Why you shouldn’t be afraid to make the first move

We are taught very early on in our lives that men love the chase and that playing hard to get is the best way for women to capture their attention. But this is simply not the case.

In 2021, we must ditch those outdated rules that shame women who choose to make the first move. After all, it’s never easy to make the first move when you like someone, especially if you’re more of an introvert. But taking this step becomes a lot easier if you give yourself permission to do so.

So, if you’ve been debating whether to ask someone out for a while now or been wondering whether to be the first to express your feelings, we’re here to explain why you shouldn’t be afraid to make the first move and more importantly, why you shouldn’t judge yourself when you do.

Good things come to those who go out and get them

You’ve probably heard the famous saying, good things come to those who wait, but that just isn’t true.

Think about it; if you want a new phone, you don’t just sit at home hoping that someone will magically bring one to your door – you go out, and you get one. Much in the same way that when you want that promotion at work, you don’t just sit on the sidelines and hope for results. Instead, you speak to your boss, explain why you deserve it, and then work hard to prove it.

And the same rules apply in the dating world.

If you sit back and wait for someone to come to you, what’s to stop another successful single from snapping them up before you get the chance?

Nothing! This is why you should never be afraid to get out there and make the first move. Those that get up and chase what they want are more likely to succeed, and that applies to relationships too.

Don’t live with regrets

They say in the end that we regret the things that we don’t do in life, not the things that we do, and it is often those missed opportunities that hurt the most.

And when it comes to dating the same is true. Sitting back and waiting for the perfect partner to come to you could leave you lonely and full of regret, especially as you see those closest to you or even those old crushes settle down and enjoy happy, long-lasting relationships.

So instead of spending years thinking ‘what if’ or ‘what could have happened’, you need to take the chance yourself and make a move. And hey, even if it doesn’t work out in the end, at least you know you did all you could, and you won’t be left regretting the move you never made.

Don’t leave anything to chance

If you leave it to someone else to make the first move, there is a lot of ambiguity and room for confusion. While you may think that you are sending out all the right signals and flashing that green light, if the other person hasn’t picked up on them or the signs aren’t showing off how you’re really feeling, you’re leaving everything to chance.

After all, they might be confused about whether you’re open to a relationship or what you expect from them. And if they are just as unsure about making that first move as you, you could both find that the opportunity passes you by with neither of you ever taking that step. Whereas, if you make that first move yourself, you leave nothing to chance as you know exactly what you want and can start as you mean to go on in your new dating journey.

Timing is everything

Finally, timing is everything, and if you wait for the ‘perfect’ moment, you could find it’s too little too late.

While we understand that you might want to wait for a great hair day, for a day when the sun is shining, or for a day when Mercury is in retrograde, you may find that you will be waiting a while. And by the time all those perfect instances align; you might find that your crush has moved on and found someone else or perhaps even relocated too far from you.

So essentially, what we’re saying is, don’t sit back and wait for what you want or it might be too late. Make that first move and get your dating journey off to an exciting start – you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

If sitting around and waiting for that perfect partner hasn’t worked for you so far, get in touch with our friendly team and find out how they can give you the confidence to start your dating journey and change your dating game.

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