How working with a matchmaker can save you time

Dating can be wonderful fun, the excitement of meeting new people and experiencing new places and activities, but there’s no doubt about it – if you’re not careful, it can start to be pretty time-consuming as well.

Take online dating apps. There is often a temptation to keep scrolling and scrolling just in case your perfect partner is sat there waiting to be discovered in the countless profiles you are trawling through. Before you know it, another evening has disappeared as you’re consumed by the glow of your mobile phone screen quite often with nothing to show for it.

On average it takes 100 hours of online dating to secure a date – with no guarantee that that date will result in the happily ever after you’re searching for. It’s easy to spend days and weeks chatting with somebody online just to discover that there is zero chemistry when you meet in real life. Add to the mix the endless number of possibilities available to talk to, and many conversations just peter out to nothing after you’ve invested plenty of time swapping messages back and forward.  

Dating burnout is a real issue as well. Whether it’s as a result of spending too long pouring over dating apps or shoehorning too many dates into your already busy schedule, many daters end up exhausted and overwhelmed with the whole process. Quite often, by the time they reach this stage they are ready to give up on dating altogether.

Add to that the rising cost of living and many daters are now questioning whether they can keep up with a whirlwind schedule of sipping expensive cocktails and hitting trendy nightspots with potential love interests. And statistics show they’re not alone. Single people are now being much more selective about the amount of dates they go –  new research shows rising prices has led to 41% of people polled going on fewer dates than they used to.

Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Contrary to popular belief, dating doesn’t have to be a numbers game. There’s a simple solution to ensuring a smooth dating journey and it involves outsourcing all the hard work to the experts. Dating by design not only helps save time but can also improve your chances of finding love. Matchmakers have extensive experience and knowledge when it comes to dating. Drawing on their skills and experience, they are able to hand-select personal introductions that share the same values, aspirations, and lifestyle as you, ensuring there’s a good chance you’ll both share a connection when you meet.

Here are just a few ways matchmakers work hard on your behalf to ensure a stress-free and enjoyable dating journey.

Specialist set of skills

Matchmakers are extremely emotionally intelligent and have a sixth sense when it comes to people. They are able to use these skills to quickly decide if two people are likely to work well together, helping to ensure that every date you go on is enjoyable and minimises the risk of first dates that were never going to be right, which can ultimately leave you feeling low or dejected.

A real understanding of what you are looking for

We work closely with our clients to really understand who you are and what you are looking for in a partner. This in-depth knowledge is essential to get a thorough picture of what makes you tick and the traits and values that are most important to you in a partner, so we can introduce you to the perfect match.

You may even be surprised what you learn about yourself along the way! Many people who approach their dating journey with experts on hand end up re-evaluating what they are looking for after careful consideration of what is really important to them, following open and honest discussions with their dedicated matchmaker. All this helps to narrow down the type of person you’ll click with and enable you to reach that ultimate goal of a fulfilling and committed long-term relationship.

Support along the way

We offer a personalised and hands-on service to every client that we work with. From the initial face-to-face interview and professional photoshoot through to the dedicated support they receive as they meet and enjoy their first date with a hand-selected match and into the first steps of their new relationships, our expert matchmakers are on hand every step of the way. Many of our clients find this ongoing support invaluable in their dating journey, helping reduce the stress of navigating a search for love alone and really benefitting from having an expert on-hand at all stages of the process to offer a fresh outlook and expert advice.

Expert resources

Put simply, our matchmakers are akin to a recruitment head-hunter, helping you relax as we undertake the hard work of searching for the perfect match for you. As experts in the field, we have an extensive private network of high-calibre, professional individuals who share your goal of a long-term, committed relationship.

We also offer industry-leading personality profiling to really understand whether two people will work well together, as well as expert-written profiles and professional photos to highlight you in the best possible way to potential partners and help to secure that perfect relationship for you.

While we’ve had multiple successes who have found love on their first or second match, it’s likely your dating journey will feature a few introductions before you find that perfect partner you are looking for. So, it’s important to not put too much pressure on each date and know that working with a matchmaker will help you feel more positive and happier as you make your way on your dating journey. Working with an expert matchmaker makes navigating the dating landscape a lot more enjoyable than taking it on alone, it helps build confidence in yourself and what you have to offer to a potential match as well as offering safety and security knowing that everyone you are introduced to has been ID-checked. And, if that wasn’t enough, what could be a better result than a perfect match with somebody who really shares your values, aspirations, and goals in life?

If you are looking for a more efficient and successful way to date, give our expert matchmaking team a call to find out more about how we can help you in your search for love.


Why do people behave so badly in the digital dating world?

We are all familiar with the bad behaviour that takes place on online dating apps. From ghosting to breadcrumbing, and everything in between, you may have experienced first-hand the emotional hazards that are commonplace in the digital dating world.

Daters have to navigate a plethora of online dating bad behaviours, explains a recent BBC article examining the phenomenon, with women disproportionately affected.

The piece cited recent research which discovered 35% of respondents say somebody had sent them an “explicit message or image they didn’t ask for” on a dating app, which rose to 57% among female daters aged 18 to 34. In that age group, 44% reported that somebody had called them an offensive name on a dating app or site, and 19% of young women say they’ve been threatened with physical harm via apps, compared with 9% of people overall.

Infidelity is disappointingly common as well. A team of researchers found 42% of people with a profile on the dating site they examined were married or in a relationship – but still seeking dates.

Poor conduct online is often found to be a result of the courage people gain from hiding behind a screen, leading them to say and do things they would never do in real life. When you think about it, it’s a lot less scary to approach somebody for a date via a text conversation than it is to ask them in person. However, the problem comes when the semi-anonymous nature of the apps makes people feel like they can get away with emotional abuse and bad behaviour.

The BBC article also points out that apps encourage a numbers-game approach to dating, with daters feeling they need to cast their nets as widely as possible to be in with the best chance of finding a good match. This can lead to people moving quickly from one conversation to another, ghosting those they don’t see as worth getting to know better or ‘trading up’ when somebody else catches their eye.

As Leah LeFebvre, associate professor in communication studies at the University of Alabama, told the author of the article, daters can simply melt away or disappear in the digital world. Shockingly, another study  found 74% of respondents thought ghosting was an appropriate way to end a relationship.

Dating with caution

The problem, many experts point out, is that with these bad behaviours has grown a type of weary acceptance by daters to expect – and even accept – this sort of treatment as they search for love online.

Social researcher Dr Joanne Orlando recently wrote in the Guardian that we may lull ourselves into a false sense of security by fobbing off this sort of behaviour as typical, or believing that it doesn’t matter because it’s happening online. She argues that the behaviour we experience digitally can have far-reaching ramifications into our daily lives, eroding how we think we deserve to be treated. We’re at our most vulnerable when we’re dating and the more we encounter these sorts of behaviours, the more damaged we become. Her article concludes that it is time to view online dating as no different from other forms of dating, making sure standards aren’t dropped for the people who treat you badly simply because they think they can get away with it because you are chatting via an app. As with all new relationships, it’s important to walk away if the person you are dating behaves badly and ensure you don’t excuse their behaviour just because it took place online.

On a more optimistic note, the BBC article points out that many daters who experience first-hand this sort of dating bad behaviour have vowed to concentrate on kindness and doing better in their interactions online, making sure they never hurt somebody in the same way.

Working with a matchmaker

Despite the pitfalls, online dating apps remain a popular way to look for love. However, many weary daters are now looking for a new way to date. Matchmaking has been rising in popularity in recent years as an antidote to burnout with an app-based search for love. Fed up with endless swiping and having online conversations fizzle out to nothing, daters are turning to the experts to find the long-term committed relationships they’ve been searching for.

Matchmakers are experts at really understanding what somebody is looking for in a partner and providing hand-selected introductions to people who share their family values, goals, and outlooks on life. There is also the element of third-party accountability. If people know they are going to be pulled up on poor behaviour, they are less likely to do it. Many daters are finding the benefits of opting for an in-person aspect to dating, turning their back on hours of swiping to find a date, and instead outsourcing the hard work to the experts. They then reap the rewards by enjoying great dates with people who are really worth getting to know!

Here at Ignite Dating we use a unique mix of expert intuition, our extensive private network and personality profiling to make recommendations for the perfect partner. We take all the hard work out of searching for a good match, providing you with plenty of support and advice along the way so you can just concentrate on an enjoyable dating journey. Why not give us a call today and find out how we can help you with your search for love!