Why summer can be the best time to date

If you’re the sort of person who can’t wait to swap your winter boots for flip-flops, and you hit the beaches and parks the minute the mercury rises, then there’s a good chance you’re a fan of summer dating as well.

Summer can feel like a magical time to date, giving us sun-starved Brits plenty of opportunities to relish in the longer days and warmer weather. The winter months seemingly last forever and when the summer finally rolls around there’s suddenly a raft of new opportunities at your fingertips which are perfect for sharing with somebody special.

With the need to take shelter in the cosiest indoor spot finally behind us, there are numerous opportunities which add some spice to your dating journey in the warmer months. Think happy hour at rooftop bars, romantic picnics in the park, outdoor live performances and plentiful of al fresco drinks in sun-soaked pub gardens.  

Then there’s the fact we all feel a bit brighter over the summer months. It can certainly be hard to feel your best when you are swamped in layers marching through the drizzle in November. It’s much easier to put your best foot forward in the warmer months by rocking a healthy glow, thanks to embracing your chilled-out summer wardrobe and sporting a tan (whether it’s thanks to a regular spray tan appointment or all that time you’ve been enjoying outside).

Everyone seems a bit more relaxed, and the days become more fluid as you leave office drinks to flit to the next impromptu barbecue or drinks party. It can be easier to meet people when everybody is out and about making the most of the increased opportunities to socialise.  

Summer flings can go hand-in-hand with the season, and this is something to be aware of if you’re looking for something which’ll last past the August bank holiday. Ever heard of freckling? It refers to casually getting involved with somebody over the summer months just to lose interest again as the colder weather rolls around. The person may pop back into your dating life again next year – but only when the weather is nice. If you’re looking for a more long-term relationship, then it is worth being mindful of what the other person is looking for by sounding out each other’s expectations early on in your dating journey.   

If a temporary summer romance is more your bag, then it is also only fair to check the person you’re dating is on the same page to avoid autumn heartbreak. Plus, you never know, what started as a casual micro-romance may blossom into something more as you find yourself reluctant to part ways come the cooler months.

There can also be less pressure in the early days of a summer relationship due to there being no significant holidays in the calendar to navigate. Christmas and New Year’s Eve, for example, can cause the added pressure of feeling the need to define your relationship status as you enjoy festive gatherings and parties together. It’s the time of the year that can also leave you wondering whether it’s too soon to swap Christmas presents with a new partner or invite them along to a family gathering.  

Even if you’ve been in a relationship for a while, summer can provide plenty of opportunities to mix up your dating journey. The temptation to mooch on the sofa with the latest boxset can go out the window when there’s plenty of fun to be enjoyed outdoors. You can really mix up your date nights with a fun shared activity, whether it’s enjoying an outdoor movie, paddleboarding down the local river, or gazing at the stars over a firepit in the garden.

Of course, summer dating may not appeal to everybody. The thought of applying make-up in the sweltering heat or wading through crowds of revellers looking for the last outdoor table in town may not sound particularly enticing if, deep down, you prefer the roar of a log-fire and a cosy pub date mid-winter. Nothing can quite top the disappointment of an all-too-predictable summer shower as you’ve just settled down to romantic supper in the garden. If this sounds like you, don’t give into the pressure to have the perfect Instagrammable summer of love – just do what suits you best.

If you’re looking to up your dating game in the coming months, it can be invaluable to seek out the support of a matchmaker to find somebody you’ll truly enjoy sharing time with. A matchmaker can work with you to understand exactly what you’re looking for in a long-term, committed relationship. They then use an expert mix of personality profiling, their extensive experience, private network, and intuition to recommend hand-selected individuals who’ll perfectly align with your goals and outlook on life. So, as the weather heats up and the summer fun kicks off in earnest, you’ll be in the best place to have a year to remember!

If you’re looking to up your dating game this summer, why not give our expert team at Ignite Dating a call? They can work closely with you to really understand your aspirations, goals, and life values, introducing you to incredible people you’ll really share a connection with.

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