Matchmaking agency expectations vs reality

Dating shows have become one of the nation’s biggest guilty pleasures. With so many out there that claim to showcase the work that matchmakers do to help their clients find love, you can’t help but wonder if these shows really match up to the reality of the matchmaking process.

In this article, we’re going to look at the process behind these shows, some of the biggest misconceptions that dating shows give the audience and how the matchmaking process matches up in real life.

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TV matchmakers have a whole team to back them

The overall matchmaking process is represented as being much shorter on TV; after all, they have to fit the whole process from start to finish into just an hour (or even half an hour) programming.

Though these shows typically receive a lot more applications and potential dates than seen on screen, TV matchmakers have a whole team of dating professionals behind them helping to assess and choose the ideal candidates for their clients. In reality, and unlike Ignite Dating who have a head office team of dating professionals, matchmakers don’t always have as many resources at hand to speed up the selection process.

That said, there are some similarities. For example, it turns out that TV matchmakers, just like the rest of us, rely on a good social media and google stalk to help determine the suitability of a potential date. After all, digital footprints can be very revealing when it comes to finding out more about a person. 

Reality shows set unrealistic expectations

As with all reality TV shows, there is a certain level of exaggeration and over-dramatisation involved to boost audience ratings and make the programme more watchable. This often includes adding glitz and glamour to the whole process.

The reality is that dating isn’t always smooth, and matchmakers don’t always have a straightforward route to finding their clients love. Despite what you see on TV, it is unlikely that you are going to find true love on your first match. While it can happen on occasions, trust us we have had a fair few successes on the first or second match ourselves, it is more likely that your dating journey will see you having a few introductions before you find that one that you are looking for.

What’s more, these TV shows set unrealistic views of love and romance that can leave people with unrealistic expectations. Think about it, on screen the couples seem to be blown away by grand, romantic gestures and literal sweeping off their feet, something which often doesn’t happen in real life. It is important to remember the things that are vital to you, and while we would all love that fairytale moment, it is far more important to find someone that has the same values, aspirations and lifestyle as you.

Plus, the whole show suggests that this quick process leads to love at first sight. Unfortunately, this isn’t usually the case and people are often expecting much quicker results than can be delivered. This puts even more pressure on matchmakers to deliver results quickly and takes away the gratification of being introduced to the right person in favour of the instant gratification of being introduced to just anybody.

Matchmakers aren’t accurately represented

Because they are there to do their job but also entertain the audience, TV matchmakers are often exaggerated and not portrayed accurately.

For example, Indian Matchmaking star Sima Taparia portrays matchmakers as quite blunt with a ‘say it how it is’ approach. This is not always the case and more often than not you will find that matchmakers will have more emotional intelligence when dealing with clients and deliver rejection in a kinder way.

Of course, these types of matchmakers might exist, but for the most part your matchmaker is usually quite empathetic and approachable and there to support you and ensure that you feel happy and positive on your dating journey – not to give you tough love.

Don’t believe everything you see on TV

While reality shows might be great as a guilty pleasure or perfect for binge-watching after a busy week, it is important to remember that these don’t accurately portray matchmakers, dating agencies or the dating journey.

The best way to really understand the matchmaker that you are going to be working with is to meet them in person, this will allow you to build a rapport with them and find out more about how you gel together. It also gives you a chance to discover more about the agency and their individual matchmaking process, as well as getting an insight into potential introductions to enable you to make an informed decision as to whether it is the right matchmaker and agency for you.

So, if you’re looking for a professional and friendly matchmaker that will help you to find the perfect match for you, then look no further than Ignite Dating. Get in touch with our team today to find out how they can help you get started on your dating journey right away.

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