How your extraversion tendencies can increase your chances of love

Dating was made for those with extraversion traits right? All that socialising, putting yourself out there, meeting new people – it’s bound to come naturally to those of us who thrive on getting their energy from the people and things around them.

While it’s certainly fair to say that those with extraversion traits may have an advantage when it comes to dating, it’s worth understanding in more detail what an extraversion personality is, and more importantly what it can mean when it comes to your dates. Armed with this information, you can ensure you’re approaching your dating journey mindful of any potential pitfalls.

In a nutshell, extraversion means you draw your energy from time spent with other people and active involvement in a lot of different activities. Often described as friendly, outgoing, talkative, enthusiastic, gregarious and a people person, they tend to have a wide circle of friends, a multitude of different interests and enjoy meeting new people. While those with introversion tendencies crave solitude, extraversion personalities can feel uninspired and listless when they are alone for long stretches of time and would much prefer the company of others.

You can see why dating may seem a lot less daunting to those of us with an ‘E’ in our Myers-Briggs Type Indicator test score. There is also research to suggest that those with extraversion personalities outnumber introversions three to one, so you’re bound to encounter plenty of fellow extraversion souls as you embark on your search for the perfect partner. This is certainly good news if you tend to seek out somebody who is like you in both personality and character.

While extraversion certainly lends itself to enjoying dates without the trepidation, there are some tips which are worth bearing in mind if you are looking for love.

Remember, introversion personalities will have a totally different approach to dates

The big thing to remember is that while extraversion personalities may outnumber introversions, you may well find yourself dating somebody with a different personality type to you. As we touched on in last week’s blog, those with introversion personality traits can often find the whole process of socialising draining. It can take time for them to feel relaxed and confident enough to be themselves as you get to know them. If you’re dating someone with introversion tendencies, be mindful of these traits. Organise date venues they’ll appreciate – while you may enjoy a noisy, bustling venue, they won’t appreciate having to shout over loud music. Instead, stick to quieter settings which allow for meaningful conversations and the chance to really get to know each other.

It’s also worth remembering their need for space. While those with extraversion traits may be happy having a jam-packed schedule, an introversion person prefers time to decompress after socialising. Recognise that their reluctance to book in date number two before you’ve even reached the main course might not be a sign they are not into you, they simply may just need time to recharge before embarking on another meeting. Remember that differing personality types can be a great mix in a relationship – offering opportunities for one side to slow down and increase introspection, while on the other hand helping the other meet new people and try new experiences – so embrace it!

Keep an eye on that diary

As someone who enjoys the company of others, you thrive on packing your diary with plenty of social plans to look forward to. Your schedule was probably fairly busy before you even started dating, with plenty of catch-ups with friends, work events and fitness classes on the agenda. However, it can be awfully tempting to get carried away once you start dating, especially if you’ve gone down the route of countless conversations and dates via app-based online dating channels. Remember though, you’re only human and there are only so many hours in a day! Take your time getting to know each new person you meet and you’ll avoid dating burnout. On the flip side, your packed calendar can represent how you are quite at home leading your own life and will set the tone for plenty of independence in a new relationship.

Be prepared to slow things down

If you’re dating a fellow extraversion personality then you can risk a situation where things move too quickly. Your shared love of hitting the town every night, then talking into the early hours, is wonderful but could lead to overload and exhaustion if you’re not careful. It’s great that you’re having a good time but recognise there is no harm in slowing things down sometimes. It’ll just make the reunion even sweeter when it comes!

Remember, you’ve got lots to give

Dating nerves can hit anybody, no matter how sociable or independent they may be. If you are new to dating, or just a little uncertain, remember your extraversion traits stand you in good stead. Generally, those with extraversion personalities are great communicators, good at listening as well as talking, and adept at drawing people into meaningful conversations. Your love of learning about new people makes you fun to chat with, and you’re likely to feel engaged and invigorated by a wide range of different date types.

A matchmaker can help you find the perfect match

No matter how confident you are on your dating journey, you still need to find the right person to achieve the ultimate goal of that long-term, committed relationship. This is where our experienced matchmakers come in. Working hard on your behalf to find the perfect like-minded individual, we use Myers-Briggs personality profiling, intuition, our extensive private network, and plenty of expert experience to hand-select individuals who perfectly complement your personality and lifestyle.

So, while our matchmakers take the hard work out of finding that special person, you can start planning the perfect first date. And just think of the fun you can have once you’ve been introduced to that person you share perfect chemistry with!

If you are looking for that person who really shares your love of living life to the full, then give our team a call today. As an elite matchmaking consultancy, we’ve got the skills and experience to really understand what you are looking for in a partner and we’ll help you every step of the way. 

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