What happens when your friends don’t like your partner?

It is so exciting to find somebody you really share a connection with, that special person who makes you happy. So, when it comes to integrating them into your social circles, it can be extremely upsetting to discover your friends don’t like the person you are seeing. It may be obvious that they’ve taken a dislike to your new partner, or you may be left with a creeping suspicion they aren’t a fan.

Perhaps, for you, it is the other way around and you’ve experienced being in the position where you really don’t like somebody a good friend is seeing. It can be awkward every time they bring them up and difficult when they want to invite them along to a social gathering. It can take a toll on your friendship if you are unenthusiastic about their choice of partner. So why do issues like this exist?

Spotting red flags

If you have a creeping feeling that your close friend isn’t impressed by your choice of partner, they may go quiet when you talk about the things you do together or show little interest in getting to know them better. Friends are often who you turn to when things aren’t too rosy in your relationship and they might not be as forgiving about your partner’s behaviour as you decided to be, plus they aren’t as involved in the making up stages so don’t get a whole picture of what went on. Your friend may have decided to be more upfront about matters, making sceptical comments about your choice of partner or stating they think you could do better.

While it may be tough, it is important to hear what they have to say, even if you are upset that they are judging the relationship. It is possible they have seen something you haven’t in their position as an outsider, especially when you are being swept along in the heady honeymoon stage of the relationship. They may be looking out for you, and because you are so infatuated you may be missing red flags about your new partner that others have spotted. It can help to listen to them as they may have valid points about how you are being treated or they may raise something they’ve spotted in your partner’s behaviour.  True friends will have your best interests at heart so are likely to mean well by raising any concerns they have about your partner, so be wary that reacting badly can hurt your friendships. In these situations, you can weigh up what a friend is trying to tell you. Be open-minded and grateful for their input, even if it can be tempting to be defensive. You may also have suspicions their dislike of your partner is coming from a different place, such as jealousy or disliking the fact your friendship has changed.

When you don’t like a friend’s partner

It’s worth really weighing up why you’re not keen on this person. Is it due to a personality clash? Is it because you’re craving time alone with your friend and you’re fed up with them arriving as a couple at every social event? Or are you truly concerned that the person they are seeing isn’t treating them right? If you really feel strongly that this isn’t the person for them, then it might be time to speak up. However, if it’s more about you than them, then it may be best to keep quiet. If you do decide to voice your concerns, it pays to tread carefully and sow the seeds that something is amiss to let your friend have the time to reach their own conclusion.

It may be worth investing some time in discovering if you do have any shared interests or common ground with a friend’s partner, as you may just have not hit it off initially. Though they may never be your cup of tea, it’s worth recognising they make your friend happy. If you want to spend more one-on-one time with your friend, it’s worth being upfront and making the request so they know how you feel rather than resenting their partner for depriving you of time with your pal.

At the end of the day, it’s also worth realising that accepting the situation can be the easiest way to harmony with your friend, and it saves you getting more and more wound up about the situation. Perhaps it won’t work out in the long run anyway, and you’ll be relieved you’ve not said or done anything you’ll regret. It can also pay to be careful about what you say after they split just in case they eventually decide to get back together!

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the issue of friend’s partners. Have you ever struggled to get along with a friend’s significant other? Have you experienced friends not liking your choice of partner? Share your thoughts over on Facebook or Instagram!

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