What makes an award-winning dating agency?

In the UK alone, there are 480 dating agencies. Add to this, over 1,400 online dating sites and apps and it is clear that the dating industry is highly saturated. However, like anything, there are varying levels when it comes to the success of the business and the quality of the service that they provide.

So, how do you figure out who or where is the best fit for your journey?


When it comes to dating, there are a whole host of emotions attached to it. Whether you are separated, divorced, bereaved or simply single for a long time, getting back out in the dating game can often be a vulnerable journey so it’s really important that anyone who is guiding you is reputable and has the correct experience.

Before you choose which dating platform to go with, be sure to conduct your own due diligence and research on the company or an individual before putting your trust in them. If they are reputable and experienced there should be plenty of reviews, ratings, and references available to you which will indicate the level and quality of their work.

Awards and accreditations are also a sign of a high-standard, legitimate, and quality agency or individual.

At Ignite Dating we pride ourselves on the quality of our service, going above and beyond the industry-standard to provide a dating journey that leaves clients feeling confident, energised and most importantly, safe. It is no surprise then, that as a company we invest in the best available training for our matchmakers and why we are the only matchmaking agency in the UK that’s full team of matchmakers undergoes training and accreditation from the Matchmaking Institute – the world’s only organisation authorised to issue certification in the field of matchmaking.

Not only that, but in the last year we have received five award recognitions for our service with many more in the pipeline in the coming months including:

Ignite Dating does it again at the Prestige Awards this time for London South East

These accolades are not only great for us to achieve from a business perspective, but recognition like this can give you a much-deeper insight into the way that the agency works and help you determine whether they really have your best interests at heart.

Making a choice

If you’ve found an agency or matchmaker that you can be open and honest with, who understands who you are and what you are looking for and comes with an array of experience, testimonials, and accolades that back up their claims, then it sounds like they could be the right agency for you.

Because let’s face it, finding the right dating professional can be half the battle.

So, instead of spending yet more money, time and attention aimlessly searching for that special person, why not let the experts’ put things into focus and help you find that perfect partner you’ve been searching for. You may be surprised by how much quicker your journey can be once you’ve put your faith and trust in the professionals.

If you are looking for a matchmaking agency that understands who you truly are and the traits that are most important to you and who has a multitude of experience, testimonials, and accolades to back up their claims, then look no further than Ignite Dating. Get in touch with our friendly team of expert matchmakers to find out how they can help you on your journey to success.

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