Matchmaking: is it an art or a science?

“Oh, I think you’d really like my friend Tom from work; you have a lot in common.”

“Did you want me to set you up with my sister’s roommate? She’s such a lovely girl.”

Do these conversations sound familiar?

When you’re single, it can feel like everyone you know suddenly turns into a matchmaker trying to help you on the quest to find that perfect partner.

The problem is, this can lead people to think that the matchmaking process is simple and easy – you just find two people that like similar things and set them up, right?

Well, the reality is quite different. It’s not as straightforward as just connecting two people that you like and hoping that they like each other too. Matchmaking requires a careful mixture of intuition, expertise, personality profiling, technology, and networking for the best results.

It is a careful balance between art and science, and we’re going to share with you how the two elements combine in more detail below.

How is science used in matchmaking and the dating industry?

Successful matchmakers rely on important scientific principles to help them determine the success of a match and connect the right people.

At Ignite Dating, we use Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) to better understand the personality type and preferences of our clients. For example, how they get their energy, how they learn, how they make decisions and how they like to organise their time. This information can then be used to help match them with like-minded individuals who complement their personality type.

MBTI is not specific to the team at Ignite Dating, it is in fact a type of psychometric testing that is commonly used in recruitment and corporate environments. Although it is common in matchmaking too, some dating agencies prefer to use other scientific principles and tools to help them with their dating services.

This may be the use of algorithms and databases as part of their matchmaking processes, another good example of how science and, more specifically, technology has become a key part of the dating industry. After all, no matter whether you are a traditional agency or an elite matchmaking consultancy like ourselves, technology still has a part to play in successful matchmaking.

At Ignite Dating, our matchmakers use a unique mix of intuition, industry expertise, knowledge, and MBTI to select a potential introduction, based on the qualities and traits that are important to their clients. However, it is not simply enough to rely on this. In addition, to ensure the prospective relationship has the best chance for success long-term, all matches are run through an industry-specific algorithm to check that it is a good match and only those that achieve over 90 percent match will be presented as an introduction.

What about the art side of matchmaking?

As well as relying on psychometric profiling and technology, there is also a certain amount of knowledge and instinct that needs to be applied to effective matchmaking. To be a successful matchmaker you need to have strong emotional intelligence and a sixth sense when it comes to people – a skill that you are usually born with and not something that can be taught or learnt.

This is a trait that the team at Ignite Dating all possess. Matchmakers can use this intuition to quickly decide if two people are likely to work well together, saving their clients’ time, effort and awkward dates with people who are not right for them.

They also spend their time getting to know each client on a very personal and individual basis (including the use of MBTI to understand their personality). This helps them to find a suitable match that shares the same values, aspirations, and lifestyle as their client, as well as a complementary personality type.

So, is matchmaking an art or a science?

Ultimately, matchmaking should not be classed as either an art or science. Instead, the two factors must work in harmony for the perfect process and a successful match.

This way, matchmakers can ensure that they’re introducing their clients to like-minded individuals who share not only their passions and ambitions, but also personality types that will complement one another.

This is important for the bigger aspects in life, as well as the smaller details that make up our every day. After all, relationships aren’t just about the big romantic gestures or life-altering moments; they are also about being happy together on a daily basis and working through any issues in a healthy manner when life throws a curveball your way.

If you’re single, have found that the alternative ways of dating aren’t working for you or simply looking for a new way to date then get in touch with our expert team today and find out how they can use art and science to help find that perfect partner for you. 

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