Why it’s important to be open-minded about dating

We’ve all been there, you’re getting ready for a first date or you’re discussing a new match with your friends and you’re going over and over that list in your mind.

What if they’re not tall enough?

What if they’re not very sporty?

What if they don’t earn as much as me?

What if they don’t like to read books?

What if they’re really into football?

Well, when you find yourself stuck in this train of thought and you begin going through your laundry list of ‘what ifs’ in your head, we challenge you to answer your own questions with – so what?!

It’s time to be realistic

From a young age we begin painting a fairytale picture of our ideal mate in our heads, over the years we add or tweak their personality a little to match our own, but the new version rarely strays far from the original.

And of course, we all have ‘types’ and certain things that we find attractive in a partner, but if you’re not willing to budge even slightly from the Prince Charming or Cinderella you’ve created in your mind, then I’m sorry to say you might be disappointed.

It’s a fact of life that not everyone can live up to our expectations, especially if you’ve set the bar pretty high! So when you’re dating it’s important that you meet every potential partner with an open mind.

And no, we’re not saying you should compromise on the important aspects of a relationship. Of course you need to find your partner attractive and share the same dreams, but what we’re saying is don’t turn someone down because they don’t conform to your usual ‘shopping list’.

Find someone who isn’t your typical ‘type’

If you’ve been chasing the same ‘type’ of person for years now without being particularly lucky in love, this should be a sign that perhaps you need to update your dating profile. And no, we don’t mean the one you have on Tinder, we mean how you profile others and what you’re looking for in a partner.

By being more flexible and open-minded while dating, or perhaps even steering clear of your typical ‘type’ altogether (if you’ve had nothing but a string of toxic relationships), could be the key to finding love.

Life is not a list – but it is too short!

If there’s one thing you should take away from this article today, it’s that life is not a tick-list, not everything goes to plan and sometimes we have to grow and adapt. And this is how you should approach the dating world. Life is too short to spend it lonely and looking for the ‘perfect’ partner.

Because let’s face it, no one is perfect and that’s what makes us all unique! So next time you look at someone’s profile or you’re told ‘Sam is great but…’ be a bit more open-minded. Decide whether these things are deal-breakers. And if they’re not, then meet with them and do it with an open mind. You might even find something you never knew you were looking for!

At Ignite Dating, we use a mixture of Myers Briggs personality profiling, intuition and our expertise to match you with potential partners. Using this system we’ll find individuals that we believe will complement your lifestyle – even if they’re not your typical ‘type’. If you’d like to know more about our services or if you’d like to join Ignite, get in touch with our friendly team today.

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