So, you want to be a matchmaker?

Dating agencies and the consequent role of being a matchmaker is an industry that receives a glamorous portrayal on both the big and little screens, thanks in no small part to films like Hitch and Love Guaranteed and television programmes like Married at First Sight, The Millionaire Matchmaker, Celebs Go Dating, but is the depiction of elite matchmakers in line with the reality? 

In most parts, yes absolutely. Not many careers give you the chance to work with so many incredible clients daily and help them to not only discover the best version of themselves but also find that perfect partner that they have been searching for, helping them achieve their goals of a long-term committed relationship.  

Most single people sign up to a matchmaking agency, like Ignite Dating, because they have grown bored of the labour-intensive swiping and pot luck of online dating, have found that database matching isn’t quite hitting the right note or they are simply wanting to be more prescriptive as to what they want in a partner. And while matchmakers are not miracle workers that are able to make the impossible happen, working with a matchmaker can go a long way to helping them find that perfect partner that is right for them.  

Do you have what it takes to be a matchmaker?  

From first dates to marriages and new-born’s, being a matchmaker allows you to be part of a couple’s love story and over the years our team have been part of so many momentous occasions in our clients’ lives. It is a job that allows you to make a huge difference to someone’s future, and even the most pragmatic of us turn into hopeless romantics when we hear the love stories and life-changing news that we have facilitated on behalf of our clients.  

Matchmaking is one of those careers that attracts the attention of women and sometimes men across the globe. Thanks to its depiction in films and television programmes worldwide, it is often seen as glamorous, quick to achieve success in and relatively simple to do – but that could not be further from the truth.  

To be a successful matchmaker you need to have strong emotional intelligence, be a good listener, be able to find out the important values to someone and a healthy dose of sixth sense when it comes to people – a skill that you are usually born with and not something that can be taught or learn, but can be nurtured. Matchmakers can use this intuition to quickly decide if two people are likely to work well together, saving their clients’ time, effort and awkward dates with people who are not right for them.  

Due to its personal touch, those that are naturally warm and engaging and could strike up a conversation and build a relationship with anybody, anywhere tend to find huge success as a matchmaker. After all, you need to build a rapport with the person that you are working with and be able to understand them as an individual as well as getting to know what they are looking for in a partner to help them achieve success in love.  

Sounds like you, but how do you get into matchmaking? 

Matchmaking is a very competitive industry to get into. If you search for matchmaking and dating agencies in the UK, you will be inundated with hundreds of results highlighting agencies of various sizes, expertise levels and clientele. The majority of which are ran by sole traders with no opportunity for additional staff to join them – but Ignite Dating is different. 

We are always on the lookout for fresh, new talent in the dating world to become a part of our team. So, if you’re engaging, enthusiastic and driven then we have a unique opportunity for you to run your own successful matchmaking business under our industry-leading brand. With the right support, guidance, and proven business formula already in place, you will have all the tools that you need to successfully build and run your own lucrative matchmaking business in an ever-growing industry worth over £273 million and growing year-on-year.  

If this sounds like you and you’re ready to take the next step in a new and exciting career, then book a call with our friendly team today and find out how you can build a successful career helping people find love.

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