  

We’d love to hear if you have any top tips for editing your dating profile to make it shine. Share them over on our Facebook or Instagram page! 

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What is settling in a relationship?

In all relationships the honeymoon period must come to an end at some point. This is often the stage where you drop the rose-tinted spectacles and your partner’s flaws come to light. No matter how much you like somebody, in any long-term relationship there are bound to be elements of your partner’s behaviour and habits that grate on you. This is where a healthy dose of compromise is needed, to perhaps overlook minor annoyances or work on the parts of your daily life that can be a source of irritation in the relationship. It may be something as small as watching a television show because you know your partner likes it or taking turns doing chores you both hate. You may decide to leave plenty of downtime in your schedule to because your partner prefers not to be wildly sociable all the time. 

However, there becomes a point where making allowances in the relationship strays into unhealthy territory. This is referred to as settling, where you are not truly satisfied in a relationship but not taking steps to address the situation. In a nutshell, you may have a gut feeling things are not right, or find you are all too often sacrificing your own needs to make things work. Settling for less can often be confused with compromising, and it sometimes take a while to recognise what’s going on in your relationship. You may be getting along just fine but you are slowly recognising warning signs that you want more from a relationship. To help you understand what it means to settle in a relationship, we’ve shared the top warning signs to watch out for.     

You end up doing all the work: You might get the creeping feeling you are the one putting all the work into keeping the relationship going. Your partner does not put the effort you’d expect from them, and they can make you feel like you are being unreasonable if you ask them to be more involved. A good relationship is built on a background of listening to each other and making the effort to build a positive connection and support each other – so it can be a red flag if you feel like you are in a one-sided relationship. 

You’re not sure if you enjoy being together anymore: You may start to suspect you really aren’t getting a lot of satisfaction from the relationship anymore. You may be easily annoyed by things your partner says and does, which can tip over into resentment and feeling very unsatisfied in the relationship. Perhaps the only things you like about the relationship are general to any partnership, rather than being things you cherish about the person you are with. 

The compromises are too big: Small disagreements about day-to-day life are often nothing to worry about, but if you are changing your life goals or values to suit your relationship then it’s a sign you are settling. It’s sacrificing the things you want in life to stay with this person. 

You lose individuality: You may start to realise you’ve changed a lot about yourself to suit your partner. Your hobbies have gone out the window and you act differently when you are with your partner. You may even change your appearance and personality to suit your significant other’s preferences. Changing who you are to suit a partner can hit your confidence and lead to a loss of identity which can be bad for your mental well-being

You’re ultimately not compatible: While you may be fond of your partner, there is still a disconnect in what you need and want from the relationship. This can leave you feeling deep down that something isn’t quite right, which can lead to unhappiness and restlessness with the situation. 

Why do people settle in a relationship? 

Fear of being alone is often behind the decision to settle with somebody. Some people end up staying with the wrong person rather than face the unknown of a future on their own. They may worry there is nobody else out there for them, so they decide this is their chance to get married and have the security of a long-term relationship. Low self-esteem can also drive people to worry they won’t meet anybody else. Some stick with an unfulfilling relationship because they don’t want to start over again, as it’s just too comfortable to stick with their current arrangement or they can’t face returning to the dating world. There may also be worries about upsetting a partner, where in fact it’s more hurtful for them to be in a relationship with somebody who is just settling for them. 

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Qualifications are at the heart of our award-winning service

At Ignite Dating we understand it can be a big decision to invest in the services of a matchmaker. If you are unfamiliar with the dating industry and how matchmaking works, then it might seem tricky to choose between the array of agencies available. Returning to the dating world after a long break can be a daunting time, so it’s extremely important to be sure you have chosen the right experts to partner with on your dating journey. 

We know how important it is to you to make the right choice, so we work hard to ensure our matchmaking team is trained to the highest standard. That way, you can be sure you are working with the best. 

We believe qualifications and certification courses are vital to ensuring our team are equipped with the right skills and credentials to offer the best possible service. We ensure we offer a supportive dating journey where we work closely with each client to understand exactly what they want from a relationship. Investing in comprehensive training means we offer clients the best possible service and support at every step of their journey, while ensuring we can offer a thorough understanding of their individual relationship needs. 

As well completing our extensive in-house training, we are proud that our team has achieved an array of qualifications from prestigious organisations.

The Matchmaking Institute 

All of our matchmaking team work to gain accreditation from the prestigious Matchmaking Institute, an organisation offering tailor-made matchmaker certification courses with a network of graduates all over the world. The courses are designed to help matchmakers run their businesses more effectively and follow a global industry standard in matchmaking.


Several members of our expert team also boast a Science-Based Coaching Certification from the Matchmaking Institute

The dating experts include MD and founder Michelle Begy, Senior Dating Consultant Julie Drummond, and Matchmaker and Headhunter Gabriella Nobrega, who have all completed the qualification to become a certified dating and relationship coach. 

The course offers matchmakers the opportunity to learn essential tools to connect with their clients. This includes helping them understand their patterns, recognise what holds them back, and address self-sabotaging beliefs and attitudes. It also equips matchmakers with the knowledge to help clients learn the effective dating skills they need to find their perfect match. The course also offers matchmakers skills in helping the people they work with identify their key life values so they can understand what they need in a partner. 


As matchmakers we understand just how important a person’s personality is to their dating journey. We’re proud our Managing Director Michelle Begy has achieved MBTI and FIRO practitioner status.

Her knowledge of both tools offers an even more in-depth understanding of personality type and relationship needs, helping her to really understand what makes somebody tick and ensuring a finely tuned match based on their specific preferences.

Michelle said: “I am committed to providing clients with complete peace of mind at what can be a vulnerable time of their life, and I’m committed to ensuring my team are trained to a high standard so we can ensure we offer the same award-winning, customer-centric service to clients no matter where they are based in the world.”

Ignite Dating is an elite matchmaking and introductions agency that helps busy professionals across the UK find a life partner. The company’s experienced matchmakers offer guidance and support to provide clients with a dating journey that leaves them feeling confident, energised, and safe. Find out more about our award-winning service and how it can help you here.


The best date ideas in Southampton

Southampton is a fascinating port city which offers the best of both worlds in terms of city centre attractions and waterfront entertainment. You can really get to know the city by exploring the area’s maritime links and come up with some truly exciting evenings out to wow your date. We’ve rounded up the best date ideas that will suit all tastes in the Southampton area, whether you are an established couple or getting to know somebody new. 

The Maritime Quarter 

Make the most of Southampton’s waterside location by spending a few hours enjoying The Maritime Quarter. You can just enjoy a chilled stroll by the water and admire the awe-inspiring boats, shimmering water, and stunning views. Then you can decide on which of the many bars, restaurant, and shops you want to enjoy next. Make sure you make time for a stop at HarBAR, a spectacular rooftop destination at the Southampton Harbour Hotel & Spa with cosy outdoor seating and delicious cocktails to help you make the most of the view. 

If you prefer to be out on the water, then book an excursion on the Shieldhall, the largest working steam ship in Britain. A range of voyages are available in the summer months so you can see the city from a different angle. 

The Cultural Quarter 

Take a look around one of the city’s fascinating cultural venues together for a date with a difference. The city’s maritime history is explored in depth at SeaCity Museum, where you can learn the story of the Titanic and how it made its voyage from the Southampton Docks. The City Art Gallery houses one of the finest collections of art in the south of England and is also well worth a look to browse more than 5,000 works spanning eight centuries.  

Secure tickets to a show at The Mayflower Theatre, a great venue offering a diverse programme of live performances, including big name stand-up comedy, ballet and touring West End musicals. 

Get active 

Spend some time among the treetops at Go Ape in Itchen Valley Country Park, where you can take on the exhilarating high ropes course and speedy zip lines. Not for the faint-hearted, it’s a great way to get to know each other as you tackle the course. Alternatively, take on some stress-busting axe throwing and see if one of you can hit the bullseye! If the weather isn’t playing ball, Ninja Warrior offers a fun-packed indoor course full of obstacles inspired by the hit ITV show. If winter sports are more your thing, then visit Alpine Snowsports, a dry ski slope that offers both skiing and snowboarding. 

You can also challenge each other to an array of games and experiences at Boom Battle Bar in the West Quay mall. From shuffleboard and karaoke to American pool and augmented reality darts, you’re bound to find something that suits. 


Fancy a more sedate date night? There are plenty of romantic spots to enjoy a relaxed night of dinner and drinks. Bring & Mix offers a fun concept where you can bring your own bottles of your favourite spirits for the mixologists to create unique cocktail concoctions with. The intimate bar has a 1920s speakeasy theme, and you can relax and get to know each other better as the talented team serve you a range of tasty drinks. If beer is more your tipple then you could also head to Dancing Man Brewery which makes and sells beer in an awe-inspiring historic building. Oxford Street is Southampton’s nightlife hub, and you can find plenty of independent restaurants to suit all tastes. Enjoy a relaxed brunch at XOXO or MedBar and make it bottomless if you prefer! For dinner try Marco’s, which offers fine wines and traditional Italian cuisine, including tasty small plates of cicchetti to share. 

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What are the consequences of dating multiple people?

Do you ever get the feeling the person you are chatting to on a dating app is busy juggling multiple conversations with other people? You may find they drag their feet replying to your messages and come across as extremely busy when you suggest meeting up. In the dating world it’s certainly not unusual to encounter somebody who is dating multiple people at once. Some singletons prefer not to keep their eggs all in one basket, especially in the early days of dating where they are investing time in getting to know several people simultaneously. However, dating more than one person at a time can get messy, especially when feelings develop. 

It’s common for single people to be chat to more than one person via dating apps, especially when they don’t mind juggling several conversations at once. For many it makes sense to get to know more than one person, as it takes a lot of time to move from the initial chats to meeting in person. If you realise you are not compatible after a couple of dates, you’ve got to start all over again searching for somebody new. When you meet online you’ve got no idea what the outcome is going to be, so for some it makes sense to be connecting with several people to widen the pool of people that might be right for you. It’s known as roster dating, a strategy where you casually see more than one romantic interest at a time, and people eventually melt away as you invest more time into solidifying a connection with the person you are most interested in. 

As well as finding out who you share a spark with, meeting a range of people helps you understand your own needs and figure out what you want out of a relationship. With each date you get a better knowledge of the sorts of person you gel with and what you don’t like. It can be a lot of fun to meet new people and keep things casual without having to consider everything that comes with a committed relationship. 

Of course, there are drawbacks to this sort of dating. It can take a lot of time and energy to commit to multiple chats and dates, which could lead to dating burnout if you’re not careful. It can be difficult enough to make time for dating one person, let alone several. It can be very embarrassing to forget things dates have told you, or get details about their lives wrong, purely because you’re juggling meetups with too many people at once. When you are burnt out by the whole process of dating, then you can easily become overwhelmed and dating anybody just seems like a chore. 

Dating somebody who is seeing multiple people 

You may be keen on only pursuing one love interest at a time, so where does that leave you if the person you are dating is seeing multiple people? Problems can develop when you get more attached, and it you may start to feel jealous and resent the fact they’re still dating. Their casual approach may suggest they aren’t looking for a relationship so you can end up getting hurt if you are hoping they will become exclusive in the end. You may have not even been on the same page about what’s going on, as the person you’re seeing might expect you are also dating multiple people. It may take time until it emerges that they are dating other people, and you may be upset when you realise you are not the only person they’ve been seeing. 

It’s worth being honest about your feelings about wanting to be exclusive and then see what their reaction is. If they say they don’t want to commit and prefer to be dating non-exclusively, then you need to decide if this is an arrangement you can tolerate being involved in. if the answer is no, then it’s time to walk away. 

In those early days of dating, it’s important to manage your expectations and not get too carried away until things have had a chance to develop. As much as you might be tempted to, asking somebody if they would consider being exclusive after only a couple of dates might risk scaring them off. There’s always a risk that if you decide to date non-exclusively, people you are meeting might want to cut ties as they prefer to have your undivided attention. 

When it comes to dating, you need to decide what works for you. Trust your gut feeling and if you prefer to date exclusively, then avoid getting involved with anybody who isn’t in the same place as you. Consider working with a matchmaker if you’d like a helping hand on your dating journey, because teaming up with the experts means you can sit back and relax while we find you amazing people to meet. 

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