Are you truly ready to date?

When it comes to dating – particularly after a bereavement, divorce or a long pause following a break-up – it can be confusing to know if you are truly ready to date again. While friends and family may urge you to “get back out there”, there is no obligation to make a move until you feel comfortable doing so. It can be nerve-wracking enough to take the plunge and start dating again, but if your social situation is completely different to when you were last single it can also be quite bewildering – but it does not have to be.

The first step in finding that special someone is to make sure you are ready, and you have dealt with the behavioural patterns that are keeping you single. After all, past experiences can influence feelings about dating, and you may be worried about rejection, experiencing low self-esteem and confidence or feel guilty about finding someone new – all of which are completely normal when you have not been dating for a while.

To really get the most out of dating and ensure that you are attracting the right type of person, you need to date consciously and authentically – so why are so many of us happy to invest in our fitness and our finances but not our future and our relationships?

Understanding the patterns

In the movie, The Wedding Date, the main character tells the leading lady that “every woman has the exact love life that she wants,” and it could not be more true. There are distinct patterns that every single individual will fall into, regardless of whether they are male or female, that keep them in that state of singleness and experienced Relationship Coaches can usually identify what is holding them back within a matter of minutes.

By drilling down into what is going on subconsciously and understanding the behavioural patterns that you follow in a relationship, you can break out of your detrimental habits and attract the right type of person for you – empowering you to date authentically.

Investment in yourself and your future

Contrary to what people believe, relationship coaching is not a form of therapy. It is instead a growth opportunity allowing you to deal with your anxieties in a safe and non-judgmental space so you can go into your next relationship baggage-free. Not only will you be able to recognise your patterns and build new strategies to stop you falling into old habits, but you will also have a clearer understanding of what you have to offer a potential partner.

This investment in your future and your relationships can be a game-changer when it comes to dating. Think of it this way, how many times have you had a problem that you have managed to resolve once you could fully comprehend the situation? By working with an expert, you can learn what you are really looking for in a relationship and get yourself date ready before the search begins. With a multitude of different formats from one-to-one coaching sessions to in-depth relationship retreats, you are sure to find the service that works best for you.

At Ignite Dating, we understand that everyone’s dating journey is different and in order for them to get the best out of their relationships they need to trust the experts that they are working with and open themselves to the possibilities ahead. We are delighted to be the only matchmaking agency in the UK to work with Master Matchmaking Practitioner and Relationship Coach, Genevieve Zawada-Gresset. If you think you are ready to date and to take the next step to a healthy and authentic relationship, then please get in touch with our friendly team today.

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