Blind dates – love them or hate them?

Are you meeting somebody new? These days it’s extremely likely you’ll know lots about them before you get to the stage of meeting in person. Before you officially meet it will be likely you will have chatted about all sorts of different things via text, chats and even video calls. You’ll have a snapshot of their personality from their dating profile, if you met via an app, and their Facebook status may have even let you know what they had for dinner the night before. 

It might be hard, then, to imagine a date with somebody you truly know nothing about. But that’s the idea of an old-school blind date, where you are set up by somebody else. You can even resist the temptation to reach for your laptop to Google everything publicly available about this person. Instead, you are putting your faith in well-meaning friends and family who have decided they’ve seen something in each of you which suggests you’d make a good match. A true blind date really gives you a chance to form an impression of somebody without first judging their profile and deciding to meet based on what they’ve said there. You are just given a time and date to meet, as well as a description of who you are meeting from the person who did the matchmaking. 

However, if you find dating a daunting prospect in the first place, then the idea of meeting a total stranger you’ve never communicated with before might be too much for you. You’ll need to decide how much faith you have in your friend’s matchmaking skills and judge the risk of getting stuck in a dull date you’re desperate to escape. 

We’ve weighed up the pros and cons of accepting a blind date so you can decide whether it’s a strategy you’d ever consider. 

It’s an antidote to dating apps: It can tiring chatting back and forth with multiple people on dating apps, with many conversations fizzling out to nothing. It can save a lot of legwork to ditch the apps and let your friends take your dating life into their hands. Accepting a blind date can be helpful for people with busy lifestyles who struggle to have time to find potential love interests to meet. All you need to do is summon up the courage to show up and be open to whatever comes next. 

Blind dates widen the pool of people you meet: Think about how you approach dating apps – is there a certain type of person you tend to swipe right on? Or certain things in a profile that put you off instantly? Agreeing to a blind date could expose you to people who aren’t necessarily your type, but you may well find they are great in different ways. Even if romance doesn’t blossom, you may end up becoming good friends. If you trust the person who is setting you up, then what do you have to lose meeting somebody new? 

It might be fun: You may have been dreading meeting up and been left pleasantly surprised that you enjoyed the evening. It might not work out with this person but it’s the push you need to get back into the dating world if you’ve been in a bit of rut recently. You could always consider a double date so you can be introduced to somebody in a less formal way, which takes the pressure off if things aren’t going well. 

However, it’s worth bearing in mind…

You must be sure a friend is matchmaking for the right reasons: Even well-meaning friends get it wrong sometimes. Trying to match two people just because they both happen to be single does not constitute enough to make a match. It can be worth quizzing your acquaintance on the specific reasons they think you should meet this person and hear their thoughts on why you’d get on before agreeing to anything. 

It may not go well: Nobody looks forward to an evening of long awkward pauses and stilted small talk, but sadly dating doesn’t come with any guarantees you’ll hit it off. It does pay to keep the initial date short and sweet, perhaps agreeing to meet initially for an hour. Then there’s an easy escape point and if things go well, you could always agree to meet up again. 

Don’t forget any date can be the one that introduces you to the person you go on to be in a happy, long-lasting relationship with. So don’t be afraid to agree to new things as you never know where they might lead you. And if you want more control over your dating journey, then consider teaming up with a professional matchmaker. Working closely together, your matchmaker can learn what you are looking for in a new partner and make personalised suggestions of amazing people to meet. You can sit back and relax, knowing somebody is working hard on your behalf to help you achieve your goal of a committed relationship.

Our matchmakers are available to support you and offer advice at every step of your dating journey. Matchmaking offers a personalised search for love which is stress-free and enjoyable. Call our friendly team to find out more!

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