The seven deadly sins of dating: why women prefer tall men

It’s a common sight amongst couples; a tall gentleman walking down the street holding hands with a lady shorter than him. But what is it about height that seems to cause such a stir when choosing the right partner?

Looking back through evolution, it can be argued that women preferred to partner up with a taller man as they were deemed stronger and more capable of fighting off physical threats towards his family. But despite humanity becoming more civilised over the centuries and physical threats at a minimum, that idea of a taller gentleman being a better mate seems to remain.

History has shown that there is something appealing about taller men. From TV shows to movies and even in real life, men in successful positions (whether Company Directors or Prime Ministers) are more likely to be of a grander stature than their colleagues.

And it seems there is a psychological explanation for this. Their leadership abilities may lie in the fact that generally, taller men have higher self-esteem, are happier and less likely to feel jealous or insecure around other men. As a result, women tend to gravitate towards men over 6ft tall, believing that they are more successful and secure than their counterparts.

But with the average height of a UK man being 5ft 9”, where does that leave our shorter counterparts today?

Firstly, height is just a number. If you think about it logically, being tall doesn’t necessarily mean you are stronger, smarter, or more successful. It also doesn’t guarantee that your relationship is going to be any more long-lasting than if you were to date a gentleman who was three inches shorter. The only certainty it offers is that you are dating a gentleman who is taller than you – and really in the grand scheme of life that isn’t anything to write home about!

Secondly, if you take a moment to stop and think about the things that are really important to you, where would height come into it? Our guess (and from proven experience) when everything else aligns such as values, aspirations, lifestyle, those lack of inches are not as vital as first perceived to be.

After all, would you rather have a gentleman who is the same height or slightly taller than you but who loves you, supports you, works with you towards your shared goals and is respectful and loving or someone who doesn’t share much in the way of values and aspirations but who is that perceived perfect height of 6ft plus?

Obviously, the answer is a no brainer!

So next time you’re looking over a profile and you catch sight of their height, ignore it. Instead look at the things that really matter; the kind of person they are, the dreams they wish to achieve in the future and envision how you fit into their storyline. We can promise you, only then, will you achieve a more fulfilling and stronger relationship.

If you are single and looking for a way to declutter that checklist and concentrate on the important things, then get in touch with our friendly team today. Our expert matchmakers are on hand to bring clarity to your dating journey and open up your expectations to allow that perfect partner to walk into your life and enjoy a happily ever after together.

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