The benefits of working with a matchmaker

Are you single and looking for love? You may have some knowledge of matchmaking, but you may not be entirely sure what is involved. Here at Ignite Dating we know it’s a big decision to make an investment in your love life, so we’ve outlined all the benefits of working with a matchmaker. We’ve also explained our process so you can understand exactly what’s involved in joining our elite dating agency.   

The benefits of working with a matchmaker

Dating can be an incredibly time-consuming experience. Think about all the hours you spend swiping on dating apps and chatting to people before you even get to the point of meeting. Hours of preparation can go into a date only to be left disappointed when the person isn’t who you were hoping for, or they go on to ghost you. Sadly, there’s a lot of bad behaviour that goes on in the dating world which can leave daters wary about meeting new people and frustrated with the whole experience. 

Working with a matchmaker can save you time. Our expert team work hard on your behalf to find you compatible matches so you can just sit back and relax while we find you amazing people to meet. We offer a safer way to date as everybody we introduce you to will have been ID and digital footprint checked. They also go through a rigorous interview process, and we ensure they are who they say they are. 

Your dedicated matchmaker will become like a trusted friend, navigating you through every step of your dating journey and being on hand to lend their support. Many clients are surprised what they learn about themselves along the way as they work with their matchmaker to carefully consider what’s important to them in a relationship. 

A stress-free dating experience 

There are a few easy steps we need to take to on-board you as a client. 

After your initial enquiry, we’ll make an appointment with one of our dating consultants who will meet with you in person to gather more information for the matching process. They have many years of experience in the dating industry, have professional, industry-related qualifications and will spend the time really getting to know you. This relaxed and informal discussion will help us understand what you need in a partner, and we’ll also learn more about what makes you tick.  

Once you’ve selected a matchmaking package that suits you, we’ll arrange for a dating profile to be curated by our qualified copywriting and PR specialists.

You’ll be introduced to your dedicated matchmaker who will spend time learning all about you. They will arrange a relaxed professional photo shoot at a location convenient to you providing you with a set of dating profile images you are proud of. We offer a discreet service with no need for an online presence, your pictures and profile won’t be shared online, and we anonymise your profile, to protect your identity.

Once an introduction has been selected and agreed to, your matchmaker will tell you more about them and discuss the upcoming first conversation you’ll have with your match. Once you’ve met, your matchmaker will follow up with you to see how the date went and if this person wasn’t right for you, they will get to work finding you a subsequent match. 

While we want all our clients to feel safe, secure, and empowered when working with us, we do also want to do all we can to bring out the best in them. Sometimes, that means asking hard questions or encouraging them to address issues and obstacles that stand in the way of their goals. This is always done in the most supportive and nurturing way possible, but it also means our clients trust we are always being direct and open with them and have their best interests at heart.

The best element about matchmaking is that you can enjoy a stress-free dating journey. Just sit back and relax, knowing somebody is working hard on your behalf to find you the perfect match. Our highly skilled and globally trained matchmaking team specialise in offering a dating journey that will leave you feeling confident, energised, and safe.
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