Entrepreneurship doesn’t have to mean loneliness

When you think about setting up your own business, what first comes to mind? The flexibility of choosing your own hours, the excitement of being your own boss and following your passion or the healthy work-life balance that you can truly take advantage of?

Despite the perks, research has shown that entrepreneurship can be a lonely journey. So why is it a topic that is rarely discussed and more often than not simply brushed under the carpet?

Having experienced the challenges and multiple lockdowns brought about by the pandemic, we have all witnessed the negative effects of loneliness and the damage that it can do to your mental and physical health. But, for entrepreneurs these feelings are often one of the biggest challenges that they face on a daily basis. Combine that with the added pressures that come with setting up and running a new business on your own, and it’s easy to see why so many business owners struggle.

From online communities to networking groups and even accountability partners, when it comes to combatting loneliness there are options out there to help entrepreneurs reduce their feelings of isolation and anxiety – but are they really enough?

With nine out of ten entrepreneurs in the UK reporting signs of mental health strain due to the social isolation and anxiety of setting up a business alone, it is evident that more needs to be done. While statistics like these may discourage people from taking that leap of faith and setting up on their own, we’re here to tell you that it isn’t all doom and gloom – instead we’ve found another way.

Community is key

When it comes to launching and running a successful business, the connections and community around you are so important. Whether you’re an entrepreneur setting up your own small business or a franchise owner building up a new territory, quite often you’re given your business plan and essentials and left to get on with it.

The good news? It doesn’t have to be that way.

At Ignite Dating, we wanted to do something different. We wanted to create an environment where our franchisees have the autonomy to run their own business in a way that works for them, but that also gives them a sense of community to bridge the gap and make them feel like they are part of a team.

With ongoing support and training, regular team meetings, a safe forum to discuss any challenges and share ideas and the opportunity to be surrounded by experts to support you with all aspects of your business, building a business has never felt so welcoming. And when you have the unity and support of a team around you, you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve.

But don’t just take our word for it.

Recipe for success

At Ignite Dating, we have four successful franchises based in various locations throughout the UK. While localities and types of clients may be slightly different from area to area, there is one thing that they all have in common. They were all set up during the pandemic and have gone on to achieve huge success and enviable profits.

No industry or business was immune to the disruption that the pandemic caused to everyday operations and ways of doing business, and as a result we have seen many businesses close their doors for the last time – but where did they go wrong?

While a lot comes down to the financial reserves that companies had available and limitations in the support they received, there is also an argument that a lot of businesses played it too safe. They continued to try to build their business in the same way they always had – but when the environment changes, tried and tested methods aren’t necessarily the most effective. Sometimes it pays to surround yourself with the right circles and take a leap of faith.

Most successful entrepreneurs at some point in their journey will suffer from imposter syndrome, doubting their abilities and accomplishments despite external evidence of their competence. However, while that doubt may be deep-rooted in you as an individual, those around you – whether supporters, competitors, or industry leaders – are aware of the hard work, determination and ingenuity that is leading to success, so listen to those more accurate barometers of your capability.

There is no guaranteed road map for how to build a successful business, but with the right motivation, knowledge, support network and fresh ideas, nothing is impossible.

If you have always loved the idea of being your own boss but love the atmosphere of having a great team around you then maybe this is just what you have been looking for! Get in touch with our friendly team today to find out more about this exciting opportunity.

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