The best date ideas for spring

Do you feel a lot more optimistic about dating when spring finally rolls around? According to a recent survey, 74% of single people reported a positive impact on their dating lives when the weather finally starts to improve after the long winter months. Dubbed ‘blue sky dating’42% of those polled said the lighter evenings made dating feel easier and more than a third said they feel happier in general at this time of year.

The arrival of spring can be the perfect time to revamp your dating journey, allowing you to take advantage of a range of exciting date ideas now the weather is finally warming up. The changing seasons can energise your dating habits, with the desire to hibernate during the colder months a thing of the past. This time of year can also be a good catalyst for change as well, perhaps giving you the push you need to shed lingering exes or situationships that are going nowhere. The warmer months tempt a lot more people to get out the house and social calendars are more packed as a result. Data also shows a huge spike in messages being sent on dating apps at this time of year.

There is something so refreshing about being able to finally pack away your winter gear and dress up for exciting evening outings that are packed full of potential.  We’ve shared a selection of spring date ideas to provide inspiration, whether you are meeting somebody new or looking to mix up your date nights with your long-term partner.

Get outside: Are you itching to get out of the house? Sometimes the simplest date ideas are the best, and you could do worse than taking a stroll at your local park. You could take a romantic getting-to-know-you better walk to admire the flowers in bloom or pause for a picnic if it is warm enough. As the cost of living continues to bite, it’s a nifty cheap date idea and allows for plenty of chat if it’s the first time you’ve met. If you are both animal lovers, you could even bring your four-legged friends along.

Share an activity: Make the most of the (hopefully) milder weather by planning an active date. You don’t have to don your activewear to take on a shared activity, a casual bike ride can be a lovely way to spend time together and explore different areas. Feeling competitive? Mini golf can be a lot of fun and gives you plenty of conversation starters if it’s the first time you’ve met. Feeling brave? There are plenty of outdoor lidos if you don’t mind a slightly bracing dip!

Seek out tasty food trucks: Street food has become incredibly popular in recent years and can be found dotted around various city and rural locations. Take advantage of the warmer weather and perch on a bench once you’ve got your hands on some tasty treats. It’s not as formal as a restaurant date but gives you plenty of time to bond over some truly delicious food, whether it’s tasty tacos, diving into a selection of sushi or sampling new flavours of artisan ice cream. 

Enjoy al fresco drinks: Those beer gardens and rooftop terraces are finally reopening, throwing open all sorts of possibilities to mix up your date nights. It can be a lovely feeling to soak up the last rays of sunshine as you take in the view, or settling down with a bottle of wine at a quaint village pub. You also benefit from instant shelter if you encounter an unfortunate April shower!

Take a day trip: Longer days give you plenty of time to take a trip somewhere new for a fun day out. Perhaps you fancy getting to the seaside for a long shoreline walk and sharing fish and chips as the sun sets. You could visit a theme park to share in an adrenaline-fuelled date to remember, or perhaps a sedate trip to a stately home is more up your street. An escape from your day-to-day can be a refreshing way to switch off and really make the most of your time together.

Have you decided spring is the perfect opportunity to reinvigorate your dating journey? Chat to the experts at Ignite Dating, who are here to help you achieve your dream of a loving long-term relationship. Your matchmaker will ask the right questions to gain an insight into what you are looking for in a partner, as well as making recommendations of people who could be a good match, leaving you free to enjoy some truly amazing dates!