Five reasons not to give up dating during the festive season

Christmas is a hectic time of year stuffed full of plans with friends, work colleagues and family. It’s such a busy period that many single people decide to put their dating plans on the backburner, waiting until the new year to pick up where they left off. 

However, a recent survey found nearly two-thirds of single people believe it is the most romantic time of year, rating it higher than Valentine’s Day. The same research found 18% feel the romance of the season sparks their desire to seek a relationship in the first place. There can be many good reasons to keep dating during the festive season, even if your schedule is jam-packed. 

While it’s important not to feel pressured into finding somebody to share the festive season with, there are plenty of benefits to dating in December. We’ve compiled five reasons why it pays to keep your search for love active rather than putting things off until the new year.  

There are more opportunities to mingle 

December is the perfect time to meet new people. Chances are you’ll be invited to various events, you’ll enjoy time off work and have a few festive nights out planned. It’s the perfect time to get chatting to new people and put yourself out there. During the winter it’s all too tempting to retreat to the sofa to snuggle under a blanket in front of the TV, but there are plenty of good reasons to get dressed up and head out in the lead up to Christmas. People can be more relaxed and cheerful as they make the most of the festive atmosphere, so it’s easier to get chatting to new people and increase your chances of a real-life meeting. 

It’s a lovely time to date 

There are also some great alternatives to the typical date ideas to make the most of the time of year.  You could get cosy under blankets at a pub enjoying mulled wine as you get to know each other better or stroll through Christmas markets. If active dates are more your thing, then try an outdoor ice rink or head to one of the numerous illuminated winter trails taking place around the country. 

It’s a good time to reassess and set goals

As the year draws to a close it is a good time to review what has worked with your dating journey and what hasn’t. Taking the time to review your dating life can help build a clearer picture of who you want to be with. As 2024 approaches it’s a good time to cut ties with people who’ve been wasting your time. You can concentrate on taking a more authentic approach to finding a partner, focusing on what you really want to get out of dating. It might involve trying a new approach, whether it’s a new app or signing up to a singles’ event. Invest some time in your dating life and you’ll feel refreshed and enthusiastic about what lies ahead. 

Keeping the momentum going 

Stay open to meeting somebody, even if you are travelling home to visit family. There are other ways to get to know somebody that don’t involve meeting up in person, including video calls and chatting via text. You may even have plans to reacquaint with a group of people you grew up with, which could open doors you weren’t expecting. If you’re in the early stages of dating somebody, avoid feeling the pressure to put a label on things too soon just because it’s Christmas. There’s no need to commit to things you’d never do at other times of year, such as meeting the family or exchanging expensive gifts, so just relax and enjoy the season at whatever pace suits you. 

You’ll start 2024 raring to go!

Rather than parking your plans for meeting somebody new, just to start again in January, it really pays to keep the momentum going throughout Christmas. You might well find somebody you are truly excited about and, if things go well, who knows where you’ll be when next Christmas rolls around! It’s also the perfect time to make an investment in your dating journey. If you are looking for a committed relationship, then working with a matchmaker can be the perfect way to achieve your goal. Our expert team at Ignite Dating specialise in headhunter matchmaking, providing you with personalised introductions to amazing people who you’ll be truly excited to meet. Joining now means you’ll start 2024 reinvigorated, knowing there is an expert working hard on your behalf to help you find the ideal person.  

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