The best opening lines to use on dating apps

First impressions are always important, and this is particularly true when it comes to breaking the ice on a dating app. There is so much competition in the online dating space, so a simple “hey” or a waving emoji often won’t cut it. These are often unpopular ways to make initial contact as many daters view them as plain lazy. An unoriginal opening line can often be ignored, which can leave you feeling fed up and exhausted by conversations that go nowhere.

The problem is going for a pickup line can feel cheesy, especially if you’ve experienced some particularly cringy openings online or IRL. You’ll recognise the type – everything from “Did it hurt when you fell, when you fell from heaven” to “I’m no photographer but I can picture us together”.  While these sorts of lines used to be confined to chatting somebody up in real life, they have made their mark in the digital world as daters try the same tactic on somebody they’d like to get to know better. With apps, you don’t have the same real-life advantage of flirty smiles and catching somebody’s eye first – so there really is a lot riding on that first line. So how do you tread the line between being too bland and too cheesy?

Ask questions

If you are chatting to lots of matches in the hope of meeting somebody special, then it can feel soul destroying to be typing the same message out again and again. Plus, it can come across as if you’ve made little effort to craft something original if you fall back on the same opener each time. A safe middle ground is to ask somebody questions about their profile to demonstrate you’ve paid attention to what they’ve said rather than just chucking them the same standard opener you’ve used on everybody else. This can be especially useful if you share the same interests, or you spot something you’d love to know more about. It also lets your date know you’ve tried rather than mass messaging to see who replies. However, sometimes a potential love interest’s profile is a bit sparse on detail or you just can’t find something you can relate to. So how can you craft something fun and original without the risk of making the other person cringe?

Quirky opening lines

While they might not be for everybody, a jokey or slightly cheesy opening line can be a good way of gauging if somebody shares the same sense of humour as you. If you try a light-hearted opening line and it does not hit the mark, it might be a hint that you and this person might not hit it off anyway. What might seem like a hilarious joke to you may fall flat when you unleash it on somebody else. If you are going down this route, there can be quite a fine art to coming up with a quip that is clever and interest-grabbing with the right amount of humour. You certainly don’t want to come on too strong, so it’s more about being fun, flirty, and helping to break the tension that can come with chatting with a stranger. Sometimes an interesting and clever question is plenty to show you’re trying while giving them something to work with in their response. You can even pose two questions in your opener which gives them the option to answer one if they don’t like the other one. You want to demonstrate you are curious to learn more about them while piquing their interest enough to reply.

Find mutual interests

Other top tips include commenting on their pet photos, as anybody who has included these is likely to be an animal lover and will be happy to chat about their beloved pet. Travel photos mean you may be able to relate to somewhere they’ve been, or you could always ask them what the best thing was about a destination they’ve visited. Have a bit of fun by asking them to describe themselves in a handful of emojis, which allows them to show off their creative side and adds a bit of fun to the chat. You can even be light-hearted about the dating fails you’ve come up against by asking them the worse opening line they’ve experienced. Asking about their favourite weekend plans gives you an idea of what they like to do which helps judge how compatible you’ll be. And remember, if you’re worried about being judged for what you type, remember often people are just happy that somebody else made the first move. And if you don’t hear back, don’t despair – inboxes get clogged up and a lack of reply is no reason to take it personally.

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