How often should you edit your dating profile?

Hands up, are you guilty of not updating your online dating profile since the day you joined an app? Do you hardly remember creating it in the first place? Many single people omit to refresh their profile on a regular basis, instead sticking with what they wrote when they created their profile many moons ago. However, there are plenty of good arguments for giving your profile an update on a regular basis. 

If you have a careful read of your current dating biography, you may well notice some of the things you mentioned are a little out-of-date now. Perhaps it’s a passion for a TV show you can barely remember watching, or you’ve gained some new hobbies that would create a much more interesting talking point. The more unusual your interests are, the higher the chances are you will stand out from the crowd. It’s important to have a think about whether the things you have included might well have featured in dozens of profiles that somebody has already flicked through before landing on yours. 

We all know that out-of-date photos are a big no-no in profiles as they can lead to a date feeling misled if you look nothing like the image on your dating profile. It’s always worth casting a critical eye over the images you have included to see if you think they can be replaced with more recent shots. Consider photographs which have lots of personality to stand out from the crowd.

We’ve listed some quick and easy tips for ensuring your dating profile is always fresh and up to date. 

Be aware of the seasons: Seeing as the seasons often end up dictating what we do in our spare time, it’s worth changing your biography to reflect the time of year. A picture of you perched at a swim-up bar in the blazing sunshine might look a bit out of date in the depth of winter. So be mindful of the changing seasons and think about how relevant the images you’ve chosen will appear to those viewing your profile. 

Edit often: There’s no need to re-write everything from scratch, you just need to tinker with what you’ve got to see what works best. Try altering the flow of the biography or changing the wording to see what has the most impact. You can also add new photos to see what resonates better with potential matches. Action shots work well as they really help reflect what you are like and showcase your personality to likeminded people. Just ensure all the photography you use is recent!

Ask a friend for inspiration: Not everyone is a skilled writer, and many struggle to get across their most appealing attributes. It can really pay to ask a friend to help you craft a great profile as often they have a clearer insight into how to describe your personality.  A good friend can work with you to inject some fun and witty statements into your biography. It makes the process a lot more fun if you get your heads together over a glass of wine to write something that really captures who you are. 

Be honest: It’s worth casting a critical eye over your bio to assess what might not be working. Keep an eye out for clichés and saying the things that everybody says, as it is likely to make the reader’s eyes glaze over. Negativity is a big no-no in profiles as well, as it can be perceived badly and seen as a red flag by potential romantic interests, so keeping things positive to give the best first impression. Ensure there are no spelling errors or typos as these can be a real turn-off for potential matches. 

Include a question: End your profile with a question. It’s a great conservation starter and gives you a heads-up of who has read to the end!  

We’d love to hear if you have any top tips for editing your dating profile to make it shine. Share them over on our Facebook or Instagram page! 

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