Too many fish in the sea? Here’s why you should only date one person at a time

Are you tired of the constant swiping, answering the same questions over and over again and seeing potential partners fizzle out to nothing only to end up at the bottom of your inbox?

It sounds like you could be on your way to dating burnout, and there are probably several reasons for this.

Constantly starting new conversations, talking to multiple people at once and never knowing if someone is being honest with you can take its toll on even the most resilient singles. Yet, so many people are still taking this multi-approach to dating.

If any of this sounds familiar, this blog post is for you. Below, we’re going to take a look at why dating just one person at a time could actually be the answer to your dating problems and why the talented matchmakers at Ignite Dating prefer this approach.

Why do people default to dating multiple people?

In a recent news story, a young TikTok content creator shared how she had asked for feedback from a Tinder match when he ghosted her after just two dates.

His reply? Well, with so many options available, he didn’t want to be tied down.

And it seems to be the case for lots of people out there. This is just one of the key reasons that so many single people choose to use saturated dating apps and date multiple people at once, others include the fact that:

  • They are experimenting with dating
  • They are trying to avoid starting a relationship too quickly
  • They are not ready to start dating properly
  • They are looking for validation and attention from different sources
  • They are keeping their options open
  • They are letting their libido make decisions for them
  • They believe there are plenty of fish in the sea

Why dating multiple people can do more harm than good

Dating is the discovery phase during a (potential) relationship. It’s the point at which you ask questions, start getting to know one another and look for any major red flags. Without fully embracing this stage and giving each match the time to carry out this essential due diligence, you could end up with the wrong person.

After all, if you blindly bluster through the dating journey, seeing multiple people, you might find you end up ignoring red flags that could become an issue at a later date. Not only that, but you will find that by keeping your options open, you essentially become emotionally unavailable and sit on the fence when on a date. This means that you might miss out on some potentially great connections and relationships because you were too focused on whether something better is on the horizon rather than concentrating on the opportunity right in front of you. 

Worse still, if you have a pattern of being involved with, for instance, emotionally stunted partners or those who cheat, you might end up just dating the same person over and over again. And you should always avoid dating an ex (or someone very similar to an ex).

All of the above is exactly why multiple dating can be heartbreaking, confusing and, let’s face it, stressful!

Why our matchmakers believe in setting up one match at a time

Now, don’t get us wrong, we’re not saying that you can’t have fun on your dating journey, and you can’t meet multiple people before settling down. However, our talented team of matchmakers prefer to work on a one match at a time basis. Ultimately, this is a method that has proven successful time and time again.  

To do this, they will get to know you and what you want from a relationship by using the perfect combination of Myers-Briggs personality profiling, experience, intuition and their extensive private network. This way, they can match you with like-minded, successful singles who complement you and your lifestyle.

And by dating just one person at a time, you are more likely to be emotionally available, build genuine connections and be your authentic self when out on dates. You’re also more likely to recognise if someone isn’t right for you before you’ve dedicated too much time to the relationship.

So, if you’re tired of dating apps and you’re ready to find someone who you share a genuine connection with, get in touch with the team at Ignite Dating today. As an elite matchmaking consultancy, our expert team of matchmakers are on hand to help you every step of the way.

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