What does quality look like in the dating world?

If you type dating agencies in the UK into Google, you’ll be met with an overwhelming number of possible agencies that all claim to be the ‘perfect partner’ for your dating journey. But with hundreds of agencies out there all offering slightly different services but promising the same results, how do you weed out the good from the bad and find the right agency for you?

While it can be overwhelming to go through them all, there are some subtle but powerful ways that can determine whether an agency is going to be right for you, and a major part of it lies in how they are set up.


Over the last few years more and more boutique agencies have been popping up with promises of extensive networks and resources to help you find your partner, but the problem with these is that they are usually run by one person. While you may be fooled into thinking that working with a single matchmaker will provide you with personalised 1-1 support whenever you need it, in reality it reduces the amount of time that they can spend working for you as that time needs to be spread across all their clients. 

To give you more insight to this, you can have a look on Companies House. If the agency you are considering has a low turnover, then it is often a reflection of the amount of clients, team and resources that they have to deliver service. Matchmaking, when done effectively, is a team effort and it takes a number of different people with varying skillsets and professional qualifications working together to provide a safe, enjoyable, and successful dating journey. From our copywriters to our coaches, stylists to matchmakers and everyone else in-between, our team works together to ensure that your journey is seamless from start to finish. 


Matchmaking goes far beyond the practice of simply matching two people together. After all, anyone can do that, but it doesn’t mean it will be successful. Instead, you should be looking at agencies that invest in industry training and relevant qualifications for their matchmakers. At Ignite Dating, our team of matchmakers all undergo qualifications with the Matchmaking Institute in addition to extensive in-house training. Add to this the fact that the agency’s founder, Michelle Begy, is Myers-Briggs and FIRO certified and a science based coach, our matchmaker Samantha Rowland-Jones is not only a qualified matchmaker but also a Myers-Briggs certified coach, along with Julie Drummond, an established and accredited dating coach. This means you can be sure that your introductions are based on recognised and psychologically backed profiling and matching techniques, as well as many years’ experience in the trade.


Dating is a personal journey, and you want to make sure that the agency you select has stringent policies around data compliance and security of your personal information. Ignite Dating places a strong emphasis on discretion, privacy, and confidentiality. Our agency is ICO compliant and utilises the highest levels of security for its database, which means that you can be sure that any information you provide remains private and secure at all times. Our team is dedicated to upholding the highest standards of professionalism and discretion, providing our clients with peace of mind as they embark on their search for love.

Personal touch

Having a team of people around you doesn’t mean that you lose the personal touch. In fact, at Ignite Dating we pride ourselves on offering award-winning customer service to our clients from the moment that they enquire through to them finding true love. Everyone that joins, has been met face-to-face with a dating consultant, regardless of where you are based and your availability as we offer evening and weekend appointments around the UK as standard. This gives us the chance to meet you at a place and time that suits so we can get to know the softer aspects of your personality as well as what you tell us during the meeting, so that we can work with you in a way that is right for your personality and your individual needs. 

Not only that, but there are multiple touch points along the way before you’re even ready for matching. This is to ensure that you not only understand what to expect from your dating journey, but also ensure that you have everything you need to leave you feeling confident, energised, and safe throughout. At Ignite Dating, we don’t just take anyone on. Our clients have all been verified and ID-checked to ensure that they are indeed single and suitable matches for our other clients. This thorough interview process includes ID and address checks, questions around health, addictions, and criminal convictions as well as an in-depth digital footprint check. If a potential client doesn’t meet these standards, then we will decline them engaging our service  as we take the security and protection of our clients very seriously. 

Helping you make the right choice

Now these are by no means the only considerations you need to look out for when choosing a dating agency, but they do highlight the importance of reading through websites and conducting your own research carefully. We also recommend having an open conversation over a coffee with the matchmaker who will be working with you, allowing you to ask any questions and clarify anything that you are unsure of to get a better understanding of the services that they offer and how they work in order to decide which agency is right for you.

If you are single and have made that decision to join an agency, but are not sure where to start then get in touch with our friendly team today for an open and honest chat about how we can help you on your dating journey.

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