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Has the Coronavirus changed the dating landscape?

You’d be forgiven for feeling like we’ve all been transported back in time to the 1940s (or woken up in a Danny Boyle movie). There’s no one out on the streets, there is ongoing uncertainty about what the future holds and people are stressed about rationing their food and supplies. But we do have one thing that they didn’t have back then. Sophisticated technology!

At this stage, it’s fair to say that Coronavirus has affected almost every aspect of our daily lives. The good news is, that each new day brings us one step closer to returning to normality. That said, things won’t return to normal right away and the effects of this global pandemic are likely to be seen for years to come.

As part of this, we’re likely to see a shift in the dating landscape. There’s no denying that dating during the Coronavirus outbreak is a strange concept and many are relying on apps, agencies and virtual dates to help them connect with people. While this shift might not last forever, over the next few years we’re going to see some big changes in the dating world.

More people are looking for love

Our new-found appreciation for companionship means more people are looking for love than ever before. The ongoing lockdown has meant people are stuck at home with lots more time on their hands and in many cases no one to share it with. The result has been a spike in people registering for dating apps, sites and agencies.

These numbers are unlikely to drop just because the virus has gone – people (particularly those who had to isolate alone) will be craving human affection and relationships now more than ever. So it looks like love is going to be on the cards for many people in the coming years, even those who may have previously prioritised work, hobbies or their social life above starting a relationship.

People will take their time to look for a partner

In recent years, our lives have become all about instant gratification, being able to access a world of information at the click of a button or get 100 likes on a photo within the hour. We’re used to results being instant and thanks in no small part to dating apps, the dating world became the same.

Endlessly swiping right or left and receiving instant matches can feel more of a game than a search for love. In this post-virus world, it’s likely that we’ll see people letting go of this need for instant gratification and going back to a more old school approach, taking their time to get to know potential partners and building genuine connections with them until they find the right person.

Virtual dates will continue

Our need to stay connected with loved ones has grown in recent weeks. Can you honestly say that you used to call your parents, friends or partners as often as you do right now? This need to stay connected has led to virtual date nights, pub quizzes and family games nights. As such, it’s likely we’ll see people continuing to use virtual dates as a way of staying connected with their partners on days when they cannot be together in person, even after lockdown has lifted and life has returned to normal.

The way we date will have changed

People may also change the way they date. It’s becoming apparent that places like pubs and restaurants will be some of the last to reopen. This coupled with our new appreciation for the little things in life is likely to see couples choosing alternative dates like going for a walk or bike ride, instead just heading straight out for a drink and dinner date like they may have done in the past.

If this recent pandemic has shown you what’s important in life and you’re ready to find love, we’re here to help. While we can certainly start you on your journey to finding the right partner, we also know it’s important that we listen to Government advice. So while lockdown continues we advise that you don’t try to meet with someone new and instead make the most of technology, virtual dates and services like ours. Get in touch with our friendly team today.

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7 Virtual Date Ideas and the Apps That Can Bring You Together

With the UK on lockdown for the foreseeable future, technology and apps are playing a huge part in keeping us all connected to one another and providing us with a new wave of virtual date ideas. In fact, you may have found that you’re actually talking to friends and family more now than you ever have before! This could be due to the fact that many of us now have a lot more free time on our hands and are trying to stave off boredom and insanity while confined to our homes!

You’ve probably seen the videos that are popping up all over the Internet of funny and creative ways people are staying in touch, having fun at home and making the most of technology to stay connected. And despite these troubling times, we’re lucky enough to have this technology at our disposal to allow us to keep some degree of normality in our lives. People are able to work from home, children can continue their schoolwork and most importantly, we can retain some sort of social life despite not being able to see our friends or partners in person.

So whether you’re planning a first date or you’re in a new relationship, there are still so many ways you can have fun together and keep in touch despite being on lockdown. Below are seven virtual date ideas and the apps that can help bring you closer together. So next date night, why not consider trying one of these?

Having a games night over House Party

The House Party app has blown up since the UK went into lockdown, with people across the country using the video chat to hang out with their friends, virtually. So why not choose this platform for your date? Not only can you see and talk to one another, but the app also allows you to play games with each other. These include the app’s own version of trivia quizzes, Pictionary and charades. 

Getting to know one another on WhatsApp

Video chat might not be your first choice of date if you’ve not met before. Weirdly, it can sometimes feel more embarrassing to connect with someone via video link than in person (usually because we look a little different on a grainy camera and we never like hearing our own voice!). But this doesn’t mean you still can’t get to know your date.

Choose an evening and make sure you put some time aside when you’re not distracted with work, TV or anything else. Chat to each other via text or WhatsApp and get to know a bit more about one another. This will give you a chance to determine whether they are a good match for you.

WhatsApp is also great for connecting with your date periodically throughout the day – just don’t fall into the trap of worrying over when they were last online and if they’ve read your message. Remember, some people are continuing to work despite being at home and others have families to take care of.

Watch a movie using Netflix Party

Does your favourite date night include going to the cinema or getting cosy on the sofa and watching a movie? Well, you still can, thanks to Netflix Party. You can watch the same movie at the same time from different locations and there’s even a messaging option which allows you to discuss the film with one another (of course, you can always keep each other on the phone while watching too!). A great way of watching a movie together, even when you’re not and one of many virtual date ideas.

Cook together over Skype

Do you love sharing a meal with your partner? Whether that’s attending a cooking class, going out for dinner or cooking a romantic meal at home. The great news is that you don’t have to stop just because restaurants are closed. Why not log onto Skype and join each other as you prepare your dinner and eat it together through video chat. You might want to choose the same meal to make it feel even more authentic, but even if you don’t, having the camera set up on your kitchen table while you chat and cook can make it feel like your date is right there in the room with you.

Team up for a virtual pub quiz on Google Hangouts

As a nation, we love the pub and we also love a good pub quiz. Trivia and drinking has been a date night favourite for years and the internet is refusing to let the lockdown change that. If you love a pub quiz, there are plenty of providers and groups out there that are putting these together and hosting their quizzes on Google Hangouts, for others to enjoy. You and your date could team up (communicating via your phones) or play separately (but on the same quiz).

You might even find that your local pub is hosting their regular quiz night but now online, or that one of you has a friend who has chosen to organise the event themselves. There is plenty of quizzing going on across the nation right now, making this a great option for your virtual date.

Take an exercise class together using Zoom

Are you and your date gym buffs? If you love nothing more than to workout and enjoy an exercise class, this could make for a fun date idea – even when you can’t go to an actual class. Many personal trainers and gym owners have taken their business online since gyms were forced to close to promote social distancing. Using platforms like Zoom, they are able to connect participants from across the country via a video link, where you can all take part in the workout as instructed by your PT.

Zoom allows for multiple participants to join (as many as 100 in some cases), so you and your date can join the same class and you’ll be able to see each other as you take part.

Go for a walk and chat over a phone call or FaceTime

For many of us, going out for our daily walk and getting some fresh air is the highlight of our day, so why not share this with your date? You could simply put some headphones in and give them a call, or you might even want to video call them so they can see where you are and you can feel more like they’re there in person. FaceTime is a great app for video chats as it provides a good, clear connection so you won’t lose each other mid-way through your conversation.

Be sure to choose somewhere quiet and local to take your walk, like your local park. Just be careful to choose a spot that isn’t too crowded and be sure to practise social distancing wherever you go.

We completely support the government’s guidelines on COVID-19 and social distancing. However, just because the country is on lockdown, it doesn’t mean life has to come to a complete standstill. At Ignite Dating, we believe it’s possible to continue meeting new people and forging meaningful relationships, even though you can’t be together in person right now. Using some of our virtual date ideas, you and your love interest can set aside some time each week to get to know one another and have some fun. Don’t let lockdown stop you from finding love. Dating apps and agencies have never been more popular as people look for comfort and connectionsm so now could be the ideal time to join. Get in touch with our friendly team today.

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Tips for dating during the Coronavirus

The recent lockdown means people have A LOT more time on their hands and not being able to go out and socialise in person has forced thousands to find comfort in their smartphones. And guess what? Dating agencies and apps have seen a huge influx in people looking for love and companionship during these strange times.

Of course, if you have recently begun dating someone or you do find a good match during isolation, you won’t be able to go out and meet in person for a while. But you will have plenty of time at home to get to know one another – virtually. So why not throw it back to the days when you’d spend hours talking on the phone and really get to know one another before starting a relationship.

If, like all of us, you’re just trying to make it through this difficult time as safely and sanely as possible, whilst trying to hold onto something that resembles a normal life, here’s how to keep dating during the Coronavirus pandemic.

1. Make the most of the Internet

Let’s face it, nowadays not many people start relationships by approaching one another in the street. We rely on dating sites, apps and agencies to help us juggle our busy lives with finding the right partner. But for most of us, our busy lives have now been taken away and we’re confined to our living rooms for the foreseeable future. So it’s the perfect time to jump on the internet and get yourself signed up for a dating agency, and perhaps even download some apps on your phone.

2. Talk the night away

Whether you choose to spend your nights texting one another, or you decide to brave it and go for a phone call, being stuck inside and miles apart doesn’t have to stop you from getting to know one another. You could even set a dedicated day and time for your phone date to make it feel more like an actual date.

3. Video apps have never been more popular

Whether this is someone you’ve met before or a new connection, there are video apps popping up from everywhere right now, making it easier for people to see each other from the safety of their own homes. Apps like House Party or FaceTime allow you to video chat with one another and after a while, it really begins to feel like they’re right there in the room with you. Again, you could set aside a dedicated time for your video date, perhaps even sit and have dinner or drink with one another through video.

This is a trying time, but technology has made it possible for us to still connect with one another despite being so far away. In fact, you might find that through this experience you actually talk more with your date than you normally would and really build a great connection before you’re finally able to meet in person again.

At Ignite Dating, we understand that dating is an important part of our social lives, but it’s also important that we listen to Government advice. During this period of uncertainty, it’s vital that you don’t try and meet up with someone new. Instead, make the most of modern technology and services like ours and by the time lockdown is over, you’ll be even more excited to meet one another face-to-face. Get in touch with our friendly team today.