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Why September is a good time to start your dating journey

September marks the beginning of autumn; it’s the time when children return to school, the leaves begin to change and the air is filled with the smell of pumpkin-spiced lattes. 

For many people, between the ‘back to school’ mentality and the changing of the seasons (plus the slight guilt of overindulging over the summer), September also ushers in a period of change. 

And more than that. It’s less than 4 months till Christmas – and as well as causing panic buying and gift anxiety, that can trigger many people to look more seriously for a partner to potentially share the festive season.

This is perhaps why the month has been dubbed ‘cuffing season’ (and not in a Christian Grey type way!!). It’s the time when many individuals feel ready to let go of their single status and find someone to settle down with. 

In fact, September is one of the best times to start looking for love and below we’ll look at four reasons why you should start dating this month and how a matchmaker can help you on your dating journey.   

1. Summer is drawing to a close 

As the long summer days begin to disappear, people look for new excitement and new things to look forward to in the upcoming colder months. More people decide to start their dating journey at this time than any other, meaning there are more potential partners out there also looking to take things more seriously.

2. Autumn is a romantic season 

Though it’s not quite woolly jumper season, the days get shorter and often the temperature begins to drop. This can leave people craving hearty meals, autumnal walks in the park and cosy nights at home in front of the fire (or at least the telly!). Autumn can be such a romantic time of year – so make the most of it!

3. Life changes pace 

Summer is a busy time for most people. Between summer holidays, days spent sunbathing in the park, family barbecues and having just one more pint in the pub garden, it can be hard to fit everything in!

By the time September rolls around we’re usually ready for a change of pace. Plans slow down and people aren’t as busy as they were, meaning they have more free time to dedicate to finding love.

4. Looking for love ahead of the winter 

Finally, people are more inclined to couple up in the colder months, looking for someone to keep them warm during the winter. This might date back to prehistoric days but it’s just as true now!

And as we’ve said, it’s also approaching the festive season and many like to have a partner to share this time of year. Starting your dating journey in September gives you the best chance of finding love for the winter and having someone to pull your cracker on Christmas Day!!

Start your dating journey this September with the help of a matchmaker 

It’s easy to see why September can be the best time to start dating, but before you panic that the clock is already ticking, let us help! By choosing a dedicated matchmaker, you can set yourself up for dating success.

Your matchmaker will get to know you and what you want in a partner, they will then deliver the best matches to you, taking the hard work out of dating.

At Ignite Dating, we love the change of pace that Autumn brings, which is why we are dedicated to using this time wisely to help you find the right partner, just in time for those cold winter months! If you’d like to know more about our services or our talented matchmakers, get in touch today.