Seven deadly sins of dating: why men prefer slim women

When it comes to physical appearance and attractiveness in a partner some things will never change – no matter how much we evolve. And none more so, than the commonly debated topic of body types.

Just as women tend to place more importance on their partner’s height, men put more emphasis on their partner’s shape. But why?

It’s an everyday scene amongst couples; a gentleman with a slim, attractive partner. But what is it about the average to curvy physique that causes such a sticking point when choosing the right life partner? Historically, when choosing a mate, a man would opt for a woman with a body fat percentage of 30%, which for today would be deemed a curvaceous figure.

The reason being women with a higher fat percentage were perceived to be a better prospect for the role of a mother, but the crucial point came as to where the fat was situated on her body, with the most attractive being the hips and thighs and not the waist.

However, as time went on the definition of fitness changed too. Fitness in evolutionary terms comprises of two things; survival and the ability to reproduce. A BMI of between 17 and 20 corresponds to the average BMI of someone aged 18-20 with maximal fertility and minimal risk of future disease. So evolutionarily speaking, the reason that men find slimness in females so attractive is because they equate it with youth. Even if they do not want more children, it’s in their subconscious. 

That said, there is such a thing as too skinny. You will rarely find a man pawing over a copy of vogue or watching fashion shows and scouting out the ultra-skinny models. Instead, they are more likely to be looking for a relatively slim physique coupled with that highly admired hourglass figure.

Of course, whether someone prefers a partner who is taller or heavier can vary depending on how tall or heavy that person is themselves, but ultimately just like body types there is no one size fits all.

Having a low BMI, while it may lower the risks of certain health issues such as diabetes and heart disease, it doesn’t guarantee that you are going to be free from disease later in life or able to have children. There are stories galore of slim women that have trouble to conceive or struggle with health issues, just like there are stories of more curvaceous women who have no problem living fit and healthy lives as a mother.

So, let’s start looking at body types and weight as just what they are. A figure that is not static. As we get older our body types change thanks in no small part to hormones, lifestyle changes, dietary requirements, and life stages. The chances are while your dream partner may be a petite size 6 now, 20 years down the line will they look the same? Our guess is probably not.

Next time you’re looking at a profile, disregard the photo completely. Instead, look at what it really says about the person, their values, their aspirations, their lifestyle, and their outlook on life. These are the things that will tell you all you need to know about the person and will give you far more insight into the compatibility of a relationship than a number on the scales ever will.

If you are single and looking for a more holistic way to date, then get in touch with our friendly team of expert matchmakers today. With their ongoing guidance and support, you’ll realise the things that really matter to you and find that your dating journey is far more successful with your eyes wide open.